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I had a bad dream: what to do, reasons and popular methods

What to do if you had a bad dream: recommendations

What to do if you had a bad dream, and it’s impossible to forget about the experienced negative emotions? We share verified recommendations, fulfilling which, you will stop worrying about the nightmare.

Folk ways

The easiest way to not worry about a bad dream is to forget about it immediately, as you raised your head from the pillow. But what to do if it is not so easy to get rid of negative emotions?

We share the proven «recipes» of our wise ancestors.

I had a bad dream: what to do, reasons and popular methods

Popular ways to forget about a bad dream:

  1. Do not tell anyone that you dreamed. There is a sign: if you share the plot of a nightmare with a friend or someone else, problems can not be avoided. The dream will either come true or you will have some other misfortune
  2. Wake up immediately go to the bathroom. Turn on the water and say to the tap: «Where the water, there and sleep!». This simple plot must be pronounced three times. Then breathe and proceed to the usual morning affairs.
  3. If you have not yet risen, then, without lifting your head from the pillow, look in the window glass and repeat three times: “Where the night goes, the dream goes there, after the moon, he left, died at sunrise”
  4. If the previous manipulations did not help, and the painful emotions continue to haunt you, a ritual with water and salt will help. Salt the water, say a conspiracy over it: “The salt has dissolved, like a dream has gone into oblivion.” Pour the conspiracy liquid into the ground, out the window or flush down the toilet.
  5. If time allows, take a pen and paper, describe the dream in full detail. Tell us about your negative emotions, throw out all of them without a trace. Burn the paper then — the fire will destroy all bad memories
  6. If nightmares torment you quite often, put a large, heavy stone next to the bed. If a bad dream has struck again, in the morning, take a cobblestone in your hand and say: “So that a nightmare struck this stone”

And most importantly: control your thoughts. As soon as you feel that the memories of the experienced nightmare again cover, by force of will change them to positive statements.

Try to remember something good and joyful.

Gradually, you will learn to ensure that thoughts of nightmares are not allowed into your subconscious mind. Then dreams will be only light and pleasant.

Why are having nightmares?

The above methods, like a medicine, eliminate only the symptom. If you do not solve the cause of the problem — nightmares, they will come back again and again.

Try to determine why horrors happen to you in the realm of Morpheus.

I had a bad dream: what to do, reasons and popular methods

Causes of bad dreams can be as follows:

  • In real life, you are covered with a series of serious problems and troubles. Subconsciousness in a dream releases negative emotions: anxiety, anxiety, fear and fatigue, transforming them into images disturbing the mind. As soon as you solve all the difficulties, the terrible dreams will immediately cease.
  • You are sick, or some chronic illness has worsened. As soon as you recover, the cause will disappear, and the dreams will become pleasant, calm.
  • You are sick, but still do not know about it. With the help of dreams, the subconscious sends an alarm signal. Try to remember where in the body the discomfort after nightmares is concentrated. Most likely, the diseased organ is located there.
  • Sometimes nightmares dream, if you eat tight before bedtime. The same effect may occur after alcohol, use of narcotic substances or potent drugs.

As soon as you eliminate the cause, the nightmares will cease.

When do bad dreams dream of disease?

Even Freud, studying dreams, discovered that they can be a harbinger of disease. The subconscious mind thus warns the person: a health problem, you need to pay attention.

I had a bad dream: what to do, reasons and popular methods

Watch out in the following cases:

  1. If in a dream you run away from some kind of monster, serial killer, maniac, or try to escape from any other threat, you need to check your heart. This dream speaks of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. If you are being strangled in a dream, you cannot breathe or suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning, check your lungs — not everything is fine with them
  3. If you dream of a swamp, rotting corpses of people or animals, you feel stench and unpleasant smells, it can talk about problems with the liver.
  4. Dreams in which there is a fire: for example, you are trying to escape from a fire, talking about diseases of the digestive tract
  5. If in a dream you are lost on dark streets or looking for a way out of the maze, then in real life you are on the verge of depression. Such a dream speaks of deep psychological problems.

Watch a video on what to do if you have a bad dream:

When a bad dream means nothing?

Not all dreams need to be given meaning. Therefore, study the information below to understand when it’s not worth worrying about the horrors of dreams.

When a bad dream doesn’t mean anything:

  • Dreamed of a decreasing moon. During this period, the lunar energy is aimed at expelling from the life of a person everything superfluous, unpleasant, unnecessary. In a dream, your subconscious mind is only released from the accumulated negative. See that this is not happening in real life, and forget about the nightmare
  • Sometimes nightmares dream at full moon. So dreams also do not need to attach importance — these are just games of the subconscious, the release of your inner fears, complexes and problems.
  • Sleep on the 29th lunar day is empty, it will never come true, although it can be very unpleasant. On such a night, bad dreams come to almost every person, but not all of them remember.

Remember the days when your night visions resonate with lunar energy, and try to forget about the nightmare as soon as you wake up. Worry is only in the case when horrible dreams are repeated again and again.

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