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I dreamed that a child was crying — interpretation of Miller, Freud’s dream books

What does it mean a dream in which you soothe a crying child

Different people relate to baby crying differently: it touches someone (especially if it is the sound of a newborn), annoys someone, and it can alert someone. Why dream of crying baby, especially if it is — not your own child?

How does a dream book interpret this manifestation of another’s children’s pain or resentment?

I dreamed that a child was crying - interpretation of Miller, Freud's dream books

General interpretation of such a dream

  • Why does a child cry? The most popular decoding will be — it is to failure. And failure can comprehend you in any field — family, work, love.
  • There is another interpretation of such a dream — esoteric. It says: this child is you, and you are filled with tears because of your weakness, indecision. These spiritual qualities prevent you from achieving success, and at the moment you can only state your own mistakes and missed opportunities.
  • Crying baby, dreamed on the eve of an important family event — to the disappointment.
  • If in a dream you saw yourself in childbirth, you were given a baby in your arms, and he cried — such a dream for good changes in your life.

What was this child?

  • Breast baby. Unlike other «children’s» dreams, this promises you joy and happiness. Perhaps you reconcile with a man with a long time in a quarrel.
  • If this boot is also crap one’s pants, the dream says: at work, they will throw you in small but troublesome duties (tasks). Well, and if you took a toddler in your arms, and he stained you, the dream becomes good, foreshadowing a steady income.
  • Preschooler If you see a child crying in a dream, and even a three-year-old, it means that you have difficulties in business. Perhaps you are investing all (all) of yourself in the work, but as a return you are not getting anything.
  • Girl. A pleasant surprise awaits you. It is possible that it will be associated with an unplanned replenishment of your wallet.
  • Boy. The case to which you have given so much time and effort will not bring profit. And vice versa: in your life you almost missed something. Think about what it could be: communication with children, an abandoned hobby that could generate income?
  • Teenager. A dream foreshadows emotional distress and suffering (most likely love).
  • Your own baby. If in a dream a woman calms her screaming child — it is to family troubles. Did you manage to calm the baby? So, you will also avoid problems associated with disagreement among relatives.
  • If you have only heard the cry of your child, but have not seen it — this dream is to mental equilibrium and business success (or to improve your financial situation in another way).

And who is the dreamer?

I dreamed that a child was crying - interpretation of Miller, Freud's dream books

  • Girl. If you are not married and the baby was crying in your dream, prepare your nervous system: the dream promises you a separation from your beloved (maybe even your fiancé) and the subsequent melancholy more like depression.
  • If a girl dreams of a baby, a baby crying in a dream says: you will soon see two stripes on the test. One “but”: your boyfriend may not like this news.
  • The woman who recently gave birth. Have you heard the baby crying, although in fact your child peacefully snuffled in the crib? This dream warns you that you have postpartum depression.
  • The man. The most common interpretation is that you are too self-confident. Immediately remove the «crown» from his own head, otherwise fate will remove it herself. Perhaps your conceit will bring you problems at work.
  • For you to see a crying child, on the face of which real “peas” flow, and he smears them with his fingers on the cheeks and clothes — to money problems. And the trouble will be associated with a fairly substantial amount. Therefore, it is better not to take debts, loans and do not act as a guarantor in the bank.
  • For a bachelor, a crying baby dreams to a poor completion of the work he has recently begun to do.

What did you do in your dream?

  • Rocked «roars» on their hands. Was it a very small child of any gender? A close person (favorite or good friend) will soon “reward” you with treachery or deceit.
  • Just calming a crying baby? Through this dream, fate warns you: your life will soon resemble a roller coaster, but all the problems will be on your shoulders.
  • Have you tried to calm the baby? Your subconscious says: you now have such inner strength that any undertaking will be up to you. Dare, everything will turn out!
  • Have you calmed a child who literally sobbed? This dream — to the problems associated with children unfamiliar to you.
  • Observed hysterical kid: rolling on the floor, loud cries, a sea of ​​tears? If you blurt out too much, you can get stuck in an unpleasant story. Think well about what you are frank with others, and in no case do not build yourself a «shirt-guy» with a prudish boss or mother-in-law.

Opinion author’s dream books

I dreamed that a child was crying - interpretation of Miller, Freud's dream books

At the end, we suggest you compare the popular interpretations described above with the observations of famous psychologists, which they embodied in their books. Perhaps these people can shed light on the true meaning of your sleep?

Dream Miller

  1. If you saw a tear-stained baby (or adult), it is to good reconciliation after long quarrels.
  2. If a little “roar” dreams of a girl or a young woman, the dream warns: you can make peace with your loved one only by giving up your principles, or by going to another victim.
  3. If you work in trade, a dream means: in business small problems will begin.
  4. You yourself were this tear-stained child: a quarrel is brewing among your kindred, or someone will bring you bad news.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation

  1. A doctor who specializes in the unknown, states: tears and crying are a sign of fertilization or ejaculation. That is, says this dream book, crying child — is a symbol of orgasm.
  2. Did you see that the baby is crying because of being punished? Sigmund Freud thinks: people who are inclined to satisfy their sexual needs see such dreams.

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