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How to see a prophetic dream?

How to see a prophetic dream?

One third of his life a person spends in a dream. Many believe that this is a lot, because our life is already so short, and it is wasting it on a useless pastime — an incredible sacrilege!

Be that as it may, sleep is an integral part of human life. First, people cannot live without sleep. Secondly, dreams can help us find the right solution, reveal the secret of the future and hint to us for the coming changes.

Alas, not everyone dreams. And prophetic dreams are a great rarity. How to adjust your body to have prophetic dreams?

First you need to understand the very understanding of the phenomenon of «dream». Scientists have not yet solved the mystery of human dreams. Some argue that sleep does not carry any semantic load.

Others say that dreams are the key to our inner world, our desires, future and past events.

At different times, scientists and clairvoyants interpreted the nature of sleep in different ways. For example, Freud’s dream book states that our night visions are based on sexual desire and dissatisfaction. Currently, there are many dream books that can interpret a dream and unravel its meaning.

To see a prophetic dream, you need to prepare for this process. As a rule, prophetic dreams come to us in the morning, in the period from 5 to 8 am. Therefore, you must make every effort to sleep was sound and no one disturbed you.

The room in which you sleep should be well ventilated. The bed should be comfortable and soft. You can light a candle or an aroma lamp before going to bed.

Nothing should distract you and cause discomfort.

Going to bed, remember all the events that have caused you strong emotions. It should be both good and bad memories. After that, you need to mentally ask a question that interests you, think through all the ways to solve the problem and determine what kind of help you need to solve your problem.

After awakening comes the most important and crucial moment. It is necessary to quickly, preferably in the smallest details, to record everything seen in a dream, as well as the sensations and thoughts that have visited you. Any little thing matters.

Later you will be able to draw a parallel with your night dreams and reality.

Astrologers have calculated successful days in which prophetic dreams visit us most often. These days are directly dependent on the phases of the moon. It is not necessary to attach great importance to sleep in the new moon period. In the full moon, we usually take off the brightest and most amazing dreams.

However, in this period you should not pay special attention to dreams. On a waning moon, we have dreams related to our past. But on the growing moon is quite realistic to see a prophetic dream.

It will herald upcoming events and will prompt you the desired solution to the problem. See prophetic dreams and don’t forget to press buttons and

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