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How to memorize dreams

How to learn to remember dreams — a description of the preparation

I recently had a dream that I really liked. It was after waking up a very pleasant and bright feeling. However, no matter how hard I tried to recall the dream during the day, nothing happened.

Talked with a friend on this topic, she claims that she does not dream at all. But this is not true.

All people dream of dreams, we just do not know how to remember them.

How to memorize dreams

In dreams, signs of fate are often given, prophetic dreams are sometimes dreamed, then it is doubly insulting that then you don’t remember much. I decided to do techniques that help not to forget dreams.

I share them with pleasure, and also tell you how to memorize dreams.

Getting ready for bed correctly

In order to properly relax and remember what you dream, you need to prepare for the night. Let’s see what you need to do.

We give the installation — sleep well

Everyone knows that a dream appears in a phase called BDG (rapid eye movement), that is, at the moment when the physical body is resting and the brain is actively working. If a person is constantly in a state of anxiety and anxiety, often wakes up at night, then naturally he cannot sleep.

How to memorize dreams

  1. First you need to try to change your mode: go to rest at the same time, and get up in the morning the same way. The body will get used to this schedule, and in the evening it will be ready to rest at a certain hour in advance.
  2. The most interesting and informative, bright and colorful dreams are mostly in the morning, so the number of hours for rest should be at least 7 — 9. If a night’s sleep takes only 6 hours or less, then the phases of active sleep can be very short-term or not. come at all.
  3. In the room where you sleep, create an environment that promotes proper rest. Hang thick curtains that prevent sunlight from entering too early. It is equally important to sleep in silence so that the nervous system can rest. Therefore, TV, loud music and background noise — all this must be excluded.
  4. If the noise interferes, get earplugs to plunge into silence. Also in the bedroom should not hang bright pictures, and the room itself should be done in soothing colors.

Preparing a notebook

Choose a convenient notebook for dream recordings. It is desirable that it be without drawings, inscriptions, and had blank sheets of the desired format and good quality.

How to memorize dreams

  • Place a notepad on the bedside table before going to bed. Open it on a clean page so that you do not flip through when you are awake and do not look for a clean place.
  • Be sure to put a pen (or some) nearby so that when she wakes up she is at hand. In the morning every minute can be important, so you should cook everything in the evening.
  • If possible, get a voice recorder, which can be a great alternative to a notebook and pen. Before going to bed, check the condition of the device, and put it next to the bed or under the pillow. So, waking up, you can immediately write down everything that you dreamed.

The right alarm clock is important.

You should not use the radio — alarm clock, as advertising and conversations immediately confuse you. It is recommended that the signal is not very loud.

How to memorize dreams

  1. Start the alarm for a certain time so that you get enough sleep. Put it next to the bed. If you have to get up to turn it off, then, abruptly jumping up, you can immediately forget what you dreamed.
  2. The first time is generally better to give up too much of a combat climb. You can ask relatives to wake you quietly, but without further ado. Do not use the alarm clock yet. Perhaps in the future, you will not need it at all, as the body begins to wake up itself at a clearly defined time, but without stressful waking up to a loud signal.
  3. There is another way: set an alarm clock near the bed and stick a piece of paper on it with an inscription of this content: “What did I dream today?”. She should be the first to catch your eye after waking up in the morning.

Alcohol — no

At least a couple of hours before night rest, try not to consume alcoholic beverages or drugs that can affect the nervous system and brain.

How to memorize dreams

If you have not been prescribed medications that you really need to take daily and strictly by the hour, then for the time being, give up other sedatives. It is, for example, about valerian.

It is also undesirable to eat food 3 — 4 hours before bedtime, as the body should rest at night and not digest food. After the adoption of the new regime, you will see how those extra pounds will start to leave you without any diets, and the sleep will be calmer, and wake up rested.

If you have a feeling of hunger, cannot fall asleep and are irritated, then at first you can drink water or eat an apple. After a while, you will begin to have dreams, if you had problems with it before, because the brain and the whole body are closely interconnected.

We try to calm down

  • Usually, before falling asleep, the flow of thoughts does not stop in our heads. The brain does not relax. In order to gradually adapt to the busy day of rest, you should do a few simple steps.
  • Exclude correspondence by phone or in a laptop. Do not sit at the computer. Give the brain a break from excess information.
  • A great alternative to television and gadgets will be meditation or relaxing soft music. To count sheep is not such a stupid idea. In this way, an endless stream of thoughts goes away, and the consciousness is cleared.

Important: in the bed there is no place for telephones and laptops.

Make a decision — remember a dream

Our brain is the most versatile computer. We do not even guess about all its possibilities. However, many people notice that if you try to “negotiate” with yourself, then you can wake up without an alarm clock, minute by minute.

The brain hears the command and executes it.

We do the same with dreams. Give a clear setting — remember that dream.

It is advisable to say the phrase out loud. There are a number of affirmations that will help you concentrate properly.

You can compose them yourself or use roughly the following blanks.

  1. «I always remember everything that I dream.»
  2. «I am the owner of an excellent memory, and always remember all my dreams.»
  3. «Every night I see amazing and vivid dreams, and I remember them!».

Comprehend the day

Often one or more problems or alarms keep us awake. Do not try to forget about them.

On the contrary, remember the essence of the problem, but learn how to react correctly: do not make decisions, but simply sort out what bothers you more in a situation. It is important to accept it and understand that it exists.

Emotions try not to include.

How to memorize dreams

Look at yourself as if from the side. Try to accept the lived day in full — all the mistakes, blunders, but do not forget about the good.

Systematizing events, you calm down, and with complete order in the soul and head, relax.

Quite often it is in a dream that an unexpected hint or answer to an exciting question comes. This interaction of sleep and reality will eventually reduce the amount of fear, anxiety, and anxiety.

Even if at first it does not work, do not be discouraged, but continue to train.

The next day: we continue to work on ourselves

Plan your day in such a way that there is time for yourself, at least 10 — 15 minutes. Start in the morning.

Remember the dream

How to memorize dreams

  1. After waking up, in the first minutes, try not to do anything or even move. Remain in the position in which you woke up.
  2. If you have a small object in front of your eyes that you can stop your eyes on and focus on, then this will help a lot. It can be a light bulb or a pen, a leaf on a flower, and so on.
  3. Concentrating on the subject, you quickly and better remember the dream. Try to remember everything in order, all the events or stories, your emotional state. Every detail is important. Even if the places and events are intertwined in the most unimaginable way.

Write down

Then all the memories should be transferred to paper. In detail and with little things.

Sometimes in the process of recording additional details come to mind.

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is the recording of conversations and conversations.
  • If you remember, but very vaguely and in fragments, then write everything as you remember. During the day, perhaps a memory will appear.
  • It happens that only an image remains before the eyes. In this case, describe in detail how you feel and perceive it, what kind of emotions it causes.
  • At first, carry a notebook with you. You will be surprised, but often someone’s conversation or appearance, behavior contribute to the fact that the dream is recalled. Immediately fix it on paper.

How to memorize dreams

Over time, by practicing, you will learn lucid dreams, as well as understand what factors, food, music contribute to better memorization of dreams in your life.


  • You will need, first of all, to make a diary for dreams, as well as preparing for sleep and a slow awakening. It is important to learn to listen to your feelings, thoughts and memories.
  • It is necessary to strictly observe the sleep mode, before the night rest stop eating for a few hours, hold a meditation session.
  • Over the next day, constantly think about sleep. Keep a notebook near you, take notes regularly and with pleasure.

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