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How to interpret your dream — what is the use and how to decipher correctly

How to interpret your dream: the best ways to decrypt

Want to learn how to interpret your dream? We will share in simple ways that have proven themselves.

Using them, you stop wondering what this or that dream means.

John Kehoe Method

John Kehoe — the author of the acclaimed book about the power of human thought «The subconscious can do anything!» Proposed his own way of dream interpretation. He believed that the main assistant in this matter is your own intuition.

Having learned to hear and understand it, you will easily find out what message of the subconscious lies in your dream.

How to interpret your dream - what is the use and how to decipher correctly

  1. Use the method of allegories. All the participants in the dream are the personification of some of the sides of your personality. Therefore, mentally replace them with yourself. And feel what sensations arise.
  2. For example, you see a certain person drowning in your sleep. Put yourself in his place, how did you feel? Perhaps in real life you “go to the bottom” in some situations, experiencing similar feelings.
  3. Be sure to write down your dreams on paper immediately after waking up. Keep a dream diary and keep it next to the bed. Only in the morning you can fully restore the entire chain of events. If you do not write, by the evening the plot of the dream will be consigned to oblivion
  4. In spare time, return to the records. Read the description of the last dream. Then close your eyes and mentally again become a participant in those events. Only no longer passive, but active. Talk to other actors, ask them what you want to know. The subconscious will tell the answers, indicate how to interpret the dream
  5. Also memorize the emotions and feelings that your dream caused you. Think why they arose? For example, in a dream you get into a car accident, but at the same time you feel happy. This may mean that in real life you unconsciously want a serious jolt and change of circumstances.
  6. If you can not decipher the message of the subconscious at the first attempt, it means that the right time has not come yet. Postpone your intention to interpret sleep until a more favorable moment.

The method of John Kehoe is considered the most constructive, because it allows you not to “read the tea leaves” and build incredible assumptions. You use logic along with intuition and learn to predict dreams correctly.

Important: through sleep, your subconscious mind always sends you some signals. These could be solutions to serious life problems, warning of illness or danger.

Therefore, it is so important to decipher dreams.

Deciphering sleep by days of the week

The principle of this method will help to understand what dream is your prophetic and which dream will not come true. The most important thing is to remember that 100% prophetic dreams are dreaming on the day of the week on which you were born.

How to interpret your dream - what is the use and how to decipher correctly

For example, you were born on the night from Monday to Tuesday. So the Tuesday dream will come true with a high degree of probability.

But there is an exception: Saturday dreams almost never come true.

  • Do not attach importance to dreams that you saw after intoxication
  • Also, do not try to understand the meaning of night vision, if the day before you experienced some important event and experienced vivid emotions. Most likely, the dream will only be a way of subconsciousness to “unload” the brain from emotional overstrain
  • Use only verified dream books. Classic is considered to be written by Miller — according to the reviews it contains the most correct interpretations.
  • It is not necessary to memorize the plot of the night events in detail. It is enough to reproduce in memory the brightest, key moments, and in the interpretation to make a start from them.
  • Teach yourself to keep a diary of dreams: for at least twenty-one days in the morning write down everything you see at night

Don’t underestimate the importance of dreams. They are rarely prophetic. But there are always transformations of events that can happen to you in reality.

Or indicate your needs, feelings, emotions, reveal the dark side of the personality. Therefore, the decoding of the night messages of the subconscious can be of great benefit.

Realized that you sleep?

Very rarely, people who do not do this on purpose, have lucid dreams. This means that you understand that you are not in reality, but are asleep.

These night signals of the subconscious mind should be treated with special attention.

How to interpret your dream - what is the use and how to decipher correctly

During lucid sleep, try to check whether you are dreaming or everything is happening. Psychologists offer such methods:

  • Try to poke a hand with your finger. Happened? So sleep
  • Cover your mouth and nose. If the breathing process does not stop here, then you are still asleep.
  • If in a dream you see something with inscriptions: a magazine, a signboard, a book, try to read. Nayavu turn out, in a dream written to change
  • Remember what happened to you in the past hour. Does not work? This is a dream
  • Try to slowly go through the glass, change the hair color or modify something in the surrounding space. In lucid dreaming it will be very easy.

The more fantastic your actions, the higher the likelihood that you «caught» a lucid dream. Without special practices similar phenomena in ordinary people are rare.

Most often this occurs after extreme tiredness, mental or physical fatigue.

Do not try to interpret such a night vision. The safest thing for your psyche is to try to forget about what happened and never repeat.

Watch a video on how to interpret a dream yourself:

What is the use of interpretation of dreams?

What gives you the analysis of dreams and their decoding:

  1. You develop intuition, learn to hear the signals of your own subconscious. This skill then finds practical use in real life.
  2. You can learn to predict the future. True, it turns out in units. If there are innate abilities
  3. You are no longer afraid of nightmares, because you understand: they are only a reflection of some negative emotions and aspects of your personality.

Have you tried to decipher the meaning of pictures that came to you at night? And whether the predictions of dream books come true?

Share in the comments to the article.

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