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How to get rid of nightmares in a dream?

How to get rid of nightmares in a dream?

The nature of human dreams is still not fully understood. Many questions remain without a final answer, but nonetheless, parapsychology does not stand still, and some scientists even proved that dreams can be controlled. This ability can be developed by everyone, thereby saving himself from nightmares.

According to many researchers, the nightmares of a person in a certain period of sleep, when he is overcome by problems at work, in his personal life or in relationships with people. All experiences go into a dream, that’s why we are terrified of what we see in a dream. How to learn to manage your dreams and stop seeing nightmares?

There is a whole technique that was developed at one of the universities of North Carolina. If nightmares dream almost every night, then, as a rule, they are all very similar in plot and occur with the participation of the same characters. Try to remember the one who plays the most important and villainous role in your dreams.

Focus on it and mentally try to imagine how you find contact with him. Ask him questions in your imagination and imagine his answers. Try to find a common language with him.

After that, write down on paper the questions that you in your thoughts asked the hero of your dreams and his approximate answers.

Before going to bed, you must set yourself a clear task: when meeting a hero in a dream, control your movements and words, get in touch with him. In a dream you have to make sure that everything is under control. You will understand this immediately.

Having met the unpleasant character of your nightmares, do not try to run away from him or do what you have done in previous nightmares. Your task is to make contact with him. Talk to him, encourage him to communicate.

When you feel that you have come to some positive result, you can wake up and record this dialogue. This technique will help not only get rid of the nightmarish dreams, but also to find out the reason for their appearance.

In addition to this method, there are several important rules, applying which you can wake up before the nightmare begins or avoid it at all. If you dream that someone is running behind you, and you are afraid that you are about to be caught up, stop, no matter how scary you are. Turn your face to impending danger and it will disappear.

Often, people dream of a situation where they are unprepared for public speaking, speaking, or for an exam. Such a dream brings a lot of excitement and unpleasant emotions. To avoid them, you should always be aware in a dream that you can easily not appear for a speech or an exam and just run away.

Another common situation in a dream is to fall from a great height. Do not be afraid that you will fall and break, enjoy the flight, because no one has yet come to the end!

If someone wants to attack you, do not try to hide from him. Find contact with the pursuer, talk to him and show your friendly attitude towards him.

Remember that this is just your dream in which you may well become a director!

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