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Go down the stairs in the Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov, Lofa dream book

Going down the stairs in a dream — the prediction of dreaming

Ladders — we descend and climb on them, someone was lucky to do it on their own, while others are waiting for the help of others in an obsolete way. We sometimes climb them, and sometimes we happily run up, jumping three steps to success.

What dreams to go down the stairs, we learn in the verified dream books.

General interpretation

Ladder in a dream attributed to the image of a kind of thread connecting the top and bottom. Climbing the stairs associated with events that allow you to go beyond their own universe.

This is the path to perfection, spiritual and physical growth, to the development of a full-fledged self-sufficient personality.

In many myths, the ladder is the connection between the vertical levels of the universe, by it you can climb from the earth to the sky or get into the underworld. In one of the legends, angels moved along the steps, if up — their function was contemplative, down — active.

Go down the stairs in the Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov, Lofa dream book

For a dreamer, going down the stairs means not being a dreamy person, being content with what is here and now. It is important for such a person to live for today and solve urgent problems on time. They do not dream of a dizzying career or untold wealth.

They are practical, modest and very restrained people.

I dreamed of such a plot to a successful businessman — get ready for difficulties. This reflects a decline in your career, poor health, poor energy and general impotence.

Falling down the stairs means suffering a complete collapse, plunging into despair and depression.

A creative person in a dream to descend a few steps down means to pay with his dizzying success due to excessive star and vanity. The lack of demand will pacify the burrows, will give an opportunity to think and discover in oneself the new facets of talent.

For a young girl in a white dress staying on the stairs, holding onto the railing, is to give up on your loved one on the eve of an important event. Now more than ever you need the support and attention of close relatives. Such a dream may be a sign of caution.

Sometimes, to find your happiness, you need to turn away from the seemingly right path and change your strategy.

Go down the stairs in the Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov, Lofa dream book

Descend into darkness in a dream — to be in a state of uncertainty and confusion. Perhaps some event shocked and hurt the soul. Now you are in search and knowledge of yourself.

Raise your head and go up, falling and stumbling, — try to eliminate all life obstacles in the way of your own realization. It must be remembered that many frightening obstacles are distorted images and stereotypes that languish in the head and block movement forward.

I dreamed of a spiral staircase with a steep descent, but this does not scare you — a good sign. You are full of energy, strength and health. You will not be stopped by a series of problems and difficulties, as there is a specific plan for cardinal changes.

Fortune loves such personalities and will surely throw unexpected perspectives and chances for revealing their talents.

Author’s dream books

Sigmund Freud

Going down the stairs in a dream is a symbol of approaching harmony and monogamy in sexual relationships. To see a man approaching from above for a girl is a sign of a future meeting with a lover.

Do not reject and do not turn away from the one who seems, at first glance, an inexperienced young man. It hides a brutal and sexual partner who will not disappoint you at all in bed.

Run up the stairs with a man, not lagging behind him — you have too high a claim to the opposite sex. Such intelligibility can lead to sexual starvation and complete loneliness.

Going down, falling — in reality losing something because of uncontrollable love and passion. This loss will affect the moral side of your soul rather than financial well-being.

A man rushing down from someone else’s bedroom — to shame and blame their own reckless and immoral behavior. Your levity and excessive sexual activity can play a cruel joke, leading to impotence and impotence.

Go down the stairs in the Miller, Freud, Tsvetkov, Lofa dream book

A young lady to go with a stranger — to the first intimate relationship with her lover. To be afraid to look down, going down means to worry about an unwanted pregnancy.

At the same time to be in a wedding dress — to the proposal of the hand and heart from someone to whom were cold and indifferent.

The interpreter predicts adverse changes for those who descend the stairs in a dream. The reason for the negative events in the life of the dreamer can be your own behavior, moral principles, harmful habits and addictions.

To go along with a child is to set a bad example or to raise a child in the wrong way.

Stop and sit down on the step — repent and admit the mistakes of the past. Such a dream brings a person hope for the revival of the former happy life, restoration of health, morale.

At the same time, to raise your head and see the light — to enlist the support of your relatives, relatives, those who are not indifferent to your destiny and who are responsible for your future.

David loff

It personifies a ladder with a platform or a platform on the way to achieving material and spiritual values. The wider, more spacious and lighter the staircase, the more likely to achieve the desired result.

Wobbly, squeaky steps and railings, darkness with small gaps in a dream — this is the personification of those life troubles that will meet the sleeper. The lot of the majority is to climb, fall, get up and rise again, making great efforts.

The only way to achieve the pleasure of their own perfection.

Gustov Miller

The ladder design is associated with an intermediary who engages the road to success. Dreamed of climbing — it promises fame, recognition, success and wealth.

Career will be very dizzying and quick, if you see yourself jumping over three steps up.

You feel at the same time lightness and unstitched breathing — it means you are very tough, persistent, hardworking and goal-oriented person who is ready to work for days to realize your own idea and get a decent profit.

Stumble or fall — in reality overestimate their strength and capabilities. A dream can become a sign that it is worth stopping, gaining more strength, and analyzing the experience of others.

Quickly descend and rise in dreams — in reality, learn how to quickly respond to external changes and adapt to life’s difficulties. To face a dilemma up or down is to face the choice between material well-being and sincere, tender feelings.

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