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Erotic dreams — why they can dream and what they mean

Erotic dreams: why do they dream and what do they mean?

If you are sure that erotic dreams are only a direct consequence of the lack of sexual relations in life, then we will probably disappoint you greatly. After all, it turns out that in most cases sex in night dreams has a completely different meaning.

What erotic dreams will tell you — learn from this article.

Erotic dreams - why they can dream and what they mean

What can dream erotica

Immediately it is necessary to say that the human person controls not only consciousness, but also a huge reservoir, represented by unconscious desires, motives and fears. And in the process of falling asleep, the consciousness enters a passive phase, but at the same time, the unconscious part remains active always and at any time.

The unconscious part is not subject to any laws of logic and rarely manifests itself, as a rule, it is not inclined to talk to the person directly. And if she sends us some messages, she does it in an encrypted form — using symbols.

For this reason, dreams should not be interpreted literally.

Most people are accustomed to mistakenly perceive everything seen in dreams, too straight. For example, you saw in a dream sex with a stranger — it means that it’s time, besides her husband, to look for another lover.

Or if you catch yourself in the presence of erotic fantasies about your ex-husband or boss, then in your heart you dream of a stormy night of love with him.

In reality, the situation with everything is not always the case. Therefore, if you understand the basic laws and essence of night dreams, you can easily determine their true meaning.

Erotic dream — what is it signaling?

Contrary to popular belief, the appearance of erotic dreams, especially if they are accompanied by a stormy climax, does not mean the beginning of intimate life, but rather the physical readiness of the body for it. This means that the body is hormonally ready to defuse and conveys this information to your consciousness.

That is why erotic dreams often see pregnant women. It is unlikely that at the same time they dream of an intimate affair with a neighbor from the lower floor or with a former boyfriend — just with the help of such dreams, the woman’s body demonstrates its response to hormonal changes.

Note! Through dreams, your subconscious mind is trying to convey to you some important information that you do not realize or cannot understand correctly in real life.

Erotic dreams - why they can dream and what they mean

In some cases, with the help of erotic night dreams, the subconscious indicates to the woman that she at one time could not psychologically work out the relationship with some member of the opposite sex.

For example, in a dream, your colleague can bring you unearthly pleasure, but this is not a sign that you need to make love to him in reality. The more likely option is that there are some understatements, some kind of life situation has not been lived through to the end, you still continue to solve some important task.

And the brain is constantly engaged in processing this information.

Another option is that in a night dream a person behaves exactly the opposite of how he does it in real life. For example, a girl who used to be in bed with a white and fluffy “bunny” suddenly turns into an aggressive and dominant passionate lioness.

If this happens — do not rush to worry. Most likely, you just accumulated inside yourself too much of unmanifested aggression, which has a very powerful energy potential and is trying to break out in the dream, if not in real life.

Emotional background

In dreams, the unconscious person communicates with him with the help of symbols, feelings, and also using emotions and sensations. That is why it is so important, waking up to analyze night vision and understand what feelings were basic in it.

Very often it turns out that erotic dreams behind the mask of sexual satisfaction hide completely different feelings — doubts, shame, guilt, anxiety and others. At the same time, our unconscious performs a kind of “scanning” of an event that is connected with the experience and as a result we see it in a dream.

Try to analyze what situation in reality you are creating and for a long time you keep the feelings experienced in the dream. These can be things related to your loved one seen in a dream.

For example, you saw an erotic scene in which your beloved took part, but in reality it turns out that the basis of what he saw is not at all erotic experiences, but a problem in your relationship that has not been resolved for a long time.

Psychoanalysis experts, who interpret dreams, always use in their work information about dreams, based on the feelings and sensations experienced by clients immediately upon awakening. They even give the task to their client, who wants to explore their own dreams, constantly keep a diary.

The plots of night visions are recorded in it, along with the experienced experiences, that is, the “aftertaste” that you have the next morning. After all, dreams can change every night, and feelings are often obsessively repeated and you can learn a great deal about yourself and the changes that do not hurt to make.

In someone else’s skin

In the case when you “try on” the male image of yourself in night dreams, it is likely that in everyday life you often try to enter someone else’s territory, like to make important decisions and perform other actions that are not typical of femininity.

Erotic dreams - why they can dream and what they mean

But there is also a second version of the interpretation of sleep — the girl in a pair is in a leading position and absolutely does not take into account the interests of her man. Then this dream will help the fair sex to understand how unpleasant her partner feels.

Unsuccessful experience

Survive a fiasco in bed in a dream — a sign that a person is not satisfied with his intimate life, as well as other areas of his life: career position, wages. If at the same time in a dream you felt disappointed, you probably feel that you were mistaken in agreeing to a relationship with this person.

You need to do a thorough analysis of your life in order to understand what is now the main source of negative emotions for you and how to eliminate it.

Sex with a representative of your gender

The dream of having sex with a girl is absolutely not to be seen as a sign from above to discover same-sex love. Most likely, the unconscious in this way simply signals that you do not pay enough attention to yourself — visit the beauty salon more often, indulge yourself with cosmetic procedures and shopping.

Still, as an option — you lack the care from your loved one. Just analyze your dream using the first and second methods and you will understand what problem he hides behind him.

Features of the erotic cipher of dreams

Natalya Rogacheva, an expert in psychology, offers to familiarize herself with the most common images of erotic dreams in order to correctly decipher your night dreams:

  • You saw your former sexual partner in an erotic dream — it is likely that you didn’t complete any work with him or you still have love and affection towards him.
  • Sex with a nasty person for you is an expression of an inner protest of your life.
  • In an erotic dream, were you raped? Thus, your subconscious mind is trying to demonstrate a desire to throw something (or someone) out of your life.
  • Intimate relationship with your friend — indicates that you are impressed with the personal qualities of this person. You would very much like your lover to be endowed with just such features.

Interesting fact! If you sleep on your stomach, then the lungs get less air — by analogy with sexual intercourse.

The body can respond to this erotic dream.

  • Public sex: through this dream, the body signals that everything in your life is not good and you are constantly confronted with discomfort (not necessarily intimate).
  • Sex with a famous person — it is quite possible that you yourself secretly dream of being famous. And it is possible that you see your partner is not seductive enough.
  • A man to see in a dream his betrayal of his wife, does not indicate a real betrayal. But the dream suggests that, most likely, sex is perceived by him solely as a marital debt. And here the spouse should think already.
  • Does sexual intercourse end with some kind of nightmare? This means that inside you, the thirst for revenge about the person to whom you are forced to obey in real life (for example, your boss) is slumbering.
  • Erotic dream, in which masturbation is present, will indicate low self-esteem. Probably, your body does not like you and you are not ready to open it to other people.
  • A dream of incest — perhaps you dislike someone from your inner circle or you desire revenge. However, there may be a second interpretation: with the help of such an unusual method, you are trying to get help and tenderness from your lover.
  • In a dream, watch a young couple making love: in most cases, such a dream indicates a search for something new in your life.

The treatment of erotic dreams is a very interesting and fascinating activity that, among other things, will also help you better understand your personality and what you may lack in reality. In conclusion, supplement your knowledge of erotic dreams with watching an interesting thematic video:

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