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Dreams on Pure Thursday and before Easter come true or not?

Dreams before Easter: their sacred meaning, come true or not

Dreams dreamed of a person on the eve of the holiday, are very different from the usual everyday night visions. Since the days of hoary antiquity, people had a strong faith in the great strength and peculiarity of dreams dreamed before church holidays. In particular, a large number will accept and beliefs associated with dreams before Easter — a very important day in the life of Orthodox people.

In this article we will talk about the features of dreams before this significant date.

Dreams on Pure Thursday and before Easter come true or not?

Dreams on pure Thursday come true or not

The word «Pure Thursday» is associated with cleansing the body and putting in order its housing. On a clean Thursday before Easter, according to old customs, it is customary to bathe, do general cleaning in your house and wash dirty things.

It is believed that those who will be dirty in the dwelling during the next year will live in the mud and quarrel during the Cleanup Thursday.

But clean Thursday is remarkable not only for the global cleansing of its living space, but also for the high probability of prophetic dreams that can be dreamed up at this time. Therefore, pay special attention to your night dreams, and also do not neglect the signs that the Higher Forces often send you at this time.

Prophetic dream before Easter

Believers are convinced that during the whole week before the Great Easter holiday, dreams can occur that provide information about the events of the future.

If an unusual dream has dreamed up on Easter night itself, thoughts may arise: will it come true? Most Orthodox believers are convinced that the pre-Easter days are supernatural times, and all dreams that have dreamed at this time are classified as prophetic.

But at the same time, there is a certain classification of night visions, which we will examine in more detail later.

Varieties of prophetic dreams before Easter

Specialists in dreams conditionally divided the dreams dreamed on the eve of the Resurrection of the Lord into 3 subcategories:

  • 1 category — in a dream you are re-experiencing what you experienced in reality on the day before the dream;
  • 2 category — prophetic night visions;
  • Category 3 — dreams sent from above by demonic entities.

With the first category, everything is clear in principle, and we will dwell in more detail on the last two options.

Message of angels in a dream

Even inveterate atheists are piously convinced that our life is controlled by two opposing forces — good and evil, which are inextricably linked with one another.

Interpreters of dreams express their opinion that Easter dreams can be sent from above, both by good and evil forces. A person has the opportunity to try to do the analysis himself in order to understand the dream of what plan he encountered last night.

But in most cases it is quite problematic to do it yourself.

Religious interpreters believe that dreams, which dreamed on the eve of major church holidays, are carried out either in the first half of the day, or are realized in life for the next 365 calendar days.

Dreams on Pure Thursday and before Easter come true or not?

Demonic night visions

Talking about such dreams is very difficult. Atheists tend to ignore them, and Orthodox Christian believers mostly try to spend the night before Easter in the temple.

Although, of course, this does not mean at all that the Higher Forces will not send them a special dream in the morning when they return home and lie down for a while after a night service.

It should be immediately noted that most interpreters of night dreams are convinced that on the eve of such a great divine celebration, dark entities cannot in any way negatively affect human life. And if a sleeping person saw something very unpleasant in a dream, this means that the Higher Forces are simply trying to warn him about something.

Anyway, you should pay special attention to such a dream, because it may contain useful tips and predictions about your future.

The ministers of the church express an opinion on this matter that on Easter Eve the demon can penetrate into the nightly dreams of people, pretending to be your loved one. He will do his best to direct the person in the wrong direction.

Therefore, it is important to treat such dreams with extreme caution.

On the eve of the holiday

Traditionally, Easter for Orthodox Christians is considered the biggest holiday, which overshadows even Christmas or the Baptism of the Lord. It is a glorious triumph when Jesus Christ is resurrected and ascended to heaven to connect with his father.

It is noteworthy that Easter is celebrated every year in different numbers — its celebration falls on the first Sunday after the new moon. All night visions that were dreamed on the eve of divine resurrection can be prophetic, you just need to correctly interpret them.

Dreams of a Divine Feast

Next we look at the most popular options for night dreams that you dreamed on the eve of Easter with their interpretation.

  • Celebrate Easter in a dream — for the most part, such dreams are devoid of any particular meaning, or they foreshadow positive events in your life.
  • On the eve of Easter, a late relative came to you in a dream — this foreshadows that the next 365 days will be very favorable for you. You and your family will experience different happy events at this time and none of your relatives will die.
  • Look for Easter eggs in a dream — very soon you will meet your soul mate, the dream promises you a mutual strong feeling.
  • To bake paska — the conflict with the native person will stop. You are the culprit in this quarrel, so it is important that you seek forgiveness.
  • From time to time, dreams before Easter can also tell about not very pleasant events — for example, if a girl in a dream dreams of kissing a guy, it means that soon she will be in a very unpleasant situation.
  • Another pre-Easter dream with a negative meaning is when you attend a church service in a dream. Such a dream will foresee events that give a person a strong disappointment.

Dreams on Pure Thursday and before Easter come true or not?

What does the church think about this?

Contrary to the doubts of many people, the ministers of the church fully admit that in night dreams a person can learn the truth. Often they themselves talk about different cases concerning the question of prophetic dreams.

And even in those situations when dreamers are far from Christianity, the night visions still dreamed on the eve of church celebrations will affect their lives.

The most important point in this case is to learn how to interpret what you see and recognize the clues sent to us from heaven.

It should also be added separately that the clergy are convinced that the devil is able to manipulate the human unconscious. Therefore, it is still not worth 100% to trust everything that you see in a dream at night.

The opinion of scientists on this subject

For those who are not a believer or simply always seeks to verify the information received, the opinion of representatives of science on this subject will be useful.

So, scientists firmly believe that in all night dreams there is no meaning. However, they argue that the time when you saw dreams, also does not matter.

In their opinion, in a dream we only once again encounter information that we received in a day.

A particularly vivid example, which is often cited by the geniuses of science, is the famous Mendeleev’s dream, in which his famous table appeared to him. But scientists do not see any divine sign in this, believing that Mendeleev constantly studied information that was subsequently processed in his subconscious and transformed into a table of chemical elements.

The geniuses of science had an opinion regarding prophetic dreams that no one can say in advance whether a dream will be prophetic or not. But this, of course, does not mean at all that this is the case in reality.

Let’s sum up

If you dreamed of some unusual dream on the eve of the Great Easter, you should pay special attention to it, and not ignore it. It is likely that there are some signs or clues from above that will help you make the right decision if you are in a deadlock and lead you to the right path of life.

At the same time, both church ministers and ordinary interpreters of night visions are unanimous in the fact that it is necessary to believe in good predictions. After all, if you concentrate on the bad and set yourself up for negative — negative and will be attracted to your life, just the same and vice versa, focusing on the positive, you will definitely attract happy events and positive people!

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