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Dreamed pregnant cat: what does it mean

Dreamed pregnant cat: what does it mean

Why dream of a pregnant cat? After a tiring and emotional day, we often have vivid and memorable dreams at night: we can participate in battles, travel, communicate with interesting people and meet domestic animals along the way, and also in an interesting position.

General interpretation

Pets in real life cause everyone to have different feelings and emotions: someone at the sight of a cat sighs from emotion and seeks to stroke the animal, and someone at one glance and the smell of a cat wants to run and buy allergy pills. The interpretation of a dream about a pregnant cat in proven interpreters is also ambiguous.

A cat is a mystical animal associated with supernatural powers and the subconscious, and pregnancy always personifies a new life. In general, this is a good sign for a creative person, sophisticated.

Dream predicts new ideas, thoughts, and perhaps the discovery of new talents.

Dreamed pregnant cat: what does it mean

For an accurate interpretation, it is important to notice the nuances and details of sleep — the color, nature of the cat, its actions and attitude towards you.

Coloring pregnant cat

A gray cat in a dream often comes to office workers, whose workload, routine and monotony of work causes overwork, fatigue and pessimism. Such a dream is a sign that it is time to take a vacation and rest from work.

Otherwise, a wave of depression and apathy will cover you.

I dreamed of a red individual to a man — to cunning tricks and deceit on the part of your beloved. It is worth looking at and alert.

Black — in the majority of dream books is not interpreted positively, but if the cat is active, expect success in the cases initiated.

White is a great excuse for action. Changes for the better will not keep you waiting.

Color — dreams of people who are waiting for troublesome affairs, worries, and then a decent reward for their efforts. The main thing is not to be afraid of difficulties and act.

Dreamed pregnant cat: what does it mean

Animal behavior

An interesting interpretation is given by dream books to the behavior of a pregnant cat in a dream. I dreamed of scratching and showing hostility towards you — wait for hidden enemies in real life, trust your colleagues less.

A wounded and sick cat is in a dream situation for those who have forgotten about their loved ones, and they need attention and care. Evil — to the upcoming difficulties and the struggle for family or personal happiness.

A calm and affectionate cat rubs against you — a sign that it’s time for you to think about a rational allocation of time, slow down and go in for sports, think about proper nutrition, rest.

A sad and offended representative of the cat indicates your moral exhaustion and mental fatigue. It’s time to rethink life values ​​and prioritize.

I feed, stroke, bathe

If a woman feeds an animal — a good sign, a good time for family privacy and romantic dates with a partner. A man to feed a cat is his promises that he cannot fulfill.

To iron — to warm the rival who tries to take away the spouse.

Bathing for a man means that you should be careful in communicating with colleagues and refrain from scandals that could harm your reputation.

To save a pregnant cat for a man is a sign of your great authority. Leadership skills allow you to be first among colleagues and cause respect and love of relatives.

Losing a cat means losing self-control and the will to be exposed to someone else’s influence. Try not to get into unkind and adventurous affairs.

Interpretation of author’s dream books

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

For a man, it speaks of insecurity in intimate life, complexes and inner feelings about this. Subconscious desire for atypical experiments and fantasies interfere with mutual understanding with a partner.

Dream Gustov Miller

The cat that was thrown under the door and she gave birth to kittens — to changes in personal or family life. Most likely you will part with a partner, but soon you will find true love.

Watching a cat in a box give birth — change values ​​in life. If she could not give up — prepare for the difficulties at work and quarrels with colleagues.

Possible change of employer.

Pregnant animal on the green grass — to the benevolent news. And on your bed or couch — wait for good and prosperity.

A bad sign is to see a cat in a skirmish with a dog — to a meeting with a long time acquaintance who will bring many problems.

If the cat in the position of crossing the road — it means that someone drains you and pumps out vital energy. May deteriorate health and financial situation.

Get rid of the energy vampire.

Dream Vanga

Such dreams promise nothing good. This is a sign of family quarrels, disagreements and clarify relationships with loved ones.

And to experience shame and humiliation will have to someone who sees in a dream a lot of pregnant cats. A sense of shame will not give you peace.

Dreaming nostradamus

If in a dream you are helping a cat give birth, get ready for intrigues with relatives and wait for problems in relations with family members.

Black cat — to the unexpected betrayal of friends and close friends, carefully look at their behavior. White — a warning sign — be careful and attentive on the roads, it is likely to get into an accident.

Striped color — to a pleasant surprise from relatives.

You saw in a dream how an animal gives birth to big kittens — to the envy of a person who has a great influence on you. Little kittens were born — review your goals, otherwise your labors will be in vain.

If the animal died during childbirth — get ready for a pleasant expensive purchase.

Dreamed pregnant cat: what does it mean

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

If a married woman strokes an animal — a sign that you need to act. If you are not okay in a relationship with a partner, it’s time to make contact.

An unmarried woman has such a dream — to search for a beloved and create a family.

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