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Dream, what dreams of ice cream: buy, eat, a lot of ice cream in a dream

Cold sweet treats on a hot day, and not only, children and adults adore. It is refreshing and gives a pleasant feeling. However, excessive use can have an adverse effect on health.

If you understand what dreams of ice cream, you can also find various interpretations.

Dream, what dreams of ice cream: buy, eat, a lot of ice cream in a dream

According to Miller’s dream book to taste ice cream in a dream means to achieve success in reality. If you dreamed how the kids are eating sweetness, a period of prosperity will come.

Separately, the famous interpreter of dreams examines the plot in which a girl drops ice cream next to her lover or husband. In this case, in reality, she will soon be carried away by another, and will show at the same time hard-heartedness towards the real partner.

Bulgarian soothsayer Wanga treats a dream in which the sleeper envies the one who eats ice cream, as a passionate desire to change life. I myself have a sweetness — to the good finals of all the projects started.

However, if at the same time the clothes were soiled, the dream warns that the long-awaited date will be postponed, and an important meeting will fail.

Beloved man goes away, that’s what dreams ice cream on the Dreamman of the Wanderer. A pleasant event will entail disappointment.

Dream Cananita interprets ice cream in a dream as a symbol of a short romantic hobby.

According to the dream of housewife lots of ice cream in the fridge — a warning. There is a chance of getting sick.

Summer dream also warns that ice cream portends deterioration of health. It is advisable to take care.

Autumn dream treats delicacy as pleasant emotions and pleasure.

Dream, what dreams of ice cream: buy, eat, a lot of ice cream in a dream

Dreamed ice cream a girl single means acquaintance that will grow into a long relationship. A girl in love is awaiting a marriage proposal.

It is necessary to pay close attention to the state of health, this is what dreams of ice cream pregnant. With the slightest strange sensations do not hesitate to go to a doctor.

Ice cream a woman married serves as a warning. Forbidden passion on the side, which can turn the head, will not be in secret for long.

The reaction of the spouse will be predictably negative.

When dreaming ice cream a man married, he also has to fight the temptations and resist the call of the flesh. A bachelor after a dream dainty, it is advisable to wonder if he has too many intimate partners.

Chocolate ice cream portends a pleasant intimate rendezvous. Meetings will bring particularly keen pleasure.

White ice cream means that a new hobby will soon turn its head. Most likely, it will not last long, but will leave a pleasant aftertaste.

Fruit ice cream in a dream means that in reality you will be faced with coarse flattery. For men — the attention of an annoying fan, for women — insincere compliments from a person who pursues selfish ends.

If it was strawberry ice cream, the value is much more favorable. There will be a pleasant meeting with your loved one.

Family dreaming dreaming promises a great time with the second half. The cold delicacy of exotic fruits means that when solving problems one needs to be resourceful.

When dreaming ice cream in chocolate or another glaze is a warning symbol. Soon, you have to unexpectedly find out someone’s personal secret, but it will be unclear what to do with this information.

Business people sweet ice cream means that a complex project is nearing completion, and will bring good profits. It is also a sign of reconciliation with a man with whom they had a misunderstanding quarrel.

Bad taste ice cream — to insult. Her beloved will inadvertently inflict the most beloved people.

If dreamed lot ice cream, a pleasant pastime with a huge amount of entertainment. There will be no time to miss.

There comes a period of well-being, that’s what dreams ice cream in a waffle cup. Relationship will be stable.

Eskimo and ice cream on a stick signal to the sleeper that there is some selfishness in the character. It is advisable to pay attention to the interests of loved ones, so that the senses do not cool down.

Soon can seize the whirlpool of passion, if you dreamed of ice cream in a bucket. However, it is desirable to restrain emotions.

Not a good sign — melted ice cream. A sudden unpleasant event will greatly upset.

Dream, what dreams of ice cream: buy, eat, a lot of ice cream in a dream

When dreaming about ice cream, you should definitely remember what happened to him. If vivid emotions were experienced during sleep, they are also subject to interpretation.

To choose ice cream — it means, in reality, fate will also provide options. Should not rush, making a decision.

It will greatly affect the future.

For single people buy ice cream — to meet with a very pleasant person. Perhaps this is the very notorious «second half» from which they want to go further in life.

Eat ice cream in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. Do not feel the taste — in life again will be a former lover or partner.

However, to return past passion will not work. There is an ice cream with pleasure — the foreshadowing of the nascent passion.

However, dreamers who decide on adultery should know that concealing extramarital affair in secret will not work. Sometimes savoring ice treats is interpreted as the occurrence of a toothache.

Sell ice cream — a warning. Nayavu will be tempted to spend much more money than the dreamer can afford, on all sorts of nonsense.

Such a plot as treat ice cream is considered a willingness to share joy. Helping others will not have a significant impact on well-being.

Considering the options for what dreams of ice cream, do not be afraid of unpleasant predictions. If you slightly correct the behavior, or postpone the adoption of important decisions, then there will be a chance to avoid difficulties.

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