Dream Vanga

Dream Vanga

The name of the clairvoyant Vanga is widely known throughout the world. The predictions left by Wanga still continue to come true, which speaks of her extraordinary and unique gift of divination. Extrasensory abilities have arisen in Vanga in adolescence.

Until she was 14, she was an ordinary child. She was born in a Bulgarian village and lived in a small house with all its many brothers and sisters. Her life was changed by a terrible hurricane that took her far from the village. Relatives were able to find the girl only a few days later a few kilometers from home.

Her eyes were completely filled with sand and dust.

Parents Vanga have done everything possible so that their daughter is not blinded, but neither the operation nor the traditional medicine could not return the sight of Vanga. However, the girl did not grieve for a long time, she soon realized that God, who had taken away the ability to see, had given her something more and unique. So Wang began to see the future. Hundreds of people began to come to her house every day, wishing to know their fate and recover from terrible diseases.

The prophetess said about her incredible gift that she was guided by an invisible angel. He gives her information, and Wang only announces it.

Wang’s dreams were taken very seriously. According to her, a person does not need to have supernatural abilities to predict the future. To do this, just learn to correctly interpret dreams.

Dream Vanga was compiled only on the basis of her own ideas and knowledge, which makes him different from any other interpreter of dreams. The Bulgarian prophetess had his own method of deciphering human dreams. She believed that each person can predict, on the basis of a dream, not only his own fate, but also events that can happen on a global scale.

Dream Vanga is not only an interpretation of specific objects and phenomena, but also an interpretation of various life situations. The dream explanation in this dream book is based on several aspects. First, visions are interpreted in the dream book, which may be associated with the present or near future. Secondly, the dream book gives advice to a person on the choice of the course of behavior that must be followed in order to turn what he saw in a dream in his favor.

Thirdly, in the dream book there are interpretations of dreams, on the basis of which one can know the fate not only of a person, but also of a country or the world as a whole.

Dream Vanga over the years does not lose its popularity, since everyone has long been aware that Wang really possessed an amazing gift and more than 70 percent of her predictions have already come true. People trust her dream book, although she was an uneducated person, and did not have any scientific knowledge in the field of psychology. If we compare the dream book Wanga with the dream book of Freud, then these are two completely different methods of interpreting dreams.

If the basis of the works of Freud are purely scientific knowledge, Wang was guided only by her gift.

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