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Dream Miller: a review of its main features

Dream Interpretation Miller: distinctive features and characteristics

Man can not live without sleep. Sleep is not just a physiological process and a time of complete body relaxation, but also the opportunity to travel around other worlds, as well as to receive signs and tips from above relating to your future life.

In modern esoteric literature, such a huge number of dream books and dream interpretation systems are offered that sometimes it is quite difficult to dwell on any one variant. Miller’s dream book is rather popular, which is offered both as a book and as a dream interpretation of Miller’s dreams for free on the Internet.

More about Miller’s dream book, we will tell in this article.

Who is Miller and what did he do

Gustav Hindman Miller (1857-1929 years of life) — the famous psychologist from the United States of America, who gained fame through his work — «Dream interpretation or the interpretation of dreams.»

Dream Miller: a review of its main features

Miller’s approach was rather unusual — he took knowledge of human psychology as a basis for compiling his dream book, plus he added a long-term analysis of night dreams of more than one thousand people. Gustav was engaged in comparing the same dreams of different personalities, as well as analyzing the preceding events that occurred with these people, as well as what followed certain dreams.

Miller was convinced that the images coming in a dream are not just a chaotic set of characters with pictures, but believed that they are a kind of classified messages, having managed to understand the true meaning of which a person can learn how events in his life will develop .

The conclusions obtained as a result of a large number of experiments and observations were systematized by Miller and set forth in the dream book, which was first published in 1901 (New York), but does not lose its popularity to this day. Next we look at what are the differences between Miller’s dream book and other similar publications.

Distinctive features of Miller’s dream book

The first distinctive moment: the basis of dreams is the subconscious of man.

Miller interprets night dreams with the help of deep psychoanalysis of the subconscious sphere of man. Throughout his life, Gustav Miller studied psychology and psychological processes and said that in a dream a person receives encrypted information about the past, present and future.

The author believed that the unconscious person thus tries to convey to us images of what was or what will be with the help of special associations of dreams.

The second distinguishing point: accuracy and practicality.

The interpreter of Miller’s dreams is practical and accurate, because all his experiments in the field of dreams affect the psychology of man, that is, science. Many other variants of dream-books (for example, the Vang dream-book, Nostradamus dream-book) are based on predictions of future events that are not so clear and more vague.

That is why, using Miller’s dream book, you will be able to interpret your dreams as precisely as possible.

The third distinctive point: extensive variety of dream books.

Another difference between Miller’s work and other publications is that Miller’s dream book is very voluminous — it describes more than 10,000 dream interpretations. In addition, each interpretation is given in the deepest, and not superficial form, as often happens in other cases.

Using Miller’s dream book, you can find almost any of the dream elements that you have imagined and interpret not just part of the dream, but predict the present or future in the form of a clear picture.

It is likely that this is precisely the reason why Miller’s dream book is today one of the most authoritative among other dream interpreters.

Dream Miller: a review of its main features

Fourth distinctive point: The high popularity of the dream book.

As we have just outlined, Miller’s dream book is currently in the top of the most popular similar publications. Statistics show that people, wanting to explain their nightly dreams, in most cases stop at Miller’s dream book, as he has the highest prediction accuracy.

Miller says that while deciphering his nightly dreams, you need not only to pay attention to the dream book, but also to learn to harmoniously combine his interpretations and his plans, plus possible actions suggested by your unconscious mind.

In addition, according to Miller, the interpretation of dreams is still highly dependent on the day of the week, on which you saw some night vision, which makes the use of the dream book even easier.

With the help of Miller’s dream collection, you will not just decipher the meaning of each particular dream, but also be able to understand the essence of dreams as a whole. The interpretation of nightly dreams, offered by a famous psychologist, helps to find answers to many questions, as well as to act faithfully in various situations in life.

The truth is there is one negative point — today Miller’s dream book is somewhat outdated, because it lacks modern concepts and phenomena that can also occur in dreams. But at the same time, the remaining interpretations are still relevant for people and this does not affect the demand of the dream book among the population.

Examples of the differences between Miller’s dream book and other dream books

The dream interpretation created by Miller is truly unique, because it does not cite previous editions, and its interpretation is very different from similar options. We suggest you consider this with specific examples to make it clearer:

  • “Interesting position” according to Miller’s dream book is a reflection of a person’s thoughts. Also, such a dream can be interpreted as the desire of the offspring, or, conversely, the moral immaturity for such a decision. Another interpretation of the Miller pregnancy dream is an unhappy marriage for a woman.

If we compare it with Vanga’s dream book, then here the pregnancy promises the same in real life, and also tells about the emerging new plans and projects. But at the same time, a dream about pregnancy, according to Wanga’s dream book, may also have a negative meaning — for example, talk about some developing pathology.

The interactive dream book interprets the “interesting position” as a prediction of an unsuccessful marriage. And if a woman sees herself in a dream as pregnant, then her childbirth will be fairly easy, without complications.

  • The fish seen in a dream, according to Miller’s dream book, promises good and significant events that will soon happen to a person. As for most of the other dream books, dreams about fish predict pregnancy in them.

Dead fish, according to Miller’s dream book, will tell about various sorrows and losses. According to Vanga’s dream book, dreams of fish predict something very good — for example, a quick marriage for women, but a dead fish also tells about sadness.

Dream Miller: a review of its main features

An interactive dream interpreter says that a living splashing fish is a symbol of power and well-being. Dead fish — tell about the loss.

And if you see in your dream that you were able to catch a fish, then you will be able to realize all your plans in life.

There are two options for using Miller’s dream book:

  1. The first is the traditional print edition;
  2. The second is the online version of the dream book, which is widely available on many sites for free.

Which of the options you choose will depend on your preferences. Just like that, to believe or not to believe in the interpretation of dreams.

But do not forget that all thoughts are material, so everything in your life will happen as you think about it.

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