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Dream Miller: a description and characteristics

Description and main differences of Miller’s dream book

Sleep for a person is not only a physiological process, during which the body rests and recovers, it is also a connecting thread between the subconscious and the universe. Esotericists believe that every dream carries information about the upcoming future, but to understand it, you must correctly interpret what they see.

There is a lot of literature to help solve the signs sent by the universe, and the most popular of them is Miller’s dream book.

Dream Miller: a description and characteristics

Features dream book

The interpreter of dreams of Gustav Miller is somewhat different from similar publications, because he was a psychologist, while other authors were visionaries, clairvoyants, or healers. In the course of his work, he analyzed tens of thousands of night visions of completely different people, comparing them and comparing them with previous events. In addition, the author knew psychology well, which allowed him to penetrate into the human subconscious.

On the basis of the data obtained, Miller composed surprisingly more accurate interpretations of the pictures he had dreamed.

According to Gustav, dreams are a secret message in the form of a set of pictures and symbols that contains information about the near future. To unravel the meaning of the message, it is necessary to analyze not only the dream as a whole, but also the individual ego elements.

The psychologist conducted a large number of observations and experiments, the results of which he systematized and expounded in his dream interpreter. The first edition was published in New York in 1901 and immediately gained immense popularity among esoteric fans, because had several main features:

  1. Psychoanalysis. Dream interpretation is based on the psychoanalysis of the subconscious, which sends people signals about upcoming or experienced events. Most often, messages are associative, but sometimes the plot of the dream is literal, and is exactly the same in life.
  2. Accuracy of interpretation. Thanks to the scientific approach, the interpretation of dreams according to Miller is quite accurate and clear, while in similar publications the description of upcoming events is often vague and does not have specifics.
  3. A variety of dreams and plots. In the dream book set out more than 10,000 interpretations of dreams and encrypted messages. Consequently, to find the answer to the question why one or another picture or a whole plot dreamed in a dream would not be difficult.

Dream Miller: a description and characteristics

To date, Miller’s dream book is very popular, which is explained not only by the above features, but also by its veracity. With it you can accurately decipher the signs sent by the subconscious, and make the right decision in a difficult situation that is present in the dreamer’s life at the moment, or it will happen soon.

The only drawback of Gustav’s collection of dreams is that he is a bit outdated, because there are no phenomena and notions surrounding people in the modern world. However, this does not prevent the active use of the interpreter in everyday life.

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