Dream Miller

Dream Miller

The interpreter of dreams, created by an American entrepreneur and psychologist Gustav Hidman Miller has long become a classic of this genre. The very first edition dates back to the end of the 19th century. However, the dream book has not yet lost its popularity.

It is used by millions of people who want to understand the secrets of their dreams.

The author of the famous dream book was not a professional psychologist. He spent his childhood on the ranch with his mother and brother. After the age of majority, he got a job as a salesman and soon married a wealthy girl.

A successful marriage allowed him to open his own store, where he worked on a par with his brother Frank. Business was not easy for Miller. A series of failures soon gave way to unprecedented success — the entrepreneur opened a large department store, and since then his activity has gone up the hill.

Later, Miller became the owner of the bank, in his hands turned out to be blocks of shares of flourishing companies.

Being engaged in business, Gustav found time for self-education. He became the author of several books on psychology. The tendency to study this science appeared in his youth. He was particularly interested in the essence of the human subconscious and dreams.

He believed that events, objects, things that people see in their dreams are not accidental. Dreams, as Miller believed, is a special code or cipher, which must be solved in order to prevent possible undesirable incidents.

The author of the dream book was convinced that those events that happen to a man in reality are intimately in touch with the past and the future, and subsequently this whole tangle of events and memories visits a person in a dream to warn him about something or to direct his actions in the right direction. Analyzing his own dreams, as well as using old works on psychology and esotericism, Miller was able to create his dream book.

Today, Miller’s dream book is in great demand and popularity. This is explained not only by the accuracy of the predictions, but also by the scale of the interpretation. His work can interpret more than 1,500 dreams, and this is significantly more than in Freud’s dream book.

From other works on dreams, Miller’s dream book differs in its depth of interpretation and depth.

The dream of Miller is not only able to explain the essence of human dreams, but also gives practical instructions on how to use this or that dream in reality. This is its uniqueness. Not a single dream book has ever been able to so clearly and accurately interpret the dreams of the human subconscious. Despite its popularity and importance, the Miller dream book still has one drawback.

Since it was compiled at the end of the 19th century, many concepts and phenomena that were relevant at that time are outdated today. But still a huge part of the interpretation can be applied in our time.

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