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Dream interpretation, why dreams of a rooster: white, black, cock in a dream to a woman

Rooster in folklore symbolizes courage and the element of fire. In fairy tales, he often acts as the personification of true masculinity.

Interpreting why the rooster dreams, you can meet other values.

Dream interpretation, why dreams of a rooster: white, black, cock in a dream to a woman

Interpretation of the rooster on Miller’s dream book pretty favorable. Thanks to luck, the dreamer will be in a prestigious position, or work will earn the respect of colleagues and acquaintances.

However, there is a danger of becoming a bouncer.

Dream Vanga interprets a rooster with bright plumage as an acquaintance with a man who knows how to lodge. The young girl dreams of a bird to a meeting with a rich suitor.

If the roosters fight in their sleep, the dream foreshadows a conflict or the likelihood of a fire.

Family dream chickens and roosters in the coop predict happy intimate relationships. Lonely — personal privacy.

When the rooster pecks, in reality there is some unfinished business. It is time for the dreamer to finish it, otherwise troubles will follow.

Dream Grishin suggests that if a rooster dreams of a dream, you need less to share your ideas. Also, do not believe other people’s promises.

On the big dream book the cock in the house is a bad sign. Increased probability of fire or loss of property due to unforeseen circumstances.

There will be a quarrel with a loved one, that’s what dreams a rooster in his hands according to modern dream book. The reason will be too heightened sense of possessiveness.

A rooster and chickens, at the same time, for a married woman are a wonderful symbol. Husband will give her public respect.

According to the moon dream the blood of a rooster or its dead carcass foretells financial difficulties. A living bird walking around the bedroom symbolizes a lover.

Dream Eugene Tsvetkova treats the dreaming rooster as treason. Singing is a news symbol.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud interprets the bird as a dumb mistake dreamer. But the crowing rooster, according to the famous scientist, means adultery, performed exclusively at the call of the flesh.

Dream interpretation, why dreams of a rooster: white, black, cock in a dream to a woman

When the cock dreams, it is important to remember what it was. Take into account the size, color plumage, mood.

Dreamed white the rooster foreshadows that, due to exceptional diligence, the sleeper will reach career heights. The main thing, becoming a leader, is not to lose the purity of the soul and not to get lost.

Clashing with the detractor symbolizes the black cock. Also, a bird with such plumage indicates to businessmen that competitors use unscrupulous methods to gain an advantage.

Red Rooster in a dream is interpreted in two ways. First, a quarrel with a man of the opposite sex is possible, which can turn into a passion.

Secondly, bright a cock of scarlet shades warns that vigilance should be increased. The fire element can cause significant damage.

Golden or yellow rooster — one of the most beautiful characters. The dreamer expects a wonderful period of unshadowed happiness.

For a single woman is extraordinary nice Rooster predicts a meeting with an attractive man. He will be courteous, but before falling in love without thinking, it is advisable to get to know him better.

If cocks are dreaming at the same time multicolored, who walk peacefully, the dream predicts good life events, pleasant company and good news. The fighting capons warn that they will inadvertently have to participate in another showdown.

Big Rooster in a dream — a symbol of success. It is possible to receive material or moral encouragement.

Huge alive Roosters point to triumphant victories in all walks of life.

Little cock appears in a dream before starting a new business. Forecast development will tell the color of feathers.

OK, when young Rooster light or beautiful motley.

Singing a rooster in a dream means news. If he crows in a dream in the morning, you can count on getting money.

Singing at night is a loss.

Limping bird means that close friends suffer because of inattention to them.

Dead Rooster indicates unfair treatment of others. It is necessary to reconsider own views.

Killed cock for people in a relationship, points to the cooling of the senses. Quarrels may arise because of impulsive words, and it is worth pondering everything you want to say. Dead cocks, if there are many of them, are not a good sign either.

Financial losses are possible.

Aggressive a rooster, bullying a sleeper, means for family chances of betraying a husband or wife. But lonely people can, after such a dream, count on a passionate romance.

Dream interpretation, why dreams of a rooster: white, black, cock in a dream to a woman

Smart cock a girl foreshadows that she will be able to achieve her goal. This applies to both personal and business areas.

To correctly interpret what a rooster dream about a woman, it is necessary to take into account her marital status. Lonely lady bird signals the appearance of a generous, but too jealous, gentleman.

Chicken and rooster married woman reflect her doubts about the loyalty of her husband. There are grounds for such suspicions.

Dreamed rooster pregnant woman foretells the birth of a boy. If a capon shouts loudly, childbirth will be prolonged.

When the cock dreams a man, doing business, it is a harbinger of acquaintance with a future client or partner. The meeting will bring good luck if the bird is peaceful.

If the dream happened catch rooster, in reality will have to perform time-consuming task. The future career depends on the correctness of its implementation.

I managed to catch a rooster — an excellent sign. Luck and luck will lead to glory and respect for others.

Deciphering the plot in which it was necessary to kill rooster, it is important to interpret the way. A blow with an ax ax or other blunt object — instead of the winner, the sleeper will suddenly be an outsider.

To kill is a good sign. This plot foreshadows good luck.

Cut off the head Rooster in a dream — a happy coincidence.

Interpreting why a rooster dreams, it is important to take into account the many nuances, and remember that even negative interpretations are just clues, not prophecies.

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