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Dream interpretation, why dreams of a cow to a woman, a herd of cows in a dream

Attitudes toward domestic cattle are different in different countries, but everywhere the cows enjoy immense veneration. What a cow dreams about — the meaning of what you see depends on a lot of nuances, but it’s not necessary to wait for special trouble according to the version of most sources from the “nurse mother”.

Dream interpretation, why dreams of a cow to a woman, a herd of cows in a dream

According to the interpretation of the dream book Miller calm cow in a dream is a happy sign. She foreshadows that all dreams will come true.

A well-fed darling symbolizes wealth, and even a lean animal promises freedom from convention.

The interpretation of the Bulgarian soothsayer Wangi calls after the dreamed cow not to rush to take any action. The difficult situation will be resolved with minimal effort on the part of the dreamer.

However, the sale of the animal reports that in reality, because of his own short-sightedness, it is possible to lose a large amount of money.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation states that as a symbol of readiness for procreation, a cow is dreaming. Older people dream means craving for pleasant games with the younger generation.

Female dream book positively treats the dreaming little cock. Finally, ideas are translated into reality.

Ukrainian dream book not so optimistic. The cow foreshadows lack of freedom in actions and detractors.

Herd predicts disease.

The calving of a cow warns of trouble, but milking is a favorable sign of a quick profit.

Russian option says that the cow is a symbolic personification of the hearth. Accordingly, the more well-groomed animal, the better the atmosphere in it.

If a cow dreams of a man, it means there is a not very tactful and stupid woman in his circle.

Dreaming Veles treats the cow as a dreamer’s visit.

But if a cow with horns attacks in a dream, on the contrary, it is worth waiting for visitors to your house. In this case, the intentions of the arrivals will not be the most friendly.

Graze cows in dreams — a sign symbolizing the change of weather and precipitation.

According to the dream book Hasse a cow in a dream means cordial affection. Milking cows — acquaintance with an influential person.

Esoteric dream book treats the beast as the transformation of the dreamer, a new stage of life.

Buying a cow promises increased financial well-being and family joy. A lonely people such a plot spells a successful marriage alliance soon.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book about the unexpected inheritance to be found, if you had to run away from the cow. Seeing one cow — you have to bother about something.

A herd grazing in the distance foreshadows a prosperous period.

Of particular importance is the cow in a dream for women.

If a cow is dreaming a girl, not yet bound by marriage, in reality she will soon receive a marriage proposal

Burdenable Cow pregnant A woman in a dream is a warning sign. Childbirth can start earlier than the date expected by the midwife.

A life full of wealth is already very close, if a woman dreamed of a cow in the House. The burenka walking around the yard of the house is also a very auspicious sign.

This is absolute luck.

However, a warning sign is if a woman has dreamed childbirth cows Scheduled cases will have to be postponed due to external circumstances. An unmarried girl who dreamed of calves urges to stay away from adventures.

This is fundamentally different from the interpretation for the stronger sex. For men, such an event in a dream means profit.

If women dream of a cow butts the dreamer, in reality she needs to be on her guard. Opponent conceived against her evil intrigue.

Dream interpretation, why dreams of a cow to a woman, a herd of cows in a dream

Also, when deciphering a dream, it is desirable to remember the number of cows and their mood. Two peace-loving cows symbolize excellent chances for success.

If they butt each other, someone will ruin the dreamer’s ability to advance in business.

See lot cows — auspicious dream. Nayavu expect joyful events. However, if they pass by the dreamer, this plot prompts to act more decisively.

Because of the delay, you can miss a great chance.

Great prospects await a sleeper when a herd of cows dreamed in the meadow. Ahead is a real opportunity for promotion, and the problems that have tormented you for a long time are finally resolved successfully.

To find out exactly what happened graze a herd of cows in a dream, you should pay attention to the details. Obedient cows foreshadow the ability to benefit from any occupation.

Stubborn or scattering animals symbolize frustration and misunderstanding with loved ones.

The attempt to avoid dangerous situations is symbolized by a dream in which it was necessary run away from a herd of cows. Attacking animals mean that you should pay attention to respecting the rules of decency in reality.

Seeing from the side as they attack someone else in a dream is a warning. It is advisable not to take loans from banks or borrow money from friends this week.

It is possible to expect positive news when you dream of milking at night. his a cow. It is advisable to remember what milk was in quality. Pleasant aroma and snow-white color, symbolize obtaining significant profits.

If the milk is immediately sour, curled up right in the hearth, in reality you will have to be disappointed as a result of your labor. Helping to keep its own female cow when milked by an outside warning sign.

Nayawa is likely that someone will try to deceive the sleeper.

But milk someone else’s a cow in a dream is a wonderful sign. You will be able to use the gratuitous help of colleagues in the implementation of the project, and get excellent financial rewards.

Dream interpretation, why dreams of a cow to a woman, a herd of cows in a dream

The plump ones foreshadow positive changes in their fate cows and bulls. For those who are not well, this is a sign of a speedy recovery. Unmarried ladies dream pleases the opportunity to receive an offer from a wealthy man.

Representatives of the stronger sex waiting for the improvement of financial position. Family dream dream foreshadows harmonious relationship.

If the animals are engaged in mating, this signals a lack of intimate pleasures, or dissatisfaction with their quality.

As a sign pointing to a newly discovered perspective, a cow is dreaming with calf on a green meadow. This is a precursor of success in business and happiness in your personal life.

When a cow is dreaming at the same time pig, worth more carefully planning projects. Short-sightedness and cunning surrounding can ruin even seemingly win-win business.

Depending on which cow has dreamed, the meaning of sleep changes. Also, the dreamer’s gender has an effect on the interpretation.

Seen in a dream black the cow warns of the need to carefully monitor the safety of the wallet and property. Married women plot foretells the emergence of unprincipled rival, ready for anything to seize her faithful.

Positive foreshadowing is white a cow in a dream. Ironing the whelp of this color is a symbol of the dreamer’s kindness and mercy.

The dual meaning is dreamed black and white cow. This achievement career heights through the machinations of rivals.

As the forerunner of triumphant success in society dreams redhead cow to the fair sex. Men promise such a dream to achieve a wonderful level of material well-being.

Extraordinary red burenka directly indicates the danger of fire in the home. It is necessary to trace the possible sources of fire, and take precautions.

Another meaning of this dream is the possibility of conflicts with powerful people.

Dead a cow in a dream signals a sad outcome. Najava, the dreamer is not very confident in his own abilities, and is close to abandoning the projects he has started.

Dead burenka also means the absence of support from relatives and friends. This will cause waking negative emotions and resentment.

Grazing pregnant a cow in the meadow foreshadows a comfortable existence. The dreamer can not worry — in the near future he is guaranteed financial security.

For people engaged in agriculture, young The cow is a positive omen. Ahead is a good harvest and excellent cattle health.

About the threat from a certain woman signals mad a cow in a dream. It can seriously poison the existence of its machinations, and to deal with the problems will be difficult.

Perhaps the motive of mean actions is jealousy of this person.

If dreamed the big cow, this is a very positive sign. All plans will be brilliantly realized, and dreams will become reality.

A skinny animal foreshadows a difficult period. We’ll have to save.

When a cow is dreaming, this is quite an amazing storyline for city dwellers, but the symbolism of what it saw is mostly auspicious.

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