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Dream interpretation, why dream wasps: many wasps, wasp sting in a dream

Most of the species of stinging insects can hardly be called pleasant guests in reality. Therefore, wasps in a dream, according to different sources, are often a warning.

However, there are favorable values, depending on the details of what he saw. To solve what dreams wasps try to remember all the nuances of sleep.

According to Miller’s dream book as the personification of the enemies dream wasps. If an insect stings a sleeper — it is necessary to suffer because of envy.

However, when a wasp in a house dreams of nesting and carrying nectar there, this is a good sign. There will be new opportunities to earn.

Dream interpretation denise lynn treats the dream wasps as a threat. Nayawa will have to endure unpleasant, «stinging» words and deeds of others.

According to the dream Wang insects with a thin waist foretell that in reality you should not expect to receive good news. The intrigues of enemies will cause bad mood and failures.

Modern dream book treats that the wasp in the ear dreams, as a signal of an attempt to blacken the good reputation of the sleeper. Dirty rumors fly around his personality.

The wasp in the hair symbolizes the impending communication with an unpleasant person, junk and sharp tongue.

Russian dream book also considers insects to be the personification of a stinging person. If the dreamer felt that he had been stung, accusations and reproaches would fly toward him.

Dreaming Veles prompts that wasps in a dream portend gossip. It is necessary to prepare, and not to bring the enemy pleasure by a sharp response to the troubles arranged by them.

Female dream book interprets the dreamed insects as a symbol of ruthless enemies. There is no limit to their gloating! Wasp woman — a sad sign.

We’ll have to part with your loved one for a long time.

Family dream book, when stinging insects are dreamed up, one must face the intrigues of ill-wishers.

The dreamed wasp in the apartment signals that all is not well in the family. Someone from the household harbored malice.

To resolve the conflict at the very beginning, it is worth talking peacefully with the one who is offended.

Modern dream book interprets wasps as damage caused by the actions of detractors. If the insect stings, in reality there is a need to feel the hatred of someone you know.

To kill a wasp, and not to suffer, is a good sign. It will be possible to defend both a good name, and legal rights.

Alternative value contains dream book of the 21st century. According to him, a wasp sting means profit due to a sudden idea.

Afraid of the insect — a warning about the need to exercise caution.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse also contains conflicting values. Favorable value — to see wasps flying about their business. Good news ahead.

To be stung — to a sudden breakup. The nest of insects — depressed mood.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation treats the bite of wasps as an intimate bond. For innocent girls, insects reflect their fear of entering adult relationships. If a wasp stings a woman, the dreamer fears the consequences of a passionate date.

For men, such a dream predicts numerous, and often not too legible ties with different ladies.

Dream interpretation, why dream wasps: many wasps, wasp sting in a dream

When insects dream in large numbers, they face a dysfunctional situation.

Dreamed Roy OS foreshadows that you may have to change jobs or even change your occupation. In any case, no advanced training is necessary.

Flying a flock OS means a difficult situation at work. However, the intrigues of detractors will benefit.

This will happen if the wasps in the dream did not bite. Increased attention of the leadership will result in recognition of the sleeper’s diligence, sincere disposition and even material encouragement.

Hive OS means hypocritical environment in the workplace. Co-workers in the eyes say nice things, but slander behind the eyes.

Detect in the forest or near your own home nest Os — in reality feel disappointment and dejected mood. The appointment, which the sleeper was waiting for, will not take place.

If you dream of wasps that bite, you need to prepare for trouble. Detractors will defame not only the identity of the sleeper, but also family members.

Nayava there are obstacles that prevent you from finding happiness and well-being if the wasp is bitten hand. Also, such a plot may portend the betrayal of others and the foundation of a colleague.

If bite spot — a finger, for businessmen it is a sign to be more attentive at cooperation even with well-known partners. See how insects bite someone else, a good omen.

Nayava sleeper can be expected to move up the career ladder.

Ok if wasp wants to sting dreaming, but flies away. With trouble get easy to cope.

Bad news means trying to sting her, but the bite itself did not take place.

Separation from your loved one predicts dreamed sting wasps. The dreamer will have to endure disappointment in close friends and romantic relationships.

If you dreamed that bitten wasps, This is a multi-faceted symbol. Friendship ties that have lasted a very long time can be destroyed. In love, rivals are activated.

Detractors set traps, and try to slander.

Dream interpretation, why dream wasps: many wasps, wasp sting in a dream

For the correct interpretation of the plot, in which the wasps are dreamed, it is necessary to take into account how they looked. It is also important to remember whether they were alive and how they behaved.

Dead the wasps symbolize intimate difficulties. In order to fix the problems, it is necessary to contact the appropriate doctors as soon as possible.

Annoyingly humming black wasp indicates a decrease in activity of the sleeper. The cause may be energy vampirism.

Peaceful the big The wasp foreshadows a change in life. For a young girl, a dream warns of a conflict with a woman much older.

When dream wild wasps, it is a symbol of enemies. The more evil in the dream were insects, the more active the actions of ill-wishers in reality.

It is also necessary to take into account what the dreamer undertook when insects are dreaming.

Successfully kill Wasps are a wonderful sign. Enemies will be revealed and defeated.

Nayavu there is a danger of reckless action if dreamed catch wasps hands. In the near future, before committing an act, it is highly recommended to consider the consequences.

To unfair reproaches from the side of close people, the plot in which run away from wasps However, the offense will not bring benefits, it is better to speak frankly.

Dream interpretation, why dream wasps: many wasps, wasp sting in a dream

Hardworking bees or wasps in a dream, although outwardly similar, are interpreted differently. Their joint stay in a dream promises to increase credibility at work after a difficult period.

To unpleasant changes in life, wasps dream flies. There will be times filled with gossip and rumors.

Wasps and hornets dreams as a symbol of danger and betrayal. The threat will come from friends.

Other insects, like ladybirds, dreamed with wasps, are a good sign. In a difficult situation, friends will give a shoulder and help to overcome the trouble.

In any case, when wasps dream, do not despair. A little caution, diligence in the work — and none of the enemies will not be able to cause significant damage.

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