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Dream interpretation, why dream shit: human shit, animal shit in a dream

According to the proverb, what is natural is not ugly. However, it is not customary to discuss many topics in a civilized society for obvious reasons. However, it is simply impossible to impose restrictions on the human subconscious, and therefore the plots of dreams are sometimes very unexpected, and even disgusting.

One of the most unusual characters is the appearance of excrement in a dream. The question arises, why dreams of shit and how to correctly interpret the plot of sleep about the products of human or animal life.

Most often according to the people’s dream book it is believed that excrement seen in a dream in reality always promise a profit, an unexpected monetary surprise. The Ukrainian version also predicts a quick enrichment, possibly — obtaining a significant inheritance or gain, for example, in the lottery.

It is noteworthy that the majority of dreamers assert from the results of their own observations that feces (regardless of their origin) are always a symbol for them that their financial situation will noticeably improve in reality. However, interpretation by other sources may have slightly different meanings.

Founder of psychoanalysis Freud in his work on the study of dreams treats waste as a reflection of the dreamer’s torment about the alarming events in reality. The identity of the person causing the suffering is known, but there is not enough determination for open conversation.

The act of defecation in a dream Freud’s dream book is considered a projected symbol of unsatisfied sexual desires.

The dream of psychologist Miller likewise, he predicts that he saw excrement concerns about events occurring in the personal sphere of life. Deeply hidden sufferings are not expressed, and are transformed into such an unclean story of sleep.

Ontopsychological point of view of the dream book Antonio Meneghetti shit in a dream means a deformed value system. Relationship waking took a distorted form. The situation is straining, delayed due to timidity.

But it’s time to make a decision and start changing.

Dream Vanga informs the dreamer that he is ready to accept important information. Life experience will help to make the right conclusion and wrap the news for your own benefit.

Old Russian dream Veles directly relates the shit seen in a dream as a literal notion of an unfavorable situation in life. Real life at the moment the dreamer is pretty shitty, if to put it verbally.

We’ll have to make an effort to make a change for the better.

Esoteric dream book warns that after feces seen in a dream, there will be worries of an unpleasant property for the dreamer. About how long will be an alarming period, tell the size of what he saw shit.

The more — the longer the reality will have to experience excitement.

Dream interpretation, why dream shit: human shit, animal shit in a dream

Human waste, seen in a dream, portends profits. If a lot a shit in a dream will be seen by an entrepreneur, in reality there comes a favorable period.

Scheduled transactions must be concluded in the near future. Their result will surely please. A person’s shit in a dream is a favorable symbol of future well-being, according to most interpreters.

The amount of profit depends on the size of excrement.

A pile shit is clearly of human origin means a significant benefit from investing money.

Dreamer who noticed baby shit, in reality you should expect a material reward for the work done. The fact that the works were rather tedious and protracted, to the full extent are compensated by decent wages.

Thoracic baby in shit It means that now is the right moment to realize our plans. Everything will turn out even better than it was supposed. If the dreamer saw an older child of his own, smeared with shit, this is an alarming signal.

Perhaps in the life of a teenager is now a difficult period. He desperately needs help from his parents, and pride makes it difficult to ask for help.

If dreamed own shit, it is possible that for the sake of material gain the dreamer is not even ready for completely legitimate actions. Such a dream calls to think about whether all means are acceptable to achieve the goal.

Notice in shit own hands in the dream can be interpreted as gifts of fortune, a significant improvement in material well-being. The warning signal of such a dream plot is that in reality it will contribute to the appearance of envious people.

Dreams with the presence of pet feces and cattle are treated somewhat differently.

Cat shit in a dream is a good symbol. In reality, a case that began “through a stump-deck” would be successful.

A losing or awkward situation will turn out very well for the dreamer, and even the efforts of the enemies to discredit him will be useless.

If dreamed doggy shit, in reality awaits the probability of a simple, and quite legal to earn extra money. Perhaps this will be a project of one of my friends.

The fulfillment of obligations under the contract will bring, in addition to the material, also moral satisfaction.

Seen in a dream cow shit foreshadows in reality a tedious task, tedious and long. But the result will be incredibly profitable.

For those whose job or hobby is related to gardening and horticulture, cow dung predict a great harvest.

Had a dream shit with worms — In reality, it is worthwhile to show caution in relation to the emerging projects. It is necessary to carefully evaluate all the pros and cons, find out about possible «pitfalls».

Shit with worms — this is always a warning sign. Even if the administration offers a new position, or a friend convinces me to change the scope of activities, it is necessary to know that the conditions are beneficial only at first glance.

A detailed study of the issue will reveal additional responsibilities, or unscrupulous business conduct by some of the partners.

Step on in the shit in a dream that is left by animals, this is a rather auspicious sign. Unexpected profit, income from employment, which was started in jest, for the sake of entertainment.

The only, perhaps, exception to the positive signals of dreams about excrement — seen mouse shit. The dreamer must be wary of sharing his plans.

Detractors are ready to spoil the little things, and expect the slightest reason.

Apply in a dream chicken shit, like fertilizer — symbolizes hard work. As a result, the dreamer will reach well-being.

This will happen thanks to his diligence and hard work, as well as the ability to rationally use the chances that fate brings.

Seen bird’s shit symbolizes progress in business.

When dream horse shit, on him, apparently, also spreads the glory of the best fertilizer, for which they are even willing to pay. After all, the value of such a dream is exclusively positive.

Dreamed horse manure means well-being, good harvest, prosperity.

Dream interpretation, why dream shit: human shit, animal shit in a dream

Deciphering the dream of feces, the dreamer must pay attention to what he was doing.

Not the most pleasant plot — remove shit. Nayawa it foreshadows losses instead of expected income. If the dreamer has cleared the cesspool to the bottom, in reality it is worthwhile to beware of theft or fraud.

Someone with unscrupulous intentions is already aiming at well-being.

If I dreamed that I had to wash off shit from parts of your body, it is a rather pleasant symbol of the fact that soon, due to the growth of wealth, objects that seemed to be luxury and pampering will be available.

The opposite meaning has a dream in which it happened flush the toilet traces of someone’s, or even their own, digestion. Nayavu will be faced with the greed of business associates or close people.

The terms of the proposed transactions should be carefully studied — it is likely that financial investments will be “washed out” by someone’s strong thirst for profit at the expense of others.

When interpreting, the sensed feelings are important, as well as the voluntary or unintentional reason for contact with excrement.

If the dreamer had to inadvertently get dirty in shit in a dream (but not to occur), such interpretation as the spread of unpleasant rumors about him is possible. They are dismissed by someone from the inner circle of communication.

Special and very strong get dirty in shit — also the plot, calling for increased caution. A familiar person pours crap over the dreamer and his friends behind his eyes, and this damages their reputation.

By chance plunge in shit and experience a feeling of disgust — a good sign. Najava is waiting for a profit, and the lack of material problems in the near future.

Intentionally to join in shit — a dream, warning that in reality someone will offer to participate in a dubious project. Even if the dreamer makes a profit, there will be a stain on his business reputation.

Suddenly in a dream fail in shit — a dizzying profit will collapse suddenly, the inheritance. It is necessary to maintain sanity, so that then with the same ease it is not lost.

A dream with such an extraordinary action as sink in shit, is treated as the achievement of their goals through considerable effort.

If you have to to swim in a dream in shit, the period of work on the project will be protracted. There will be a repeated desire to drop everything, but it is worth going to the finish.

The reward will please.

All ideas will receive a favorable development — that’s what dreams to fall in shit.

When dreams that doused by shit, the symbolism of sleep warns that in reality someone really dismisses rumors about his dignity about the dreamer. Gossips are easy to calculate, but sleep first of all indicates the need to monitor their actions.

Negative interpretation will have to be taken into account by the person who had to eat shit in a dream. In reality, malaise is possible, and the likelihood of poisoning is high.

It is necessary to monitor the quality of products that are on the table.

Liquid shit warns that extortionists may appear on the way. The sudden need for spending, which, however, does not cause much damage to the budget.

If you feel smell shit in a dream, in reality there will be an unexpected situation. But soon it will be resolved quite positively.

White shit is a symbol of not having to go all the way. Possible deception by the spiteful critics.

Big income — that’s what dreams big pile shit. All the effort expended is not in vain, and new projects foreshadow success.

Only if shit with maggots dream, awake to the evaluation of incoming proposals must be treated with caution. Possible catch.

Depending on the location of excrement, the interpretation has nuances.

Possible fraud by acquaintances, that’s what dreams of shit in the toilet. This interpretation is valid if feces are found on the floor.

But full toilet shit is an extremely successful symbol. All life situations will turn to the benefit of the dreamer.

Shit in the mouth calls to think about the quality of food. Also interpreted as a penchant for bad language.

If you dreamed shit in water clean — in reality for profit will have to work hard. The result will be favorable.

Feces in dirty water — you have to spend money on the treatment of suddenly arisen ailments.

Panties in shit — a symbol of unpleasant surprises. But the dreamer alone is to blame for them.

In a dream keep in hand shit is a good sign that foreshadows material rewards. Deserved payment for works.

Pit with shit in a dream means that in reality a prosperous period will soon await. This is a sign of clear financial success.

Remember that no matter how unpleasant the plot of the dream may be, its meaning may be as favorable as possible. But even if the symbolism portends certain difficulties, everything is possible to fix.

Good dreams promising prosperity!

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