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Dream interpretation, why dream of a watermelon: a man, a woman, a lot of watermelons in a dream

Gourd culture in a dream is a symbol of many events, so in order to understand what a watermelon dreams about and to eliminate erroneous interpretations, it is necessary to carefully analyze what you see.

Dream Miller suggests that if you dream of a large-sized sugar berry, inspiration will come to life. Eating an immature watermelon means a complication in the relationship, and the occasional breaking up of the sugar berry means the return of old debt.

Scientists dream of watermelon as the forerunner of a grand discovery dream wanga. Cutting the berries calls for being more generous and generous to others, and if the flesh was only slightly pinkish, it is worthwhile to delay the implementation of new ideas.

According to the dream-book of the 21st century bashtan in a dream, on which berries ripen in huge numbers, means abundance. The only watermelon is treated not so rosy.

For men, this is a nuisance, for girls — a forced hasty marriage.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a watermelon: a man, a woman, a lot of watermelons in a dream

Dream Eugene Tsvetkova interprets watermelons as a sudden journey. Departure will be associated with minor problems.

Family Dream suggests that ripe watermelons, which sleeps with pleasure tastes, mean disappointment in loved ones. Cutting the berry foreshadows a quarrel over misunderstanding and difference in temperaments.

Ukrainian dream book considers the dreamed watermelons a good omen. Thanks to vigilance will be able to prevent theft, and to avoid the loss of money or property.

However, eating watermelon according to this source means indisposition.

East Dream treats watermelons in the garden as a symbol of honest work and well-deserved success in life. Sleep can achieve amazing results.

Dreams of watermelons and melons growing on a melon vine foreshadow phenomenal profits. Eating sweet juicy flesh is a good flow of business; buying a striped berry is an inheritance.

Esoteric dream book interprets a watermelon in a dream prosaic. The sleeping body suffers from dehydration, and in order to recuperate, it is necessary to use pure water or a vitamin drink.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud treats the berries as the personification of orgasm. Cutting a watermelon is a sign of suffering from the inability to often experience the peak of pleasure.

If a watermelon dreamed big, the dreamer has no problems getting an orgasm and giving pleasure to a partner.

Old Russian dream book reports that if a watermelon dreams of a patient, there will soon be an improvement in health. The rest of the dreamers eating berries speaks of problems with the fulfillment of desires.

According to the imperial dream book cooking in a vision the seeds of a watermelon to sowing, means waking with your own hands to bring bad luck. It is necessary to revise the current plans to identify a fatal mistake.

Sugar berry for the fair sex — an ambiguous symbol.

Dreamed watermelon married woman means increased possibility of conception. It is also a signal to check your health.

When dreaming watermelon a girl, favorable interpretation means a speedy marriage. The plot’s alarming context is a possible deception.

Watermelon pregnant woman — a positive sign. She can not only make a beautiful baby, but also achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Buy a berry, and inadvertently break it — a warning dream. This plot means unwanted pregnancy and getting rid of it.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a watermelon: a man, a woman, a lot of watermelons in a dream

A huge number of upcoming troubles foreshadows lot watermelons man. Alarms will accompany the coming period.

To violation of conceived plans dream buy watermelon man Entrepreneurs and people participating in various tenders and competitions should morale to defeat in advance.

In the personal sphere, this plot means the absence of mutual feelings in the beloved.

Difficult times are approaching at work if you have a dream to choose watermelon. We’ll have to enter into a confrontation with colleagues and suffer reproaches of the authorities.

How the perpetration of a spontaneous act is treated buy watermelon in a dream. However, a large ripe berry in the hands also means a victory in business and an increase in wages.

By myself cut watermelon in a dream — a warning sign. Quarrels with close people are possible.

For sick dreamers eat watermelon and enjoy its sweetness is an excellent symbol. Soon the state of health will improve significantly.

The rest of this story foreshadows the time of change.

If you dream that you eat watermelon with bread or rolls, then you have to do your own appearance. Changes in image will help to achieve success in all spheres of life.

Collect watermelons in the garden in a dream, it means that you have to work in reality. Things will not be too complicated, but time consuming.

To treat someone with a slice of sugary berries is a good sign. Ahead of a meeting with strangers who will bring much benefit to the sleeper.

It is worth taking care of saving your own finances, if you dreamed of selling watermelons. The period is approaching when to waste money is fraught with ruin.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a watermelon: a man, a woman, a lot of watermelons in a dream

In order to correctly interpret why a watermelon dreams, it is worth considering all the nuances. What matters is its appearance and degree of maturity.

Heavy big watermelon means well-being. The main thing is that in a dream it does not cause inconvenience.

However, if you dream huge watermelon, which is hard to carry, is a sign of life difficulties. It is also possible to travel that will not bring joy.

About breaking with something already irrelevant reports rotten watermelon in a dream. This may be the final separation from a once beloved person or dismissal from a boring job.

Ripe red watermelon in a dream — auspicious symbol. It will be possible to bring all the planned cases to a successful conclusion.

Juicy Watermelon means the fulfillment of all desires. Finally, all works will be rewarded.

Sweet watermelon foreshadows success at work. Personal life will also enjoy a pleasant chat with the opposite sex.

When dream cut Watermelon, not appetizing appearance, should take care of health promotion. This symbol warns of a decrease in the body’s defenses.

Dreamed green watermelons reflect the indisposition in reality. The most careful attention is desirable to give the kidneys and the genitourinary area.

Unripe watermelon in a dream is also a warning about unpleasant worries.

A good symbol for men is broken watermelon. This is a receipt of money for which the sleeper did not even count: old debt, sudden premium.

Salty Watermelons mean getting sensual pleasures. However, the dream also warns of the need to observe prudence, and not to indulge in all serious.

When dreaming a juicy berry, it is desirable to remember all the nuances, because this symbol is one of the richest in different interpretations. However, even if the value seems unfavorable, there is no need to panic.

Correction of behavior will help reduce the effects of negative situations in reality.

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