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Dream Interpretation: why dream of a tree

What dreams of a tree — a detailed interpretation of the dream

The tree is a difficult symbol to interpret. On the one hand, it displays the outside world and how the sleeper interacts with it. On the other hand, it indicates a person’s internal conflicts.

Of great importance in deciphering a dream is the size of the tree, its state and the actions of people who were present in the dream. If you dreamed of some specific, familiar tree, you need to focus not on the information from the dream book, but on your own feelings that arise at the time of thinking about this plant.

  • Married One should expect troubles related to the actions of his family members (children’s pranks will damage neighbors; the wife will spend money set aside for repairs, to buy expensive and unnecessary things).
  • Idle a walk through the forest foreshadows a romantic date, and a separate tree symbolizes the difficulties in finding a chosen one.
  • To divorced says that the ideal woman will appear in his life. With her, he will spend a lot of time, and there are all the prerequisites for re-marriage.
  • Married the tree predicts household chores that will interfere with its professional and personal implementation. Frequent illness of children is possible if she sees a walnut in a dream.
  • Free promises an exciting trip; relaxing with friends outside the city; spa or relaxing treatments.
  • Pregnant promises successful delivery. A fruit tree predicts the birth of a daughter, and an oak or a poplar suggests that she will become the mother of a son.
  • Divorced Do not count on the help of your ex-husband. The new lover will take full parental responsibility towards her children.

Dream Interpretation: why dream of a tree

The kind of tree is of great importance when interpreting a dream.

Apple treeSymbolizes a wife or just a beloved woman. A blooming apple tree predicts good news. Rich harvest of apples on the tree — the birth of twins or triplets, a large family
PearIndicates a woman of old age. If she dreamed of a patient, it means that soon his suffering will decrease.
OakSymbolizes a strong and strong-willed man. Prophetize good health. Covered with green leaves suggests that hope will come true, and the case will get a happy ending. Oak with acorns promises help from friends in a critical situation. To cut down oak — to parting with her husband
EucalyptusFun pastime in the company of a loved one. Solitude, romantic evening
MapleSuccess in all matters. Maple with yellow leaves indicates a suitable period for financial transactions; naked with leaves lying at the foot cautions against participating in suspicious projects
Birch treeSymbolizes a young girl. Birch Grove dreams of unexpected profits
SakuraProphesied abundance, prosperity. An unmarried woman promises a lot of contenders for her hand and heart. If the sakura dried out before our eyes, the sleeper will be disappointed in someone of the close people
SpruceAcquaintance with a rich man who later becomes a husband. Joyful emotions. The pleasure of delicious food, favorite activities, visiting beautiful places
OliveGood deeds, volunteering, help to the needy. A branch torn from a tree foreshadows a childless marriage, and a tree with fruits speaks of distraction, which can lead to tragedy.
WillowCalm and stability. Break branches from this tree — to a decent wage or remuneration for things not related to work
Bird cherryHer appearance in a dream is associated with good thoughts, so the dreamer is in vain looking for a dirty trick in a good offer from people he does not know. If the bird cherry is broken — the opposite interpretation
PineSymbolizes a young guy. For a woman, it means the opportunity to be alone with her lover or to start living together. Aged man promises excellent health for many years. Chopping pine — addiction to alcohol
AspenLack of positive emotions, depression, melancholic mood
PalmIndicates a foreigner; a man or woman of another race; a person of another religion. Also a symbol of warmth and freedom.
CedarDemonstrates spiritual purity, good intentions, sincere feelings.
LindenIt symbolizes a person without the designation of age or gender. This may be a distant relative or a long-time friend, who the dreamer recently recalled, a passer-by who drew attention with his appearance or actions. Someone who will sniff her flowers will soon be revealed
LilacSign of happiness and carelessness. To see a blooming lilac — to earn the trust of others, to make a bouquet out of it — to achieve the girl’s disposition
A coffee treeA trip whose purpose is entertainment
BaobabIt symbolizes an influential person who will take part in the fate of the sleeper. If you had to sit in the shade of its branches, the dreamer will be visited by a wise thought. See drawn baobab — become a victim of slander
WillowPredicts sadness and grief; pessimistic mood
MagnoliaMeans refined, sophisticated taste, aristocratic manners. To dream a blooming magnolia — for a family celebration, which will bring together all the relatives
Sea buckthornGenerously strewn with berries foreshadows close friendship, marriage without betrayal and divorce, cohesive working team
LaurelSomeone envies the dreamer and tries to harm him
ChestnutFull satisfaction with the conditions in which you have to live and work
CherriesSymbolizes the bride or newlyweds. Sweet cherry with ripe berries promises a romantic acquaintance to a lonely person
Fig treeShort-term passion. Married woman warns that her husband has a mistress
AcaciaIndicates a surprise or event that came as a surprise. Yellow flowers of acacia foreshadow frustration from meeting or chatting. Climb in a dream for acacia — hasty fees on the road
RowanSymbolizes a widow or middle-aged woman who was not married. Indicates a sad fate, lack of happiness in your personal life
GarnetIt symbolizes the mother. If this tree dreamed of a woman who would like to have a child, her dream will soon come true
Peach or apricotThe dreamer will have to satisfy the whims of his wife, daughter, or other female relative. Peach tree with fruits — to the successful conduct of business. A man who, in a dream, tore apricots from the branches, will have sex with an inexperienced partner. A woman is dreaming of a tree for love adventures without any prospects for continuing dating.
MulberryThe desire to have a large family. Visit of elderly relatives. Plant mulberries — to trouble at work
Orange treePromises good news. The girl who tears oranges from the tree and immediately eats them will survive the separation from your loved one
PlumIndicates a spoiled woman who is used to being taken care of and providing
PoplarIt symbolizes a young man who is in a relationship with a woman, but not yet married. The patient is promised a speedy recovery, strengthening the immune system.

Money Tree (Jade) promises to improve wealth and financial stability. If it bloomed, you can count on winning the lottery or gambling.

If it grows in a pot, this is a warning that you should not waste money without thinking.

  • Bead — the need to communicate with like-minded people.
  • Topiary — painful experiences. Made from real money bills promises a decline in income.

The interpretation of the dream, in which the bonsai tree appeared, depends on the plant used for cultivation in the mini-culture. For example, maple means Japan, pine — the intention not to surrender to the bitter end, ficus — perseverance and the ability to achieve their own.

Dream Interpretation: why dream of a tree

The appearance and condition of the tree are also important in the treatment.

Old, centuries-oldMeeting with a wise man who will influence the dreamer’s world view or his self-determination. If such a tree collapsed in a dream in front of the sleeper, there is a risk of suffering from false teachings.
HighQuarrel, unpleasant conversation
YoungFriends and loved ones would like to receive more attention from the dreamer. Lonely person indicates the need to acquire a wider range of communication
GreenWell-being, happy marriage. A man in his prime. Demonstrative behavior, the desire to attract attention
HollowKindness. Climb into the hollow — enjoy someone’s complacency
  • With white flowers — a good period for the implementation of plans.
  • With pink flowers — an unexpected meeting with a long-time acquaintance or first love.
  • Blooming in the winter — unexpected emotions.
  • Covering with flowers in his eyes — the rise of power, the second youth.
RottenThe person will suffer losses due to the actions of third parties
DryIncurable disease
Without leavesFeeling unwell. The tragic death of a familiar person. Chronic bad luck. No chance to get rid of loneliness
BrokenConflict with someone with a good relationship for a long time. Death of the older man in the family
ExcavatedThe complex relationship between a man and a woman. Impotence or frigidity. Fear of failure
FelledThe missing person. What happens in a sleeper’s life does not depend on his will. The outcome of the case is predetermined
With fruitsBeautiful woman in her prime. Period in life, suitable for new beginnings. The successful development of the situation. Time to sum up
Covered in snowA person who refuses the latest achievements of civilization or has old-fashioned looks
Burned by lightningTrouble caused by pride and contempt
Falling from the windBad omens. Misfortune due to the fault of a third person. A situation that caused large losses or death

Two trees with accrete trunks indicate a close connection between the dreamer and another person, which limits his ability and negatively affects his fate.

Mistletoe on the tree warns of an outside intrusion into the affairs of the family, which is the cause of discord. Someone is trying to parasitize the kindness of the sleeper.

A tree with huge roots that stick out of the ground symbolizes secrets from a long past. Dig the ground and stumble upon the roots — to a paradoxical discovery.

Dream Interpretation: why dream of a tree

If you remember what people were doing, it will be easier to decipher the meaning of sleep.

Action with a treeTreatment
HackThe loss of what a person is used to; cardinal lifestyle changes. If a tree is cut by a person who is missing, it is possible that he suffers from amnesia and cannot report about himself, you need to connect all possible forces to the search. Cut dead wood — to get rid of annoying or excess
To nagShort-term happiness, euphoria. If you had to saw in the dream of the bough on which you sit, in reality there is a risk of slandering an innocent person
Pluck fruitGetting an inheritance. Harvest from a tropical tree — attempts to get an undeserved share in the property
PlantActions aimed at enrichment by legal means. Hard work
Do pruningMaterial loss through his own fault. The more branches will be thrown, the stronger the financial blow
DigAssign someone else’s merit, free to use the results of the labor of other people. Copyright infringement, Internet piracy
WaterIf a man sees such a dream, he prefers self-satisfaction to a normal relationship with women. A girl dreams about this action when she is ready to start a family and have children
FertilizeInvest in your future
Hide behind a treeSearch for a defender. For a woman, such a dream indicates the need to wait until the person who is handsome to her takes the first step.
Climb upA sense of power and authority. Award for special merit. Climbing, but descending earlier than planned — to the unfortunate conclusion of the case. Climbing one thing or another tree — difficulties in choosing a place to live or work
BuyCreate problems for yourself
To giveTo transfer to someone their responsibilities, to shift the blame on another person. To give or receive as a gift a withered tree — to share your sadness or to face someone’s lack of spirituality
To whitenCorrect mistakes; use escape routes
  • Under the tree — to be on guard for your happiness. Sit and sleep — a warning that you need to get rid of distraction and inattention.
  • On the branch — to receive the long-awaited news
Hanging on a tree swingDestroy their actions stability. Negatively affect the course of events
FallLoss of reputation, respect, reciprocity in feelings, work, chance, if they were received unfairly or a person used them not for the good of himself and others
  • In the forest or the park — persistently seek a way out of this situation. Walking and getting lost — the dreamer is difficult to give preference to one thing, he wants everything at once.
  • In the orchard — great wealth
To hangFast career growth, attention from an influential person
Admire the treeDependence on the emotions that the dreamer gets when communicating with someone. To admire a tree with red flowers — unwillingness to break the vicious bond
Plant rootstockInvest cash savings in a profitable enterprise, put on deposit

Sowing seedlings in the ground — some problems will entail others.

Climb to the top on very thin branches and not fall — to success in a business that seemed to fail.

Strange trees that can not be seen in life, symbolize the life of a person and those events, actions that have a huge impact on his fate.

MetallicSad fate. Impossibility to change what is destined
With human heads instead of fruitsEvil. The dreamer is in danger. If heads laugh or show an unkind grin, everything happens not without the participation of enemies
With hands instead of branchesUnanimous decision. A wish expressed by a group of people. If hands are confused and move erratically, it indicates riots.
TalkingWhat is connected with the history of the family — family secrets or curses, inheritance, tradition
With poison flowing down the trunkIt symbolizes a person with whom the dreamer has been at enmity for a long time.
WanderingConstantly changing situation. State of uncertainty. Difficulty in choosing, lack of opinion
Grown on the palmThe death of a child, one of the parents, grandparents
CryingThe sleeper perceives the world through the prism of his own stereotypes and misconceptions, gives him non-existent negative qualities
GhostlyLoss of strength or hope

The authors of the dream books explain the meaning of the tree seen in a dream in different ways.

Dream interpretationInterpretation
JewishTrees in good condition portend joy and good events, and damaged or dead ones are bad luck. Dark forest promises dreamer grief. Conifers are a symbol of the transience of life and past happiness, deciduous talk about the presence of grumpy people in society
Dmitry and Nadezhda ZimaAccording to the compilers of this dream book, the trees symbolize human life and all that we have to face every day. If a tree dreamed up was dreamed, plans would be destroyed as a result of a quarrel, and the blazing fire would indicate that the dreamer’s temper
FreudThe tree trunk denotes the male sexual organ. The man who saw him in a dream is characterized by the thoughts of a homosexual trend, which he rejects. The forest is the embodiment of group sex fantasies. A woman who had to sit under a tree does not enjoy intimate life with her current partner.
Witch MedeaSelf-perception of man. The trunk is the place that the sleeper occupies in society; roots — the presence of serious intentions; peeled bark — someone parasitizes the dreamer’s kindness; foliage — relationships with others. A lush crown promises to support friends, and flowers on the branches are an indicator of love
SolomonA tree without leaves symbolizes a lonely and poor old age; blooming promises prosperity and joy. A barrel separated from the roots means a loss. Ripe fruits on the branches promise profit and success.
ChineseSit or lie in the woods under the shade of the trees — to recovery. If in the middle of the forest a huge tree suddenly grew, it is a sign that soon the sleeper will have an heir. Fading trees warn of trouble, and dry — about the trouble in the house.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

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It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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