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Dream interpretation, why dream of a river: dirty, clean, swim in a river in a dream

In order to understand what dreams of the river, you need to recall all the details, and begin to get acquainted with the values ​​of various sources.

Dream Miller takes into account many nuances. Calm river — to joyful events, the growth of welfare.

Muddy and seething — quarrels. Spill of the river limited freedom of movement — trouble in the workplace.

When dreaming of a river with a dried up river bed, there is still to be grieving.

According to the dream Wang to be in the river right in clothes — excellent welfare. Suddenly to fall into the water, and take a little sip of it — to career advancement.

Successfully overcome the current — to gain wealth through significant works.

According to Freud’s dream book when a river dreams of no edges, in reality the sleeper has very bizarre and large-scale erotic fantasies.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova interprets the powerful flow of the river, which makes it difficult to get out, as interference in business. Ill people will not get better soon.

Muslim source drinking river water is an unexpected acquisition of property. This will contribute to a senior or just a famous person.

Getting out of the boat on the river bank is a great symbol. The enemies will not be able to harm, and will be defeated.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a river: dirty, clean, swim in a river in a dream

The meaning of the dream in which it happened bathing in the river depends on the state of the water. Pure personifies inner harmony, dirty — unfavorable changes.

Sail on the river stormy means to face sudden obstacles. The reason for the delay will not be someone’s will, but changed circumstances.

In the dream to go with the flow rivers — a successful alignment of forces and the achievement of goals almost without effort. It was possible to fight with the flow — to succeed will have to work hard.

Having fun in the river means that it’s time to take the initiative and change your routine. It will definitely benefit.

Good sign when successful swim across swim the river All conceived cases will be fulfilled.

Dreamed dirty water in the river signals the approach of a difficult period. Understanding with friends and colleagues will noticeably deteriorate.

On the contrary clean Water in the river is considered an excellent sign. There will be joyful communication with nice people, receiving good news.

Also transparent the water in the river symbolically reflects the dreamer’s kindness, the purity of thoughts. Excellent health and success complement the interpretation of this plot.

Muddy water in the river warns about changing circumstances for the worse. Joy will be replaced by a dreary period.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a river: dirty, clean, swim in a river in a dream

For the most correct definition of what the river dreams, the most important thing to consider is how it looked. What matters is the color of the water, the speed of the current, and many other nuances.

Dreamed dirty the river has a sad meaning. There is a pain of loss.

There are various misunderstandings that will lead to quarrels.

Also muddy the river indicates the need to change the life course. Properly placed priorities will help to achieve success, which is currently unattainable.

The reflection of a hectic period is stormy river in a dream. This stage will not give rest, and will put everything upside down.

When the river dreams fast moving, this characterizes the dreamer as a person who can uphold his own convictions.

Sick man seething the river spells a speedy recovery.

Fast a river with breakers and whirlpools means unforeseen troubles. We’ll have to quarrel with others, which is not always beneficial.

Mountain The river is the most beautiful symbol among all the rapid streams of water. Dizzying events will occur, perhaps a passionate love interest will appear in life.

Frozen the river symbolizes the absence of change. Sometimes unshakable stability can even get bored.

A sign of something significant is a dream. the big river. This may be an important conversation with the authorities, a good or bad event.

Exact value prompt details.

Wide the river personifies unusual intimate fantasies.

On the occurrence of a favorable phase of life reports deep the river is clear and clean. Turbid — warns against participating in dubious projects and events.

Small river — to the difficulties. The information received may be misleading.

Small The river also symbolizes the breakdown. Need a rest.

Dried out river in a dream indicates the need in the near future to abandon large purchases. Ahead of the financial crisis, when you have to bitterly regret the rash spending. A dry river for gardeners means harvest problems.

People who are going on a business trip, the plot serves as a warning. The road will be accompanied by problems, so if possible it is worth postponing the trip

Net the river is a symbol of a correctly chosen life course. Therefore, the dreamer succeeds.

All without exception transparent small river means good health. Family also spell peace and harmony.

White a river in a dream means receiving good news. Fairy milk with sour trees — to wealth.

Green the river symbolizes that the dreamer is the true pet of fortune. Everything turns out effortlessly.

A sign of sadness and disappointment is black river.

Dark the river indicates obstacles that will cause many anxieties.

Nayava will be committed a bold act, that’s what dreams of the river, overrun, and flooded terrain with clean water. However, it will not affect the reputation.

If a spilled the river is muddy, the plot indicates a hidden malaise. It is advisable not to ignore even minor symptoms.

Another flood of the river is interpreted as a salary increase. Harvest will delight abundance.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a river: dirty, clean, swim in a river in a dream

The correct interpretation takes a lot of time, but these costs are justified by the fact that you can get a valuable hint. When dreaming of a river, to decrypt it is desirable to recall what details were encountered.

Whites waves on the river means a global stage in self-knowledge. High indicate delays in business.

Ice on the river — a symbol of cooling between lovers. The started business will slip when trying to continue.

To participate in a status event dreams ice drift on the river. All things will finally get over the ground.

A boat on the river — dreams of change. However, apart from thoughts about them, actions are absolutely necessary, otherwise the result will not be achieved.

Dreamed bridge on the river means achieving the goal thanks to dedication. Durable, indicates assistance from the side, from which you do not need to give up.

Rope — warns against taking drastic steps.

To the gifts of fate dream a fish in a river. Profit making is possible.

Plot in which she dreamed snake in the river, not too pleasant. But the value is innocent enough.

The son will become popular — that is what this dream means.

Own child in the river serves as a warning. At the moment he needs the support of his parents, otherwise he will be overwhelmed with problems.

If a car sank in the river, but none of the people was hurt, you get rid of obsolete ties. Initially, it will not be quite familiar, but soon it will be possible to feel the full beauty of change.

Life gradually calms down, if you dreamed sit on the shore rivers. You can finally relax.

Wash clothes in the river — a good story for the ladies. Unmarried can count on matchmaking, the rest is waiting for luck.

To discomfort — fall into the river. Especially bad if the water was very cold or littered.

To financial losses dream plot sink in a river. I managed to escape — soon everything will be fine. Drown in the river — to the feeling of shame and guilt.

It is also a symbol of indisposition.

Throw a wreath from flowers to the river — fine. The plot symbolizes longevity.

Cross the bridge across the river, and fear for its strength — to the losses. Reliable crossing — the right way is chosen.

To the postponement of a dream come true to ford the river. Prevent insufficient funding.

Financial situation will improve, if dreamed lot fishes in the river.

Dead fish in the river is a bad sign. Significant losses in reality are very sad.

Large fish in the river — to good luck. However, success will cause the envious desire to chatter.

Fish in the river a man — instructions to monitor well-being. Then it will be possible to avoid the disease.

Fish in the river a woman — symbol of pregnancy. It will come directly from the sleeper, or from someone from relatives or close friends.

In interpreting what the river dreams about, only a cumulative analysis of all the details of what you see will help to get the most accurate forecast and an indication of ways to stabilize the situation.

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