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Dream interpretation, why dream of a hedgehog: small, with needles, a hedgehog in a dream to a woman

Although this animal is familiar to everyone from childhood through fairy tales, cartoons and meetings in nature, it is not often necessary to look for what the hedgehog dreams about. On the one hand, it is an animal friendly to people, on the other — a predator. This is a rather rare guest of dreams, and different sources of interpretation differ.

For correct interpretation, it is desirable to take into account all the nuances: to whom, where and in what form a cute animal appeared.

Dream Miller interprets the hedgehog as previously unsolved problems. Things worth bringing to the finals.

According to the dream Wang when interpreting what a hedgehog dreams about, it is necessary to take into account how it happened to contact him. To step on and be pricked is a difficult conversation with relatives. Feed — expose the envious.

See how the hedgehog struggled with the snake — strong competition.

Russian dream book interprets hedgehogs as a call for caution. Perhaps an unexpected disappointment.

Modern dream book suggests that when a hedgehog dreams of biting or pricking with needles, the enemies are already prepared to act against the sleeper.

Peace-loving hedgehogs men prosper wealth and successful business management.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a hedgehog: small, with needles, a hedgehog in a dream to a woman

According to the Ukrainian source hedgehogs mean slander. Unpleasant talk in reality, rumors.

Family Dream interprets approaching the hedgehog as a rest with like-minded people and relatives. The animal is hiding — a call for caution and forethought.

The killed hedgehog — an unpleasant situation will end favorably.

Hedgehog married woman foreshadows unpleasant conversation and quarrel. Hold the animal in your hands — find out the secret plans of detractors.

If the hedgehog bites the dreamer, the plot symbolizes a family quarrel. This warning is for a girl in love: she spends time communicating with an unworthy person.

It’s time to notice its flaws.

Hedgehog single woman reflects her need for the attention of the opposite sex. To solve the problem, it is desirable to reconsider their own behavior, and become less «barbed».

Hedgehogs pregnant woman serve as a warning to hold back emotions in order to avoid quarrels. Also beware of the dastardly deeds of cap-on acquaintances.

When dream hedgehog girl, she needs to be more careful when dating. A person can intrigue with his originality, but not to have serious intentions.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a hedgehog: small, with needles, a hedgehog in a dream to a woman

“Look at your buddies,” advises white Hedgehog. The selfish friend seeks to manipulate the sleeper for gain.

Hedgehog little can be interpreted as the inner state of the dreamer, and the situation around him. On the one hand, this is discontent with oneself, a feeling of powerlessness and guilt.

On the other hand, insignificant problems in the service, misunderstanding in communication with relatives.

Too big hedgehog in a dream symbolizes the onset of a period filled with trouble. To pass this vital obstacle course, you need to mobilize all forces.

For entrepreneurs lot hedgehogs means meeting with representatives of regulatory authorities, inspections or lawsuits. Women after such a dream, it is desirable to check with the doctor the condition of the genitourinary system.

Hedgehogs small and large mean the desire for independence, unwillingness to listen to the instructions of other people. It is also a sign of unpleasant talk and gossip.

Ezhiha with ezhatami symbolizes profit and good financial position. One «prickly child» calls to pay attention to the younger generation.

According to the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga, a brood of thorny animals means pregnancy for women.

Hedgehog with needles It is considered the symbols of a certain secret, which the sleeper cannot solve. The presence of barriers to the implementation of affairs. Impersonation of trying to get away from problems, ignoring them, this is what the hedgehog, curled up in a ball, dreams about.

Such tactics rarely leads to success.

Not too nice value when dreamed a hedgehog without needles. Raising a dream dreamer will be difficult to deal with the evolving circumstances.

When dream hedgehog with soft needles, This is a reflection of the insincerity of others. Someone is trying to fool imaginary friendliness.

Soft a hedgehog in a dream also foreshadows success in business. However, the integrity of the partners will have to follow.

The sign of personal growth is dead Hedgehog. All obstacles will be successfully overcome.

Career development.

Nice fabulous hedgehog — a great sign. Thanks to ingenuity and cheerful disposition, it will be possible to neutralize the intrigues of all detractors.

Speaking hedgehog means that you should not tell others about all the events in your life. Excessive gullibility can hurt.

Sea hedgehog — a symbol of sudden discovery. A person who has always been disliked will be pleasant and will help with advice.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a hedgehog: small, with needles, a hedgehog in a dream to a woman

Dreamed hedgehog in the House means not willing to obey anyone. A lot of animals — a warning.

There will be a situation from which it will be difficult to find a way out. If the hedgehog is located on the bed, it symbolizes the complex in intimate relationships.

To achieve harmony, you need to cope with internal redundancies.

The need for protection means hedgehog in the courtyard. The dreamer needs the support of friends and loved ones.

When dream hedgehog under the apple tree with the fruits, the plot predicts an offensive not too favorable period. It is advisable to make stocks.

Cute hedgehog in the forest, hurrying about their business and not paying attention to the sleeper is a good symbol. In the near future, no danger threatens.

Hedgehog in the park also treated favorably. Success in society.

Standing hedgehog on road means obstacles in business. If he crosses the path of the dreamer, it is worth taking a closer look at the environment.

Someone tends to literally «cross the road.»

Meet hedgehog on a city street — an acquaintance. The new man will have a significant participation in the fate, will help with the career.

Interpreting the story of the dream, which happened catch hedgehog, you need to consider the details. Prick at the same time — communication with a dangerous person who can harm.

There were no injuries, and the picked up animal was sheltered at home — a meeting with an eccentric, but interesting and creative person.

Pick up hedgehog — a warning sign. It is undesirable to trust unfamiliar people.

If he is peaceful and calm — a deceptive impression of communication, which will soon change.

Feed hedgehog — reconciliation with the enemy. For young girls, such a plot is a reflection of their naivety and inexperience in the field of love affairs.

An unprincipled man beside him wants to take advantage of his gullibility.

A cute hedgehog in a dream is often a warning symbol, calling for caution. By taking note of this, you can avoid the pitfalls of dishonest people.