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Dream interpretation, why dream of a fire: to extinguish a fire, a fire in a dream to a woman

Nayavu rampant fiery elements in sensible people is instinctive fear (excluding pyromanic arsonists). Nothing good, as a rule, people do not expect after a dream in which they saw a fire. Totally for nothing!

Depending on the circumstances and details of sleep, its value may be positive or cautionary. So why fire?

Dream interpretation, why dream of a fire: to extinguish a fire, a fire in a dream to a woman

The interpretation of different dream books is different, which is not surprising.

Ukrainian dream book the person who sees a fire in a dream promises: a period soon in life will be filled with passion. Perhaps in reality there will be hidden feelings, both in the dreamer and in the people around him.

Old Slavic dream Veles advises to decipher the plot with a fire, depending on the time of year. In the summer, the dream foreshadows the heat, in the winter — it is necessary to prepare for a strong cooling.

In general, the interpretation is also related to happy events (wedding, rich family life), and to concerns (especially if the dreamer is engaged in extinguishing the fire).

Modern dream book predicts the dreamer cold. We must be careful not to get sick.

Blind sight Wanga treats fire depending on its type. Smooth and bright flame — to significant changes. If the fire is accompanied by a large amount of smoke, especially dark gray or black, you should beware of ill-wishers who gossip.

The dreamer should consider whether there are reasons for their occurrence in his behavior.

Dream Miller interprets the appearance of the fire element in a dream as a change in destiny. They will be significant, but they will bring well-being.

According to the moon dream a fire in a dream predicts in the near future fun and joy. A similar opinion in the esoteric Evgenia Tsvetkov.

Mag Yuri Longo a dream with a fire interprets as a collapse of plans, material losses through one’s own fault. Possible grand quarrel, which broke out on level ground.

Sigmund Freud deciphered the appearance of a fire in a dream as a reflection of his sensuality and ability to show passion. The psychologist considered the brightly burning fire a height of feelings.

The dying fire according to his interpretation is the end of a love story.

Dream predictor Nostradamus agrees with the interpretation of the fire as a direct reflection of the emotional sphere of life. The dreamer is waiting for immersion in feelings and poorly controlled passion.

Thirst for change will be quenched.

According to the esoteric dream book Tsvetkova seen fire predicts ill health. In the near future care must be taken — the probability of an accident is high.

A man to see a fire in a dream that completely engulfed the house — in reality you should beware of family troubles. A married dreamer should try not to give a reason for jealousy, to pay attention to the desires of the spouse, then the arising quarrels quickly disappear.

From a bachelor after such a dream you will need an excerpt when communicating while awake with parents, friends and colleagues.

Deciphering a dream with such a vivid plot as the blazing elements of the fair sex also depends on the marital status.

For pregnant women dream in which she observes the fire from the outside, reflects the confusion of the upcoming changes in her life associated with the birth of the baby. The excitement about this is not unusual, and all anxieties will be in vain.

Married the woman in interpreting need to consider what else happened in the dream. The death of people in the fire warns — the disease is possible in one of the household members.

If a family nest is embraced by a fire, the spouse lacks passion, he is almost ready to change. Sleep warns — there is still time to improve relationships.

Lonely woman dreamed a fire predicts patronage and support in reality. Soon perhaps a happy acquaintance.

Young girl, who saw the fire disaster without victims, you can rejoice. Very soon, her personal life will be arranged in the most favorable way.

Correct interpretation also depends on the place covered in the dream by the flame.

Fire in the House predicts the occurrence of problems. Troubles will be completed successfully, if in a dream there were no human victims.

If the dreamer sees fire in the apartment, which belongs to him, in reality there may be unforeseen financial expenses. To avoid them will be almost impossible.

The plot of sleep with fire in the forest warns — the situation at work is not easy. It is necessary to work with all his strength, but a large profit is planned.

Being in the epicenter of a forest fire and remaining unscathed — painful memories of the past are not released, but it is time to live in the present.

If you had a fire at school, in reality it is necessary to make maximum efforts in the performance of tasks of the authorities. Hard work will be rewarded.

Burning fire at work warns against cheating, also in the calculations could be a mistake. It is necessary to verify the information.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a fire: to extinguish a fire, a fire in a dream to a woman

Fire bathhouses in a dream hints that the time is coming for a change and in order to get new impressions. Even a short trip will help to dilute the routine.

Big fire in the village interpreted depending on the type of flame. Smooth and bright — there will be a joyful period in life.

Fire blazes with sparks — possibly deterioration of health, sore throat. Black smoke rises above burning houses — slanderers are activated.

Burn in fire in a dream — a signal that the dreamer is concerned about his health or someone from the inner circle. Burn — to a sudden love.

If the fire has not caused harm, it is a favorable sign of excellent well-being.

Fire at grandma’s house — it’s time to change. The goal will be achieved through certain efforts.

Fire at the neighbors — foreshadowing the dreamer’s success. All plans come true.

When dream of a fire in the house parents, in reality, you should expect circumstances in which you have to learn a lot. Personality development through testing.

Basically, most dream books treat fire someone else’s home, as a successful development of events. Meet interesting people and meet new people.

When in a dream is burning own apartment — soon romance, sudden passion can start. Married and married should give tenderness to the second half — family relationships are under threat from outside.

For people who have tamed fire in a dream, the way to decipher the plot is primarily a matter of course.

If the dreamer had to put out the fire by water, in reality will have to play the role of a diplomat and peacemaker. You may have to resolve the conflict between friends.

A dream has a similar meaning, where it happened fire extinguisher. It is necessary to restore order in other people’s relationships.

If a man dreams that he extinguishes a fire, Freud is sure that problems in the intimate sphere are likely in the near future. The desire to lead a more orderly sex life.

Nayavu need to be careful if you had to put out a fire in your sleep in the House. It is possible that soon it will be necessary to work beyond one’s strength and without due remuneration.

Fight the spread of fire in the forest — A signal of a change in circumstances soon. Do not make far-reaching plans, they will almost certainly be violated.

See the fire fire in a dream on the one hand, a good and joyful sign. But if the dreamer is surrounded by a crowd of onlookers at this, intrigues are lagging around his person.

Longing extinguish the fire in a dream indicates a dreamer’s desire to control his feelings. Loving relationships hurt.

Save children from a fire (in this plot, no difference — one’s own or others’s) is interpreted as groundless claims to a partner. The second half is true to the dreamer.

Being a fireman when extinguishing a fire, it is a symbol that the dreamer is trying to control everything. Significant efforts will help get a decent reward.

Dream interpretation, why dream of a fire: to extinguish a fire, a fire in a dream to a woman

For correct interpretation it is worth paying attention to the intensity of the fire and its appearance.

When dream strong fire with a steady flame, in reality there will be many unexpected things. Change will bring happiness to life.

The smoke from the fire is treated depending on how it looked. Light, almost white — in front of a big joyful event.

Dark, flooded everything around, foreshadows trouble.

Empty ashes after the fire — to plan a big deal. It is like a sign of a fresh start: difficult, but interesting.

Seen in a dream forest fire promises businessmen financial well-being. For the rest of the dreamers is treated as a surprise.

Not very favorable to see the fire without fire in a dream. It is worth making efforts to protect your property — there may be losses due to theft.

Small fire signals about carefully concealed own desires. Success in business and happiness can be hindered by excessive caution in business and indecision in love.

Dream of a fire with the victims means fateful and difficult changes. When breaking the established foundations, the dreamer will suffer losses.

A strong fire without injuries is an auspicious sign. Everything that happens in the near future will be changes for the better.

Excellent sign is considered beginning fire from lightning. A very important person will appear in life.

Strong and mutual love at first sight.

Those who are warned about possible troubles are much easier to avoid. Therefore, if the interpretation of sleep is not too favorable, you should use the tips and be alert.

Good dreams, and change exclusively for the better!

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