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Dream Interpretation: why dream in a dream

Dream Interpretation: why dream in a dream

Many people have seen the famous Hollywood film about traveling in dreams and sleeping inside a dream. Many people can sleep in their sleep. From the point of view of most dream books, this is a warning of danger.

This phenomenon must be analyzed from the point of view of not only scientific, but also esoteric. Some people never see such dreams or see them once in a lifetime. We need to know what our body and our soul tell us, because this may be a certain sign of fate.

Seeing Himself Sleeping — What It Means

Many experts explain this by saying that you can get out of the body and see yourself from the outside. From an esoteric point of view, this means that your soul is as light as a feather, and you know how to manage it. Scientists have a slightly different opinion, because they see the whims of the inner world of man in everything. They say that seeing oneself asleep in a dream is a deep desire to become someone else, to try something new in life.

Perhaps you need to change your kind of reality, because, quite likely, you are tired of everything around you.

Folk observations and dream books say that such a dream is an indicator of your unwillingness to change. You are afraid of them, do not want to accept. When you see yourself in a dream, it symbolizes the approach of change, and not just your fear.

Sleep in a dream

When you sleep in a dream or wake up in a dream, this is a sign that you need to be careful. You may miss some opportunity, be late somewhere. This is a symbol of chance that can happen and not make you happy.

Something unusual is coming.

Freud said that such a dream in terms of psychology means a kind of entanglement in yourself, and also shows that your mental abilities are expanded. You want change, change.

Dream in a dream

This is an incredibly rare case. You sleep, but you see a dream inside a dream, and then you wake up first in a dream, and then you can wake up in real life. In the esoteric, there is practically no information about such a phenomenon, so many experts in the field of magic and bioenergy say that it is in trouble.

If you are not satisfied with this interpretation, then try to trust the opinion of Freud, who argued that multi-stage sleep is a sign of high intelligence, a large supply of energy in your brain.

To see someone else’s dream in a dream

When someone sleeps in a dream, and you see it, this person most likely needs your help, your patronage, support. It is possible that this support he will need in the near future.

From a psychological point of view, to see how the other person is sleeping means that you are very keen to achieve something. This is the case when you see an enemy. If in a dream you see how a loved one or friend sleeps, then this shows your subconscious desire to strongly protect him or her.

Despite the fact that such dreams are very rare for people, they are not always dangerous. Anyway, do not think that something is wrong with you. This is not quite usual, but it can talk about many positive things or future changes. Successful dreams, success, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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