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Dream interpretation, why dream cabbage: fresh, in the heads, cabbage in a dream to a woman

A common vegetable culture is revered as a tasty and healthy product. However, the interpretation by different sources of what the cabbage dreams mostly contains cautionary instructions.

Dream Miller interprets the dreams of forks as a forerunner of various kinds of troubles. They will affect both personal and business.

Dream Vanga more optimistic. If you dream of cabbage, which is brought to plant, in life there will be auspicious events. There are dishes with this vegetable — make an annoying blooper.

In order not to be in a funny situation, it is advisable to check the documents.

According to Veles’ dream book Cabbage forks foreshadows malaise. It is also a sign of problems because of a woman.

A lot of cabbage — big trouble, loss. Planting seedlings — getting news.

Dream interpretation, why dream cabbage: fresh, in the heads, cabbage in a dream to a woman

Dream Esoteric Evgenia Tsvetkova treats boiling cabbage as unkind gossip around the sleeper. To eat dishes from it — gifts.

Cabbage pie means a period of well-being. After the trials, he will be especially pleasant.

Dreamed cabbage pies — good. Achievement of wealth.

According to the female dream book cabbage in a dream is treated as a nuisance. Cleaning foreshadows serious problems due to unreasonable extravagance.

Dreaming medium Hasse treats cabbage salad, which the dreamer eats, as soon as getting a present.

Dream Medea prompts that cabbage in a dream is a waste of time in reality. However, if the cabbages had a dream in the garden, it is worth preparing for unexpected visitors. Eating raw cabbage is a bad omen.

To be in a very cramped financial situation.

According to the modern dream book Buying cabbage seedlings is a bad sign. The plot means harm because of the actions of others.

Cabbage in the head a woman is a warning to take care of health. Also beautiful and tight forks is a symbolic hint of replenishment in the family. For a pregnant lady, cabbage is a great dream.

Childbirth will be perfect.

If a white cabbage dreamed of a girl, then she should know about the upcoming changes. They will touch both the business and personal aspects of life.

About trouble warns dreamed cabbage in heads a man. At work, an envious colleague is trying to shake the position of the sleeper, and discredit before the leadership.

Cabbage fresh and the young one points to mutual sympathy in reality. Only starting to lay heads call not to get involved in lies, and by the opportunity to tell others the truth.

Large cabbage symbolizes significant change. They will affect all areas of life.

Red cabbage is a caution. It is advisable to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Money will soon come in handy for an urgent matter.

Dreamed colored Cabbage encourages attention in the workplace. Should be more conscientious about the performance of official duties.

If a young girl dreams of a cabbage of this kind, then she will be married. However, the marriage will be unpleasant to her, and will be committed at the insistence of relatives.

Beijing cabbage in a dream is a good sign. About a loved one will be known positive information.

Kohlrabi in a dream is an auspicious symbol. Life will gradually change for the better.

Separate leaves cabbage foreshadow a deterioration of health. It is advisable to take preventive measures.

Dreamed sea cabbage also signals the need to do health. Even a banal cold in the near future can face serious complications.

If dreaming cabbage shredded, should be morally prepared for the fact that in the near future all plans will be violated. It is also a symbol of grief and tears.

Bad sign — dreamed sour cabbage. There is a risk of losing something.

But salty cabbage foreshadows a quick marriage. The celebration will be held exactly with the dreams of the dreamer, and will bring pleasure.

Dreamed pickled cabbage in a dream means making money. In the near future you can not worry about financial well-being.

Dream interpretation, why dream cabbage: fresh, in the heads, cabbage in a dream to a woman

For women, cabbage stew symbolizes an increased possibility of conception. It is also a sign of addition in the family and close environment.

To caution in real life calls boiled cabbage. Nearby is an envious man, dissolving the vile gossip.

Bad sign — rotten cabbage in a dream. For lovers, this is separation, the rest of a poor-quality vegetable portends a bad period.

Wormy forks mean the spiteful critics in the environment and unworthy deeds.

For a correct interpretation of what the cabbage dreams for, it is necessary to take into account not only its appearance. The location is also important.

Chopped Cabbage on the bed calls to pay attention to people nearby. Maybe someone is in a difficult situation, but hesitate to ask for help.

Growing cabbage in the garden — auspicious symbol. After the «black band» life will delight new brilliant opportunities and prospects.

If you had a cabbage dream in the cellar or its modern counterpart to a refrigerator, preferably not to waste money in the near future. The dream suggests that the financial reserve will make it easier to survive the approaching ones.

Dream interpretation, why dream cabbage: fresh, in the heads, cabbage in a dream to a woman

Plant cabbage — to the news. Also, these are changes in the family that are associated not only with the birth of children.

It can be a sign of a wedding celebration.

It is worth thinking about how money is spent, if you had a dream collect cabbage. It is also a symbol of leisurely idle talk and gossip.

Cutting forks is a warning. For all the acts committed will have to answer. Cut the cabbage with a knife — the inevitability of retribution.

Mean things won’t go unnoticed.

Neatly shred fresh cabbage — an unexpected flow of money, perhaps a legacy. However, the plot warns that it can lead to discord in the family.

For good events in reality — clean cabbage in a dream. Beginnings will be successful.

However, further to disassemble heading on individual leaves — to experience discomfort.

The need to create a «financial airbag» suggests the plot salt cabbage. Excess spending is currently contraindicated.

To boil cabbage — a dream with a similar meaning. Cash reserve can be replaced with natural to wait out the unfavorable period.

The cabbage that the sleeper fries means grief. However, they will not be too strong.

Cooking dishes with the addition of this vegetable is also a precursor of disappointment from some actions committed by loved ones.

If dreamed eat cabbage — you can wait for good events. The visit of people who have not seen for a long time.

Gifts and good news from them.

Buy cabbage in the store, meticulously inspecting the forks — a warning sign. To avoid disappointment in people, it is worth reconsidering their exaggerated demands on them.

Buying cabbage for ladies of childbearing age means you can get pregnant soon.

Sell ​​heads of cabbage — to extraordinary events. They will stun and delight not only the sleeper, but also those close to him.

Having read what cabbage is dreaming about, and having discovered the negative meaning of the plot seen, there is no need to panic. First, not all dreams are prophetic. Secondly, using the tips, you can minimize the consequences of negative situations and avoid them altogether.

Sweet night dreams and good waking.

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