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Dream interpretation, what the dream witch: a woman, a man, an evil witch in a dream

In trying to figure out what the witch dreams about, you need to take into account her age, appearance, the dreamer’s personality and relationships, as well as other nuances.

According to Miller’s dream book the witch warns that noisy fun can turn into humiliation and resentment. To businessmen the dream foreshadows losses.

Wanga suggests that when a witch is dreaming is a prediction about the past. All things change soon. Witches and witchcraft over herbs or water — an indication of the need to strengthen self-control.

No time to succumb to provocations and violently express temperament.

Dream interpretation, what the dream witch: a woman, a man, an evil witch in a dream

According to the Ukrainian source a witch or a sorceress in a dream — to trouble. They will arise spontaneously.

Dream Dream Yuri Longo indicates that witches and sorcerers — to the loss of faith in themselves. The white magician warns that it is extremely undesirable at the moment to turn to unconventional healers because of the danger of running into fraudsters.

According to the modern source the coven is a signal calling for attention. An unclean person will try to draw into a scam.

When the witch is dreaming in the house — uninvited guests will arrive.

Witch in a dream a woman reports the presence of a rival who threatens her well-being. However, the charming witch — herald of short-term love interest.

Dreamed witch a girl serves as a caution. The desire to have fun can lead to negative consequences, and casual acquaintances can cause harm.

Witch the bride is a hint that the relationship is not going smoothly. It is necessary to discuss important questions with the groom calmly, without hysterics and jealousy scenes.

Witch pregnant — A signal that the body is threatened with a disease. You need to quickly make an appointment with a doctor.

Risky adventure predicts the witch a man. Events will bring a flurry of emotions, but the implementation of important projects is better to be postponed until a calmer period.

Woman witch with repulsive appearance — to disputes with households. Family will experience the torment of jealousy.

The old witch is a warning. Soon after such a dream, troubles may follow.

Also decrepit grandma the witch urges the sleeper to take care of her own appearance. Due to lack of care, there is a risk of looking older than your age.

Cat witch signals that in the environment there is a woman who wants evil. Other animals have a similar interpretation, which in a dream are the embodiment of a witch.

Good the witch is considered auspicious prophecy. Probably there will be a useful acquaintance with a wise man.

White the witch reports that the words of the new man in the environment should be carefully listened to. Thanks to timely received advice, many difficult situations can be avoided.

For vigilance calls dreamed black witch. Among others, someone surreptitiously tries to cause harm.

Besides wicked a witch means that new acquaintances may not be as pleasant as they seemed at first glance. Do not share the most intimate.

Young A witch for women is a very positive sign. Failures will turn a profit.

For men, a charming witch means that he is drawn to women with strong character.

Generally if the witches in human form look attractive, then the vision is treated positively. A wise woman will have a beneficial effect on fate.

Ugly and scary witches are a warning. Because of someone’s evil will have to be in the midst of an unpleasant and loud scandal.

A certain person from the environment is preparing to disturb the calm of the sleeper, if he has dreamed flying witch. Unfortunately, avoiding troubles will be very difficult.

When the witch dreams on a broomstick, also in reality, probably ailment. It is advisable to take preventive measures.

Well, if dreamed dead witch. It turns out to overcome all the problems.

Dream interpretation, what the dream witch: a woman, a man, an evil witch in a dream

Run away from the witch — the intuitive desire to avoid unpleasant people. It is important to listen to the inner voice.

Fight with the witch — cardinal changes in life. If currently the sleeper is not too happy with the situation, he will be glad that she will turn for the better.

When a fight with a witch is dreaming, and in reality everything is fine, the dream warns that it is too early to relax. People jealous of success can do the dirty trick.

Nayavu will be made the right decision, if possible to win the witch.

To kill witch — positive changes in fate. For those who are sick, killing a witch is a very good sign. Soon there will be an improvement.

Well, if dreamed the funeral of the witch. Trouble will soon be left behind.

To choke witch — an indication that it is time to solve a long-standing problem or put an end to the long-standing conflict. If the witch blocks the access of oxygen, the paranormal influence on the sleeper is real.

Burn out the witch is a neutral sign. To achieve the goal will have to change their own principles.

If dreamed become a witch, in reality a situation that causes anger can occur. But it is better not to bother those around you.

Regardless of the read value of what the witch dreams about in each concrete situation, the main thing is not to be afraid of what he saw and not to be afraid of the future.

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