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Dream interpretation, what the dream of a rainbow: bright, double, a rainbow in the sky in a dream

According to myths, a rainbow is a magical bridge between heaven and earth. From the point of view of physics — just the refraction of light rays in water drops.

In popular dream books, when interpreting what a rainbow dreams about, there is no such clear definition.

Dream interpretation, what the dream of a rainbow: bright, double, a rainbow in the sky in a dream

Dream Miller interprets the rainbow very favorably. The period of prosperity comes.

Business projects will receive strong support. Farmers, gardeners and gardeners will receive a significant return on the work invested.

According to the dream Wang rainbow is a sign from above. This is a symbol calling for forgiveness.

Rainbow after the rain foreshadows wonderful events. Dying away warns of separation from loved ones.

Family Dream reports that a rainbow in a dream symbolizes building relationships. Even if there were misunderstandings or quarrels, they will soon be safely resolved.

According to the modern source, when dreaming of a rainbow near the water, this is a good sign. A dream predicts success. If the arc is located above the reservoir, there will soon be a fascinating journey.

Successful purchases will turn out to make useful contacts. Rainbow over the field has a particularly good interpretation for lovers.

In relationships reigns harmony.

Dream book azara claims that rain and rainbow mean wasted time for dreams, soaring in the clouds. The dreamer makes unrealistic plans, but does nothing to implement them.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book a rainbow in a dream means favorable circumstances. If it arose right above your head, you will manage to overcome all the difficulties.

Photographing a rainbow is a reflection of how others are asleep. Perhaps consider too faddish person.

Treatment Gypsy dream book differs gloom of prediction. A rainbow hovering overhead means trouble.

Dreamed bright rainbow in the sky during the day — a magnificent symbol, foreshadowing well-being. Life will be so filled with joy that even those around the dreamer will become happier.

The presence of choice indicates double rainbow in the sky. The situation will be complicated by the fact that the options that appear will be almost equivalent.

To make a decision is to listen to the voice of intuition.

When dreaming rainbow in the night sky, This is a sign of some difficulty. A moment has come in life when one cannot do without authoritative advice from outside.

Dream interpretation, what the dream of a rainbow: bright, double, a rainbow in the sky in a dream

Colored a rainbow in a dream prophesies a great period when everything will work out. Unusually bright shades of the spectrum — there comes a new stage of life.

Beautiful a rainbow with a predominance of scarlet — a pleasant surprise. Most likely it will concern the sphere of mutual relations.

Not very favorable sign — dull rainbow. Family and love dreamers need to pay attention to the partners, to prevent cooling of the senses. Businessmen are cautioned to recheck the terms of contracts.

Behind the visible conditions lies the “second bottom”. If a rainbow in a dream dissolves in the sky, it is a reflection of inner fear.

The dreamer is afraid of loneliness.

In addition to the symbol of the upcoming selection double Rainbow in a dream has additional interpretations. Things will go very well.

Also two rainbows call for forgiveness. Reconciliation with enemies will lead to many joyful events.

All good deeds will be generously rewarded, even if the sleeper didn’t count on it, that’s what the rainbow dreams about triple. Even unrealistically daring dreams can come true.

Many rainbows — a sign that extraordinary events will happen in life. Their influence on the dreamer’s fate will be favorable.

If dreaming rainbow a girl lonely, very soon she will meet a man with whom a dizzying romance will begin. In love with a person in such a natural phenomenon, it foreshadows that next to her is a worthy person, and life together will be happy.

Good sign — dreamed rainbow pregnant to the woman. A child will be born who will be endowed with a large number of talents, and will bring joy to relatives.

Once the correct choice was made spouse, that’s what dreams of a rainbow married woman. The union of this pair is literally sent by heaven.

Rainbow a man foreshadows financial well-being. Businessmen are awaiting solid contracts.

Other categories of dreamers of the stronger sex will receive help from a reputable person.

Rainbow to kid means that he will soon be very surprised. Soon someone will present a nice gift or a nice souvenir.

When dreaming of a rainbow, in most cases this is a good omen. “Bad” interpretations should also be taken as a hint, and try to change your own behavior in order to prevent trouble.

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