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Dream interpretation, what the dream icon: the Mother of God, in the temple, the icons of the saints in a dream

The interpretation by various dream-books of what the icon is dreaming for is largely based on the fact that it is one of the main symbols of faith. Hence the deep meaning that is attributed to them.

However, the influence of bright daytime impressions should be excluded. If you have visited the temple before, the dream may reflect what you saw the day before.

Dream Miller treats the dreamed icon as a sign of career growth. If she was in the church, this is an indication of the right life priorities, and for young girls — the news of the imminent marriage.

Bad when dreaming about buying icons. In this case, in reality you will have to independently deal with all questions due to the fact that friends and relatives will be powerless to help.

According to the dream Wang ancient icons in the house mean a crisis in the country associated with religious conflicts. Inter-ethnic strife will lead to great damage, and will affect even the innocent. Cleaning up and hiding icons is a plot indicating the crisis of faith of the dreamer and those around him.

The material sphere left no place for spirituality, and punishment will follow for all evil deeds and sins.

The Bulgarian prophetess interpreted the church with icons inside as a sign of salvation in a difficult situation. It will come through labor and repentance.

Dream interpretation, what the dream icon: the Mother of God, in the temple, the icons of the saints in a dream

Esoteric Evgeny Tsvetkov prompts that the icon in a dream is a good sign. Nayawa, by following high moral principles, will avoid temptation.

If a symbol of faith in a dream falls from a wall or altar — be in trouble.

According to the dream book of Michel Nostradamus many icons in good condition are of good value. There is a joyful period ahead.

But if the icons and candles that the dreamer sets before them are seen, the interpretation changes. It is necessary to answer for the evil deeds committed to the wound.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud treats the icon as a symbolic sensation of intimate relationships with a partner. The sleeper is depressed by the awareness of the sinfulness or incorrectness of this connection, and in order to make life harmonious, you will have to sort out your own complexes.

Dreaming Veles mentions an unusual story in which you have to fly on the icon. According to the source, this is to a successful coincidence of circumstances, the fulfillment of desires.

Ukrainian dream book treats icons as a good sign. Life will delight pleasant surprises.

Moon dream also considers the icon an auspicious symbol. Temptations that will come true will not be able to enter into temptation.

According to the dream-book of the 21st century see icons — to good health, well-being in your personal life and work. To cling to the icon and kiss it is a sign that foreshadows joy. If you had a chance to beat bows in front of the holy face, the loss in the apartment may happen in reality.

Praying on your knees — to the fulfillment of desires. When an unmarried daughter in a dream accepts an icon from her mother — she will soon have a wedding with a reliable person.

The meaning of the dream depends on whose face is depicted on the sacred object. Therefore, if it was possible to recall such a detail, it is definitely worth considering when interpreting.

Mighty inner strength symbolizes icon of the mother of God. After such a dream, you can safely take up the decision of all issues, and confidently overcome all adversity.

For unmarried girls dreamed icon of the Virgin foreshadows a quick offer of hands and hearts from a pleasant person. Family visions such a vision is also a good sign of harmony and well-being.

Icon of Kazan of God mother means that even in the most difficult moments of life will help sincere faith. If you feel the need to get rid of the burden of sins — sleep advises to go to church and pray.

Dreamed icon of St. Nicholas prophesies an extraordinary event. What happens will be so incredible that it is possible to believe in miracles.

Icon of Matrona of Moscow promises deliverance from a serious threat, enlightenment of thoughts. Women face saint predicts deliverance from infertility and prosperity.

If dreaming icon of jesus christ, it is considered the most powerful symbol. The higher powers, even if the sleeper does not really believe in them, support and give protection in good undertakings.

Dream interpretation, what the dream icon: the Mother of God, in the temple, the icons of the saints in a dream

The interpretation of the dreaming holy faces also depends on the gender of the dreamer. Icon a woman, bound marriage, heralds their strengthening.

Even if there were disagreements, they will remain in the past. Sometimes an icon in a dream is interpreted as the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

Most often it is a symbol of a positive answer to the prayers for the addition to the family.

Good symbol bears the dreamed icon a girl. In the near future there will be a chance to get married successfully.

Icon pregnant — Call a little patience. Soon there will be a long-awaited meeting with a strong baby, who is destined to a happy life.

When dream icon a man idle time, this indicates a new look at the essence of relationships with women. After an amazing discovery, views on marriage can change dramatically.

Married men dreamed holy face foreshadows a family idyll.

Icons in the House symbolize a favorable period of reality. Relations between households are very gentle, mutual understanding reigns.

Icon in the sky interpreted depending on the details of sleep. If she soars among the thunderstorm clouds or clouds, you need to be careful because of the danger to the dreamer and those close to you.

In the case when the sky is clear — the circumstances add up well.

Interpreting why the icon is dreaming in the temple, You can also find two options. First, it is a sign of peace and prosperity, peace and happiness.

An alternate interpretation clarifies that only after spiritual suffering will it be possible to achieve purification.

If I dreamed of an icon in hand — this is a good omen. Nayavu finally delighted long-awaited good news.

Icon on the wall — a good sign. Everything in life is developing correctly.

Search the icon is a symbolic personification of soul-throwing in reality. This is how the search for truth appears in dreams.

Fine if succeeded to find an icon. Higher forces favor the dreamer.

However, to rush the development of events is not recommended — everything will come in its turn.

Putting candles in front of the icon is a reflection of remorse. If someone is offended from loved ones — it is worth asking for forgiveness and reconcile.

Kiss icon — to great joy. In addition, such a plot indicates the ability to organize people.

Fortunately, if you dreamed hold the icon in their hands. The news, which was expected, is already very close, and will bring good with it.

When dream pray before the icon it is important to revise priorities after waking up. Probably, in an attempt to ensure material well-being, the spiritual side was forgotten.

The keen desire to gain support symbolizes the plot. buy icon. You can ask for the patronage of his saint or call for the help of others.

Admire a beautiful icon of large size — a warning. Soon there will be a difficult choice to make, and it is necessary to rely on the hints of relatives and the voice of conscience.

To remove icons from their places is a crisis of faith.

To give someone — to save a loved one thanks to the timely support provided.

Dream interpretation, what the dream icon: the Mother of God, in the temple, the icons of the saints in a dream

Of particular importance is the nighttime dream, in which the icon is talking. Words need to try to remember, in the future they will serve as a guide.

Bad omen — broken icon. There may be great trouble.

About the risk to make an irreparable mistake warns fallen icon in a dream. If any important event is planned: the signing of a contract, marriage, a large purchase, and so on — you need to double-check all the nuances because of the likelihood of an annoying oversight or deliberate deception.

About the not quite clean conscience of the sleeper suggests crying icon. The sins of the past need correction or repentance.

A strong character encapsulates a dreamed golden icon. The dreamer’s faith is unshakable, and capable of performing miracles.

It reminds of the deep roots of spirituality the old icon in a dream. It is also a sign to visit parents and grandparents.

As warning serves the turned icon. In the near future, we will face temptations and resist attempts to incline to sin.

Regardless of what the dream of the icon is based on the interpretation of various sources: for good or unpleasant events, these tips must be taken into account. Thanks to this, it will be possible to avoid trouble.

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