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Dream interpretation, what the crow dreams: black, dead, crow outside the window in a dream

Folklore among all birds with the most controversial interpretations gives the crows. These birds personify wisdom, intelligence, witchcraft, serve as a herald of sad events.

Therefore, there is nothing strange that when trying to find out what the crow dreams about, there will be completely different meanings that take into account various details of what he saw.

Dream interpretation, what the crow dreams: black, dead, crow outside the window in a dream

Dream Miller considers the crow a symbol of sad events. A young man is told by a bird that a lady he knows is weaving intrigues against him.

Prediction Wangi also negative. The bird is a sign of mourning and sadness.

When a crow dreams of a loud roaring nearby, the Bulgarian prophetess calls for intense prayer in order to ward off a mortal threat from her family and herself. A flock of crows circling in the sky foreshadows a military conflict.

Innocent people will be the victims. If the birds fell to the ground, there will be a bad year.

Vigilant nests of birds — to the epidemic among people and the massive loss of livestock.

Dreaming Veles treats a lot of crows according to where they were. A flock on a tree — soon close relatives will gather together.

Dark crows — funeral.

According to the English dream book black crow for lovers is a sign indicating the need to impartially look to the partner. Behind the external demonstration of tender feelings is a perfidious man.

According to romantic dream book the crow is a reflection of the couple’s exclusive sexual attraction. Pluck feathers from birds — a pleasant acquaintance. The dying crow is a good sign.

Ahead of a meeting with a reliable person. To chase the bird, but not succeed, to the inevitable parting.

To family people, crow means trouble in the relationship with the second half.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova treats the dreaming crow as losses, delays in business and adversity. Cawing is bad news, circling overhead is loss in the family.

The black the raven is a bad omen. Various misfortunes are possible.

Unexpected trouble promises big the raven. It is necessary to beware of deception.

When ghost huge the raven, along with the little chicks, will learn another’s secret in reality.

Raven knocking on the window — bad news.

Special attention should be paid to such a plot as speaking the raven. It is advisable to remember the phrases that the bird utters and, after waking up, try to understand what was said.

Dream interpretation, what the crow dreams: black, dead, crow outside the window in a dream

Dreamed black the crow is treated not too positively. There is a difficult life test.

White a crow in a dream is a good sign. Nayavu management will evaluate the dreamer’s contribution to the common cause, and the result will be an increase in income.

Habitual gray crow is a positive symbol. A series of failures is coming to an end, and a favorable period will soon come.

If there are too many birds, it is important to pay attention to the symptoms of the diseases in oneself and those close to oneself, then one can prevent the development of the disease.

Dead crows — great dream. Nayavu will approve their own superiority over detractors.

Dead Crow suggests that in the near future everything in life will be calm. No grief will not disturb.

Dreamed manual Crow suggests that it is time to take up the completion of a long-started business. Will be able to crown his triumphal finale.

Crow in the House interpreted depending on the color of the plumage and where it was located. The dark bird is the harbinger of troubles, and the white or unusually green one is good news and profit thanks to wise advice.

If a crow flew into the house landed on the window sill, soon to go. When the bird whirls around the sleeper, it’s a warning that they are spreading gossip about it.

Also, a crow who flew through the window means reunion with relatives. The meeting is coming, and if the bird behaves restlessly — the reason will not be too joyful.

When the crow dreams in the apartment, which, in a panic, is trying to find a way out, this indicates that the sleeper will also have to find a solution in a confusing situation. The bird, located on the bed, warns about the troubles in the personal sphere and misunderstandings between partners.

Dreamed crow in the window means getting sad news. If a black crow sits in a cage, this is a clue that the dreamer is an authoritative person who can influence the opinions of others.

The sign of the unexpected news is the crows. in the sky. The information obtained will not necessarily be sad, but will definitely bring it out of balance.

Crow on the shoulder treated as a possible change of residence. It is also a sign to pay attention to your health.

Seen Crow in hand means that there will be a change in the relationship with the person who was hostile. The resulting understanding can be the basis of a strong friendship.

Dream interpretation, what the crow dreams: black, dead, crow outside the window in a dream

If dreamed feed Crow, this is an indication that the enemies can not harm. Thanks to hard work and the right strategy of behavior, it will turn out to turn itself to the advantage of even their intrigue.

An important symbol is the plot of the dream, which happened to iron crow. Conflicts are brewing in the family, but not time to swear, and it is very desirable to resolve all issues without quarrels, by peaceful means.

Hunt and to catch Raven is a great sign. All waking efforts will be generously rewarded. There is a dish of ravens meat — to dizzying romantic emotions.

Soon after such a dream, falling in love will cover your head.

Also a positive plot — to kill to the crow. You will win a victory over all life circumstances and defeat the enemies.

If dreaming crow attacks, in reality, the situation and the actions of others will greatly upset the dreamer, will be touched «for living». Perhaps, in fact, there is no reason for disappointment, and in reality, it is necessary to change the attitude to what is happening.

After reading what the crow dreams about, you should not be afraid of negative interpretations. Taking into account the received tips, you can prepare for the troubles, and minimize the damage from them.

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