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Dream Interpretation, what is the President dreaming about: countries, Russia, Putin in a dream

The guarantor of the constitution often appears on the screens, so before looking for the answer to the question: “What is the President dreaming about?”, It is advisable to remember if you did not watch his speech in reality. After all, the impression of what he saw and heard could affect the plot of the dream.

According to Miller’s dream book the head of state means a strong passion for sleeping politics in the world. The famous interpreter suggests that close attention is necessary to your own routine affairs.

Dream Vanga suggests that when the president is dreaming, it’s time to show talents. The former first person means that memories of the past do not allow to move forward.

According to the modern dream book former president in a dream points to the taking of excessive duties.

Dream Interpretation, what is the President dreaming about: countries, Russia, Putin in a dream

When the president of the country is in the dream of a citizen, it is possible, on the eve of the occasion, to watch a speech or read about the first person of the state in the media. In this case, the plot simply reflects the memories of the information received. However, this bright symbol was awarded a separate interpretation in modern dream-books.

The interpretation takes into account even the most insignificant, at first glance, details.

The vision in which the Russian president threatens a sleeper in order to strike may not seem the most pleasant. In fact, the plot promises a joyful pastime with friends.

When is the president dreaming a woman, in reality there will be a significant purchase. However, the interpretation is fair, if she sees it on the market, in the store, and he is friendly.

Dreamed meeting with President Putin, when the head of state scolds the sleeper, it means that someone you know is trying to spoil your reputation. At the same time the ill-wisher uses dishonest methods and slander.

Conversation with President Putin even in the world of dreams it is not the most ordinary event, but it means banal gossip behind the back of the sleeper, which the envious and ill-wishers amuse themselves with.

Had a dream communication with the president in an interview format — be prepared for the unexpected. There comes a period of personal life, very rich in surprises.

Sex with President Putin — a cautionary plot. Excessively loading oneself into reality with affairs, one can drive oneself.

It is worth giving yourself a rest, at least changing the occupation.

If dreamed presidential elections and the debate of candidates, it is necessary to increase attention to the words of others. Someone will try to deceive, but this will not be done very skillfully, and it will turn out to expose the lie.

If the president is dreaming Putin is visiting you, the plot foreshadows that soon an important issue is to be resolved that affect the future fate. When interpreting such a plot, it is especially important to recall the actions of a high-ranking visitor.

The President in a dream took off his shoes and put on the proposed home slippers — a great sign. You can not worry and have no doubt: any spontaneous solution will be almost perfect. If the president remains in his shoes and walks around the apartment, he will have to take the arising vital task with heightened seriousness.

Only a rigorous analysis of all options, followed by the selection of the most favorable will lead to success. If you dreamed about Vladimir Vladimirovich, engaged in shooting, the dream is very positive.

Sleeping is destined to long years of life.

Russian leader and another president, dreamed at the same time, symbolize the dreamer’s excessive jealousy.

Dream Interpretation, what is the President dreaming about: countries, Russia, Putin in a dream

The eccentric president of the United States in a dream symbolizes the sleeper’s desire to draw attention to his person at any cost. It is desirable if you do not temper ambition, then at least review the methods.

Demonstration of skills is much more advantageous than shocking.

If President Trump Dreamed a woman, it is also an indication of ambitious plans. However, to make your dreams come true, you will have to work hard.

A meeting with the president, passing in a friendly atmosphere, a wonderful sign. Things will develop safely, and in the personal sphere no difficulties are foreseen.

Tense conversation with the president, signals the need for the sleeper to control others and the situation. It is also a reflection of the desire to actively participate in public life.

Unpleasant communication with President Donald Trump in a dream means that a difficult argument is about to come true. His subject is known in advance, but if you do not arm yourself with weighty arguments, the victory will be your opponent.

If it happened take an autograph the president, and it happened successfully, in reality you can count on the support of a powerful patron. In case of failure of the first person to leave his signature on the memory, the plot warns of excessive suspiciousness of the sleeper.

Self-doubt and overly emotional reaction to criticism can interfere with success.

Favorable sign — take pictures with the president. Thanks to the conscientious fulfillment of the tasks set by the authorities, you will be able to climb the career ladder.

Speak with the president “on equal terms” is also a great symbol. It will be easy to cope with all the difficult situations.

An attempt on the head of state is a warning. Raising from frivolous acts and short-sightedness can incur serious problems.

When the president of any country dreams, and the interaction with him has taken on a rather intimate character, after awakening it is quite possible to become confused. The interpretation depends on the personality of the sleeper.

For men kiss President in a dream — quite an innocent sign, not related to sexual orientation. This reflects the excessive enthusiasm for domestic and foreign policy of the country, which often turns into empty talk and distracts from the implementation of real affairs. A dream in which the unmarried girl had a kiss with the president, prophesies the appearance of a worthy admirer and a quick marriage.

For women, such a dream means a new round in relationships with the spouse. It is also likely to increase credibility in the work team.

For all dreamers, a friendly hug from the president predicts a change. The state of affairs will improve.

About the unforgotten resentment, transferred from a close person, signals the plot, which happened to make love with the president. The dream calls for forgiveness.

If the president is dreaming, the dream seems to be an unusual phantasmagoria, but with interpretation it is often possible to get valuable advice on how to behave in reality.

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