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Dream interpretation, what is the dream of war: the beginning of the war, the war in a dream to a man

The terrible and unpleasant story of a dream with military actions may unfortunately be memories of horrors endured. In such cases, no further explanation is needed for what the dream is about.

Search for special decryption in this case is not necessary. For other dreamers, military conflicts can be interpreted differently.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of war: the beginning of the war, the war in a dream to a man

Interpretation for different dream books is mainly negative.

Dream Miller treats the dream of war as troubles in all spheres of life. Depending on how events develop in a dream, problems will also be resolved. Losing means that failure will prevail.

Victory over the enemy promises that things will gradually return to normal.

According to the interpretation Wangi seen military conflicts in a dream — a bad symbol. There is a tough time ahead when food becomes the greatest value.

In order to more accurately interpret what war means in a dream, the Bulgarian prophetess also recommends paying attention to details. Taking part is a bad sign that misfortune will overtake the loved ones of the sleeper.

Hiding from enemies — adversity will fall upon the whole country.

Russian people’s dream book predicts the dreamer, who saw the war, unfavorable situations in reality. This may be a spat with relatives and the possibility of deception from outsiders.

Ukrainian interpretation matches with moon dream and esoteric transcripts Evgenia Tsvetkova. The dream seen in a dream dreams to conflicts, from petty quarrels to large scandals.

English version concisely warns dreamers that life will soon change for the worse. To reduce the negative consequences, it is necessary to calculate their steps.

Dream Medea Interprets — War dreams as a reflection of the dreamer’s fiery character. To fight in a dream is to show steadfastness in overcoming problems in reality.

The exception among all variants of dream books is French. It contains a positive interpretation that promises a peaceful, peaceful life for the dreamer.

The interpretation of the military story in a dream differs by originality in Sigmund freud. In his opinion, this is a reflection of sexual contact. Participation in the war means a latent tendency to group intercourse, or intimate connection with elements of sado-maso.

Just watching an armed conflict is a carefully held passion.

Erotic dream book warns that the war seen in a dream symbolizes the discovery in the second half of some unpleasant qualities. Overcome frustration and save feelings will succeed if you dreamed of defeating enemies.

Former military, past «hot spots», armed conflicts, shooting and explosions mean memories of their experiences. Also, in some cases, the dream foreshadows in the near future the nomination to a new duty station.

To difficult events in reality dream of war civil to the man. Married dream suggests that attention should be paid to the second half. Otherwise, misunderstanding can lead to a serious rift.

Entrepreneurs warlike plot foreshadows annoying interference in the implementation of commercial plans.

A good omen is considered when it’s not a war that dreams, but training To her. Stressful situations that the subconsciousness demonstrates in such a painful way will very soon be a thing of the past.

All efforts will be rewarded.

Immediate participation in military operations for the dreamer means the onset of a difficult period, saturated with a variety of cases. You will need to simultaneously solve many problems, and work at the limit of your strength.

Anxious sleep warns that it is necessary to take care of your health.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of war: the beginning of the war, the war in a dream to a man

Of particular importance is the dream, in which the announcement of an enemy treacherous attack was heard or seen on the screen. Nayavu should prepare for a serious conversation with the authorities.

If there are unfinished business or projects that have been left to chance, one should, in order of pre-emption, attend to bringing them to a logical final.

When dreams that the war began in his hometown, for working dreamers, there is a reason to exert forces to neutralize envious people, and not to give ill-wishers a reason to incriminate oneself in the unfair performance of official duties. It is necessary to pay attention to the situation in the house, and avoid quarrels over trifles.

In the safest case, war with the Germans in a dream is an echo of viewed patriotic films. In the most unfavorable interpretation, these are unfavorable events “on all fronts”.

Disorder with households, problems in business, troubles at work. Shooting at invaders is a good symbol.

So, in reality it will be possible to mobilize their own forces, and resist all adversity. Retreat due to Nazi attacks — a warning that you have to change all the plans because of the interference of extraneous circumstances.

If a a woman dream of war, in reality she is in a quandary of constant stress. Work exhausting, household chores, family life under threat. It is worth paying attention to the details of the dream.

If the victory is on the side of the dreamer, in reality everything will be resolved safely. For an unmarried person, a dream sometimes heralds acquaintance with a man of the military profession.

When pregnant the girl dreams about the war, and most likely the baby she is carrying is male. Childbirth will take place favorably, and the character of the child will be militant and decisive.

When the war dreams and bombing the girl, in reality, she will pay attention to a married man. He will take care of the dreamer, but without serious intentions.

Accompany beloved to war — a warning. Something negative will show up in his character.

However, to meet a guy in a dream, who returned with a victory, is a sign that she will be able to come to terms with the shortcomings of her lover.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of war: the beginning of the war, the war in a dream to a man

The most ambiguous interpretations are characterized by the appearance of atomic threats in a dream.

The dreamed nuclear war, firstly, is a signal that it is necessary to adjust its plans. They will not lead to the expected result, and to save material and mental strength they must be abandoned. Secondly, the conflict with the use of nuclear weapons means the dreamer’s anxiety due to in reality unseemly deeds.

The fear that others will find out about them is not in vain.

Numerous explosions Atomic bombs predict tremendous changes. If the dreamer is covered by the shock wave, they will touch it directly.

Perhaps it will be a disease of his or someone close. Watching the dissolution of the nuclear «mushroom» — the changes will not be so negative.

Man this dream hints that he is too strict and unfair to others. Due to the quarrels in his life there will be significant changes.

In love a guy sleep is a warning: in reality, with a girl, problems may arise that can destroy the relationship. For women, the type of atomic explosion means a lack of male attention and a lack of intimate relationships.

Peaceful sky over your head, and let the war looks into your life exclusively in dreams. Indeed, depending on the day of the week, unpleasant scenes are not prophetic.

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