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Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of the grave: own, empty, dig a grave in a dream

One of the most frightening characters in dreams include graves. After the plot with their participation, few people wake up in a good mood, and expects all sorts of trouble.

All the more surprising it is that when trying to figure out what the grave dreams about, positive or warning values ​​are more common.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of the grave: own, empty, dig a grave in a dream

The dream of Gustav Miller fresh grave interprets as a sign of suffering. The reason will be the mean act of a familiar person. Probably, the state of health will require careful attention so that a small ailment does not turn into a chronic ailment.

For bitter losses, an abandoned graveyard with sagging graves dreams. For dream lovers, a walk on gravestones means that a planned marriage will not bring the expected happiness.

According to the dream Wang if you happen to see your own grave, an extraordinary event will soon happen. It is not the most positive way to affect life.

Several graves — a dysfunctional period. It is necessary to overcome the flow of difficulties.

Abandoned graves in a dream foreshadow confusion and loss of landmarks. Inner emptiness can lead to a depressive state.

Dream Esoterica Tsvetkova also interprets the plot in which the grave dreams, depending on the species. Clean tidy — for financial gain, getting news from afar. Excavated means the sad events in reality.

The frightening story of a dream with digging its own grave, the source interprets very positively. Soon you can improve living conditions: buy a house, apartment, or complete the repair.

American source considers the grave a symbol of self-restraint. It prevents to develop.

According to Azar’s dream book the grave foreshadows an unfair accusation. However, the troubles will end favorably.

East Dream treats the grave negatively. Health and problems in the business sphere are to deteriorate. Looking into an empty hole — to disappointment in reality.

Seeing your own name on the monument — the machinations of enemies can harm.

When dream graves with crosses the graveyard is well-groomed and beautiful, this is a good omen. Well, if such a plot dreamed of a sick person. Soon the state of health will improve.

Abandoned churchyard symbolizes a sense of internal devastation.

See monuments in the cemetery, and not to experience negative emotions, this is a sign of the onset of a successful period. Probably to meet with a familiar person.

Calm graveyard and many graves — a symbol of the completion of one life stage. A new one begins, in which it is necessary to meet interesting people and even change the situation.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of the grave: own, empty, dig a grave in a dream

Adverse Sign — dig the grave. Ahead of opposition to ill-wishers, career difficulties. Such a plot as digging a grave can also mean betrayal of friends.

Close people are able to fail in the near future.

An ominous prediction encompasses the dream in which it happened dig up the grave. Severe discomfort can overtake the sleeper or his relatives.

Bury grave in a dream — to the end of communication with someone of your friends or getting good news. This will lead to favorable changes.

Without fear walk on graves — the forerunner of a calm period. Sad, crying or afraid — sad news.

Long look for The grave in the cemetery is a symbol of problems. Probably to learn about the sudden death of a friend.

Tidying up on the grave means in reality it will have to solve many questions that have been abandoned. This must be done quickly and without delay.

The dreamed grave living person may scare. However, the dream does not carry the prophetic meaning that this person will soon have to be buried. Sources interpret this vision as a sign of spiritual renewal and significant changes in destiny.

In this case, the higher the mound of the earth is poured, the more significant the well-being this person will achieve.

The loss does not let go — that’s what the grave dreams about dead relative. It is also a sign that it is time to let go of the past and live on.

Significant changes are signaled by a dream. own the grave. About what they will, prompt the tested emotions.

If you had a chance to be frightened — ahead of the difficulties and troubles, and tranquility portends prosperity and longevity.

Perspective acquaintance prophesies alien a grave in a dream if she is well-groomed. Untidy warns that communication with a new person will end in disappointment.

The grave father’s serves as a symbol of the fact that soon the dreamer will need help from close people. It is worthwhile to look closely at them, because out of modesty relatives can be ashamed to ask for support.

On the deterioration of health foretells grave mothers. Sleep also warns that a chosen lifestyle can lead to depression.

Graves relatives more distant signal about receiving news about them. Probably, the person from the cemetery photo will be mixed up in a grand scandal.

There will be a series of conflicts in the bosom of the family, if you dream about the grave baby. Also frightening dream calls to show maximum attention to the younger generation, otherwise the usual efforts will turn into serious problems.

The grave of a friend or friend calls for help. A close friend was in a difficult situation, and could lose not only property, but also pay with health.

Neutral sign — dreamed grave stranger. Since it is not known whether he is alive or not, the plot simply reflects the completion of the next project.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of the grave: own, empty, dig a grave in a dream

Sad symbol — dreamed empty the grave. To hear the sad news.

Fresh the grave in a dream is interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, it is a sign of getting rid of unpleasant circumstances.

On the other — an indication that the dishonest act of a loved one will cause pain.

Just dug grave warns against accident. You can please him by your own carelessness.

Dug up the grave also serves as a warning about the occurrence of the disease. It is important to follow the slightest symptoms of deterioration of health.

A huge number of problematic situations symbolizes excavated the grave. They can arise unexpectedly and cause more moral than material damage.

Non-standard incidents mean the old graves, if they belong to strangers. Something extraordinary can bring out of the usual state of rest.

If a sagging the grave in a dream belongs to a relative, it is a sad sign. It is advisable not to start new projects in the near future, otherwise there is a risk of material loss.

The dreamed grave in colors alive and fragrant is a particularly auspicious vision for single people. Soon marriage can take place, which will be happy. To other dreamers this is a foreshadowing of joyful events.

However, when the grave dreams in artificial flowers and mourning wreaths, the meaning of the dream is different. Nearby may be not too sincere people.

Understanding the grave’s dream, it is important to take into account all the clues, then it will be possible to avoid life difficulties.

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