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Dream interpretation, what is the dream of the apartment: new, old, flood in the apartment in a dream

The answer to the question: “What is the dream of the apartment?” Depends on the nuances of what he saw. Every detail has its own meaning.

Dream Miller prompts that if the dreamer hardly finds out his own dwelling, good news will come. To rent an apartment — in solving problems, you need the help of others.

If you dream that you have robbed an apartment, you will have to fight for your convictions. Hardness and perseverance will be required.

A broken window in the apartment is bad. The project will fail. Flood in the apartment foreshadows problems with the property.

Family dreamers plot warns that there will be a misunderstanding. Buying an apartment is interpreted depending on the appearance.

Clean — to good change, dirty — trouble.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of the apartment: new, old, flood in the apartment in a dream

According to the dream Wang when dreaming apartment is spacious and comfortable, this is a precursor of family well-being. Repair foreshadows financial gain.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century for businessmen treats apartment robbery positively. Deals in the near future will be successful.

Family dream book a thief in an apartment means mistakes of the past. They need to be urgently corrected.

Modern dream booktreats moving to another apartment as a good change. Unfortunately the dream is a mess in the apartment.

Perhaps to cry. Theft in the apartment warns that excessive gentleness of character is harmful.

It can take advantage of detractors.

There is a romantic date ahead — that’s what a woman’s apartment dreams about, if the living space is alien. Vis-a-vis can be both an old friend and a new lover.

Guests in the apartment foretell troubles.

English source contains another interpretation.

The mess in the apartment symbolizes the difficult work, which will be generously rewarded.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation treats the flood in an apartment when water pours from above, as the upcoming sexual pleasures. Below — the passion cools.

According to the newest dream book An open door in the apartment is a good sign. Patients will feel better.

Rearrangement in the apartment means a thirst for change.

Pigeons in the apartment in a dream appear to joyful events.

When the apartment is being dreamed, it is important to understand to whom it belonged, whether it has been in reality. Of course, it is necessary to take into account how she looked.

New apartment in a dream, sparkling clean and comfortable, means an increase in material well-being. Another pleasant meaning is the beginning of an exciting love story.

Alien the old apartment with shabby walls and floors — a warning. In the implementation of projects will suddenly have difficulty.

The former apartment means that the dreamer overcomes longing for bygone days. A meeting may be held with childhood buddies.

Additionally, the value of such a dream is interpreted depending on the type of room. Pure — to a calm period and peace.

Littered or covered with cobwebs — to minor confusions and obstacles in the implementation of plans.

Emotional connections with kin are very strong, that’s what dreams of a flat, in which she lived before, and now dear people live. If you have not visited for a long time — it’s time to make a pleasant visit, which will please everyone.

For girl alien the apartment foreshadows a wedding, a family dreamer — unexpected love. A man such a dream symbolizes discomfort from the inability to control all life circumstances.

If a unfamiliar the apartment was bright, and the sensations were positive, positive changes lay ahead, which would put everything in its place. The anxious feeling left after visiting the gloomy monastery warns that the solution of complex life tasks awaits ahead.

Dreamed the big apartment in a dream symbolizes ambitious plans. This reflects the need for self-realization, and in reality there is every chance to display talents and abilities.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of the apartment: new, old, flood in the apartment in a dream

About barriers and bureaucratic delays warns small apartment. However, too narrow a room represents both external and internal restrictions.

Disbelief in one’s own strength can destroy even a very promising project.

When dream of a flat without repair, this indicates the need to revise priorities and draw up a detailed plan for achieving the goal. Although it will have to try, but the desires will be fulfilled.

The sign of a decrease in vitality is considered empty apartment. The dreamer is too busy at home and at work.

This led to spiritual emptiness, and at least a very short rest is urgently needed.

If you dream of a flat with furniture, in life everything is easy. Such a favor of fortune can cause laziness, but you should not relax, because fate is unpredictable.

The onset of a difficult period foreshadows burnt down apartment. Plans collapse due to external circumstances, which could not be foreseen.

Everything literally will have to start from scratch.

Dreamed dirty flat — to routine troubles. Small troubles are likely.

They will be easy to fix, but it will take precious time.

Removable apartment in a dream is an indication that the sleeper is too much involved in the personal lives of other people, sometimes even when they are not asked to do so. Renting a two-room apartment for a free girl means two fans will appear at the same time, with whom she will flirt carelessly.

Beautiful apartment is treated positively. Good news will come along, and entrepreneurs will be pleased with stable profits.

More often than not, the apartment is not just a dream, but the person in it does something. Plots with buying and selling, cleaning and repair are quite common.

After all, this is part of everyday life.

In reality, buying an apartment is a crucial step. If such plans really exist, or a recent property transaction has occurred, the dream merely reflects an experience or is a memory.

To choose apartment — the forerunner of changes that are inevitable. The dreamer himself feels joyful anticipation from new life perspectives.

Buying an apartment can mean rational investment finance. Well, if such a plot has dreamed of businessmen — this is an easy profit.

Be sure to analyze what happened buy an apartment. Tidy — to new acquaintances.

Bright and spacious living space reflects the ability to quickly find a way out of any situation.

Buy the apartment is gloomy and even frightening — a warning. Someone limits the path to success.

Problems are warned by a dream story in which it was possible to inherit an apartment. Many minor issues will require immediate resolution, distracting from the main goal.

The presented living space is a good sign. Material well-being will improve, in the business sphere everything moves forward without difficulty.

Warning sign for family and lovers — change apartment in a dream. Inattention to the interests of the partner may push for treason.

Look at repairs in the apartment is a great dream. Naya one of your friends will provide disinterested help in a difficult case. To make repairs in the apartment yourself is the plot, which is also treated positively.

Through hard work and effort, life will improve.

Wallpapering in his apartment — be responsible for the family. To decorate the walls of someone else’s property — in reality a close person will need help, and the dreamer will provide it.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of the apartment: new, old, flood in the apartment in a dream

For family cleaning in the apartment is a good sign. Even if there were any disagreements, they will remain in the past. Getting out of the apartment is a symbolic personification of purification from the negative.

After that, life will change for the better.

In the personal sphere unexpected events will occur if dreamed take off an apartment. Renting your own is a new romantic hobby.

Sell apartment — an indication that it is time to get rid of their outdated relationships. Move — it is worth changing views on current events.

The flood in an apartment in a dream means very strong emotions in reality. What they will be prompted by the details.

Flooding the apartment with water, which looks clean and transparent, foreshadows pleasant experiences ahead. Hot muddy liquid, spoiling furniture and things, personifies depression and illness.

If the flood in the apartment happened to the relatives of the sleeping people, they will get into trouble.

According to one of the interpretations, if the apartment was flooded in a dream — a hint of alcohol abuse. Such a plot suggests that this problem must be urgently addressed.

For the girl in love, ice water in the apartment considered a sign of cooling feelings. This will cause great chagrin and a lot of tears.

Nayavu will face trouble if dreamed how apartment is on fire. It will be impossible to prevent them, but it is advisable not to lose the presence of the spirit, then it will be easier to survive them.

Relationships with loved ones become very complicated, that’s what dreams flat on fire, belonging to the dreamer. Well, if the flame did not touch the walls.

True friends will help extinguish a conflict situation.

Strong emotions mean smoke and fire in the apartment. If at the same time neither the people nor the property were injured, the energy of the sleeper will lead to positive changes and improvement of the material situation.

Smoke without fire — unfounded fears.

Had a chance extinguish the fire in the apartment, and it turned out to win the flame — a good sign. External and internal problems will be overcome.

Arrange arson — fatigue from some kind of imposed obligations and exhausted dating.

When dreaming apartment, such a dream deserves attention. Deciphering the meaning will help avoid problems.

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