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Dream interpretation, what is the dream of the former: a girl, a wife, a crush in love with you in a dream

The world of dreams reflects the experiences experienced in reality. The collapse of relationships is a strong emotional shock for both women and men.

It is not surprising that sometimes the lady with whom romance was associated, a strong passion or marriage bond, dreams. A dream can appear once, or be repeated regularly, and the meaning is interpreted very diversely. What dreams ex-girlfriend or spouse?

This is not necessarily her thoughts about sleeping or memories of the past. Interpretation of different dream books will help to understand the intricate plot that returns to the past.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of the former: a girl, a wife, a crush in love with you in a dream

Popular Dream Gustav Miller predicts that being in a dream, proudly passing by and as if not noticing the presence of a sleeper, is a sign of liberation. The time has come to come to terms with the fact that the past connection has completely exhausted itself.

If the former caresses, the feelings are still alive. It displays a strong attachment.

To quarrel and plot a scuffle with a once beloved person is a special symbol. At the energy level, the connection is still strong.

This psychological subconscious setting prevents the establishment and development of new relationships.

The dreamed dead being in a dream is a warning sign. Cases abandoned unfinished require urgent completion.

According to the dream Wang, when a former girlfriend or ex-spouse dreams, in the past there were unresolved problems that require joint reflection and action. We’ll have to clarify everything before it’s too late.

Dream Study by Stuart Robinson suggests the need to do everything to get rid of painful memories. Former time to leave in the past and move to a new life.

According to the dream book Nancy Vagaymen quarrel in a dream with the former means an unexpected betrayal of a loved one. The source advises not to trust the most intimate secrets.

Marriage to the former foreshadows drastic changes in the business and emotional sphere.

Dream dream wanderer treats a quarrel with the ex-wife or lover rather original. Sleeping remained incomprehensible cause of separation, and this was the reason for the fear of new connections. Until he understands what happened, real relationships will not bring him satisfaction.

Kissing the former, and watching the face become unfamiliar — an unsuccessful attempt to escape. Life values ​​should be completely rethought.

Russian dream book interprets in detail the meaning of the once loved ones. If you dream of an ex-wife with a tear-stained face, sleeping unhappy parting. Having fun together is a bad sign.

The dream foreshadows deterioration of health and problems in new relationships.

The dream interpretation medium Hasse calls upon the interpretation of what a former love dream is to take into account feelings upon awakening. If positive joyful feelings remain, good events will happen in the near future.

With a negative feeling of resentment or bitterness — to face the troubles.

Modern dream book also suggests that the dreaming ex-girlfriend may have slightly different interpretations. If the girl in the dream looked calm and contented, such a plot promises a great, joyful, new connection.

A sad or resentful former lover symbolizes the sleeper’s unwillingness to enter into other relationships.

According to the dream book of the divinator Michel Nostradamus being in a dream is a warning symbol. It is possible to perform a love spell ritual in relation to the dreamer, and until the magical effect is eliminated, he will not experience happiness.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of the former: a girl, a wife, a crush in love with you in a dream

A dream dreamer suffers in past times if he often dream ex girlfriend A man should understand why he feels such emotions: because of not quite past love or only because of a wounded ego.

Attachment to their suffering over the gap prevents further personal life.

Difficult choice and stalemate is symbolized by the dreamed ex-girlfriend with another guy. It is difficult for the sleeper to start a new relationship because of the burden of the past.

Feelings for the once beloved still excite the dreamer, if to him in the night’s dream is pregnant ex girlfriend If she declares that the father of the future baby is a dreamer, this is how projects and cases left unfinished in reality are reflected.

Also, this exciting story has another interpretation. New favorite unhappy with the development of relationships, and is ready to break the bond.

If she is dear to the dreamer, he should analyze his shortcomings and try to become better.

Nayavu will have to experience a lot of trouble if you dreamed kiss in a dream to an ex-girlfriend. All the origins of the problems are in the past, and for the resolution will have to make titanic efforts.

To great anxiety, dreams sex with a former girlfriend. Again, you have to go back to the affairs and projects that the sleeper considered long over.

Make peace with an ex-girlfriend in a dream — it means that in reality this will never come true. However, a man may find happiness with a friend, to whom he had previously not paid due attention.

When former lover dreamed of getting married, the dreamer was able to defeat painful memories. The past no longer has power over him, and now he is completely free to take steps towards a new happiness.

If the former favorite has dreamed very joyfully, in reality the girl is not the easiest period. If she cries, the meaning of the dream is the opposite.

In fact, she has everything in a new life without a dreamer safely, and we must forget about her forever.

In the case of dreams former bride returned and wants to continue the relationship, so reflected her regret for parting. The feelings of the sleeper upon waking up determine whether he wants to respond to this subconscious message.

If the former marries a dreamer in a dream, this will not happen in reality. However, the dreamer is expected to have very pleasant changes in the sphere of feelings: new passions and even the setting up of serious relationships.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of the former: a girl, a wife, a crush in love with you in a dream

When begins often dream ex-wife, most likely it is the real longing for a once close person. To part with old habits and memories is very difficult for the dreamer, but it is necessary to make this step.

Perhaps the passion has not left the sleeper, if in a dream he re-organized sex with ex-wife. Interpreters suggest that if there is no obligation to another lady, you can try to resume the relationship.

On the other hand, this story indicates that the intimate relationship with the new lover is still not harmonious enough, and the sleeper lacks sensual pleasures.

Dreamed pregnant ex-wife — the danger of being stuck in their own thoughts. The plot of the dream is pushing for change.

If the ex-spouse announces that he is expecting a baby from a sleeper, then an indefinite situation is reflected in reality.

When an ex-wife is dreaming, it is always an indication to look for an unsolved problem in the past. The reasons for the difficulties in the present are there.

Dreamed up ex legal spouse — warning symbol. While not bringing to a logical conclusion all the cases started earlier, the past will continue to bother the dreamer.

If the former dream common-law wife, married to another is a sign that the renewal of relations is no longer possible. But finally there is a chance to gain new happiness.

If in a dream the former in love with you, as before, in reality it foreshadows difficulties in the personal sphere. The dream suggests that while the past has a significant impact on the sleeper, it is almost impossible to build new happy relationships.

It is time to forget about what feelings you have experienced, and move towards the future.

If the former in tears dream, dream is interpreted the opposite. In fact, the girl is doing well.

The sleeper is also waiting for new promising relationships.

If the former is happy and happy, the time has come to finish thinking about the past. Return to the old feelings will not.

Ahead of significant changes in life when the former had a dream sick. They will concern not only personal, but also professional sphere.

The fact that a woman in reality has serious problems or even tragedy, symbolizes a dream in which the former had a dream naked. Assistance and support remains at the discretion of the sleeper.

It is also a sign that the time has come for changes in the new relationship. If the dreamer is still lonely, then in the near future a fateful meeting is possible.

The seen one in a dream is an ambiguous symbol. It is good that most often sad omens from such a dream should not be expected, and you can enjoy life.

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