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Dream interpretation, what is the dream of mother: dead, pregnant, quarrel with mother in dream

Understanding what the mother dreams about, it is very important to remember all the details of the nightly dreams. What matters is whether she is alive or has already left this world, what it looked like, what happened together.

The alien parent also has various interpretations.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of mother: dead, pregnant, quarrel with mother in dream

According to Gustav Miller’s dream book quiet mom is the forerunner of the good development of all the projects started. Women are especially good sleep. Ahead is a family idyll, and household chores, bringing joy and satisfaction with fate.

The painful look of the mother indicates a period of sadness. Hearing her call is a warning about a tense situation in personal and business areas. Crying mothers — a signal of danger.

Nayavu accident or serious problems is possible.

Dream Vanga believes that the dreaming mom personifies the events of the future. If she looks familiar, is in an everyday situation — no major changes are foreseen.

Upset or weeping — a threat is hanging over the sleeping one. It is even worse if the death of the mother who is alive is seen.

In all areas to face trouble.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova treats the mother as a premonition and an indication of her own fate. It is important to take into account that if she looked exhausted or sick, women will face problems in relationships, and men may face trouble at work.

Dream of the white magician Yuri Longo interprets the dream mother as a symbol of prosperity. To see his own face very clearly, to the smallest lines, to see you soon, if the parent is alive.

If she is no longer nearby, the dream suggests that it is time to visit the grave. Sick in a dream — quarrels in reality.

If in a dream she is cooking — soon there will be guests in the house.

According to the dream medium miss Hasse The late mother, who has dreamed, prophesies long years of life to the one who saw her in a dream. Conversation with her reassures: the machinations of detractors will be able to expose.

Old Slavic dream Veles He sees the dreamed live mother as a sign of good events. If you see a joyful smiling deceased, there will be positive changes.

Upset or crying — warning of misfortunes, financial losses.

According to the modern dream book The boy’s acquaintance with his mother symbolizes fears about how their relationship will develop. Straightforward treatment: the more benevolently they communicated in a dream, the better.

Moon dream interprets that a native mother dreams as a sign of good luck. Also, the source suggests that the fear of the upcoming acquaintance with the mother of her beloved is a story not related to her.

This reflects ambitious plans that require support from outside.

According to the dream book Thelomena Mom’s dream birthday is a reflection of her sincere wishes of happiness addressed to the dreamer. So may be the desire to see each other.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of mother: dead, pregnant, quarrel with mother in dream

If you dream that mom dies in a dream, awakening can hardly be called joyful. Anxiety for the most dear person is quite understandable.

However, almost all dream books claim that the death of the mother, who is alive, is treated positively. Nayawa her health will be strong, and there are many happy years ahead.

If you dream that died mother, in fact, suffering from the disease is considered a sign of speedy recovery. Also, the frightening plot is sometimes deciphered controversy, and is advice to refrain from disputes.

Live mother in a coffin — symbolic display of problems. About where to wait for them and how to prevent, tell the objects surrounding environment.

The funeral Moms — by the end of an important life period. It turns out to establish relationships with others, it is only necessary to take control of emotions.

Mother’s death is a shocking event. It is difficult to recover from it, and the heart wound always hurts, even if outwardly a person is happy.

That’s why when dead mother dreams alive, it is usually a reflection of memories and longing for it. It is important to remember everything she said and how she looked.

Sad deceased mom in a dream is interpreted as a misbehavior of a waking sleeper, a call to forgive old offenses. Merry is a good sign.

If in a dream, a dead mother is sick or cold, people recommend ordering a commemorative note, put a candle and give alms with food or things. Sometimes it is advised to visit the cemetery, and clean up at the grave.

The appearance of a parent in a dream can be a reflection of daily impressions, or serves as a forecast for the coming days.

Happy mom daughters foreshadows joy, sad — warns of difficulties.

Also mom a woman signals the need to devote time to the disclosure of external and internal beauty. This is a sign that it is necessary to harmonize life.

Native person worried about your health, this is what mom dreams about pregnant to the woman. It is important to meet, or at least talk, and calm her down.

Strong stress is signaled by mom the bride. This expresses the desire to shift even a few worries to others.

Young wife visit relatives in the dream — a happy sign. Family life will be prosperous.

Dreamed mom son personifies a strong emotional attachment, and there is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps in order to become wiser, in reality you should turn to her for advice.

Mama a man adult is a reflection of the need for support, tenderness and care. Nayavu communication with the mother easily return faith in yourself.

Conversation with mom serves as a hint. Therefore, upon awakening, it is important to remember the phrases, or even write them down.

Quarrel with mom in a dream does not mean that the conflict will happen in reality. This is a warning about the threat from the side.

Had a dream swear with mom — be careful. It would not be superfluous to revise self-esteem, because now it is understated.

Dreamed fight with mom is a projection of old offenses on others. They and unwarranted guilt prevent the enjoyment of life.

Sex with mom means the high demands that the sleeper imposes on others. It’s time to remember that there are no ideal people, and forgive minor flaws.

Hug mother in a dream — a symbol of gentle relationships in reality. This story suggests the need for communication, which gives mutual joy.

Great sign — kiss mommy Ahead is the successful development of all undertakings, patronage and profit.

A strong family bond symbolizes the dream in which it happened dance with mom. The ability to find compromises that parents have taught is very useful in life.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of mother: dead, pregnant, quarrel with mother in dream

Pregnant mother in a dream — an ambiguous symbol. In one interpretation, this is an indication that it is time to become more independent.

However, most often the mother’s pregnancy is treated as a successful realization of all that is intended.

If dreamed that mom gives birth, this is a forerunner of a purchase that could not afford for a long time. The path to this goal was not easy, so the joy of the acquisition will be very strong.

Soon the cherished desire to replenish the family will come true, that’s what mom dreams about gave birth to a girl or a boy people dreaming of children. The rest of the dream foreshadows pleasant events in reality.

Being in a narcotic stupor or drunk mother personifies the hypocrisy of the sleeper. Dream suggests that you should not give up pleasant meetings with friends because of compliance with only external conventions.

For woman naked Mom serves as a warning about financial losses. A man dream embodies bold erotic fantasies, which is a shame to share with a partner.

Bad if dreamed crying Mama. Nayavu trap quarrel and conflict situations.

Family people, such a vision may even portend a divorce.

If mom dreams in a wedding dress, and she is in a good mood, you can be happy. Soon there will be a positive change.

Sad mother in her wedding dress is a warning. All forces should avoid quarrels with relatives, which in the near future can turn from almost harmless misunderstanding into full-fledged hostility.

Mom’s dreamed wedding can prophesy separation from her. The reason may be a move or a long trip. When a mother really gets married in reality, vision does not matter much.

This is part of the daily troubles that have penetrated the dreamhouse.

Mom’s dreamed disease is not a hint about the deterioration of her state of health in reality. It is necessary to interpret what she saw from where she was.

If a the sick Mom was at home — in difficult situations, you will need to seek support from relatives. Seeing her in a hospital is a hint that change will bring trouble.

When mom is sick in a dream, this is a warning to children about the need to show increased vigilance. Careless actions can harm.

Young mother in a dream — to positive changes in the way of thinking and renewing the spirit. In place of the black band comes white.

Dreamed the old Mom is a call. It is urgent to pay attention to her state of health in reality.

The fact that there is a high probability of making a fatal mistake is warning wicked mother in a dream. It is necessary to avoid actions, because of which will torment the conscience.

Cheerful mother — to the favorable period. You can start new projects, as well as successfully complete current business.

Own mother is considered an important hint. And the exact meaning of the dream is in the details.

When mom dreams boyfriend, who likes it is a reflection of the timidity in front of her and the desire to please. If the woman looked calm and benevolent, the relationship would be normal.

Evil displeased face — foreshadowing communication problems.

The dream mom of this guy also signals the established relationship. Hidden emotions show dream.

When the mother of a loved one appears very often in night dreams, this is an indication that they began to notice shortcomings in the object of passion. Only the feelings of the parent are unconditional, therefore there is nothing reprehensible in this.

About not completely forgotten passion mom signals the former in a dream. However, the dream of renewing the relationship did not come true.

Call for support is mom girlfriends. Probably a friend hesitates to ask for help, which she really needs.

To resolve an exciting situation the plot become mom in a dream. It is a symbol of liberation from what was drawn back.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of mother: dead, pregnant, quarrel with mother in dream

For people who survived the death of their mother, it is quite natural to want to see her at least in a dream. Many are upset because it does not cause a virtual visit. When mom does not dream, the reason may be in the psychological unit that puts the subconscious in an attempt to protect from the pain of loss.

There is also an alternative point of view that carries a touch of mysticism. Perhaps the person is not ready to receive unexpected information, or the mother is dissatisfied with how her child controls the life. It is necessary to reconsider the deeds, not to commit vileness and not lie.

Then soon the dream to see your beloved mummy will come true, and the dream will bring peace.

Why does the deceased mother often dream — the answer of the priest

The Russian Orthodox Church has a negative attitude to attempts to predict the future by various types of divination, including the search for meaning in dreams. Such actions are considered a manifestation of superstition and obscurantism, which should not be possessed by the thoughts of a true Christian. Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov’s blog indicates that regardless of whether a long-dead mother dreams of or not, you should regularly commemorate her in prayers, order services and put candles for the rest of the soul in the temple, read the Psalter if possible.

Also, the priest further emphasizes that dreams are from the evil one.

In interpreting what a mother dreams of, you can lean towards the point of view of the Russian Orthodox Church, or decipher all the nuances of what you see. But in any case, it is worth paying attention to the living parent, surround her with care and love, pay homage.

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