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Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of gold: gold jewelry, find gold in a dream

Nayawa precious metal causes rather ambiguous emotions. Gold and products from it are luxury goods, objects of sincere admiration, as well as greedy passion.

Such duality is also reflected in deciphering the question of what dreams of gold.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of gold: gold jewelry, find gold in a dream

After having dreamed precious metal Gustav Miller warns about the emergence of gossip about the person dreamer. However, if you had a chance to hold gold in your hands, the value is positive.

Russian dream book treats such a plot as a passionate desire to achieve financial well-being. How it will come true, tell the details of the dream.

According to Ukrainian version, in reality strengthen mindfulness. The danger is near, so you should not risk it, and it is better to refuse to participate in questionable enterprises in the near future.

Freight’s Dream Interpretation separately considers the plot in which the dreamer gets precious jewelry as a gift. So, according to the famous psychiatrist, expressed desire to bribe the attention of the person of interest.

Figuratively speaking, buying love.

Polish dream book warns that soon to be spent. It is necessary to keep yourself in hand, and do not spray money on nonsense.

Esoteric Flowers treats the dreamed gold as insincere friends, deceitful words. Perhaps in reality someone will try to cheat. Echoing this, idiomatic dream book calls for closer attention to the compliments in his address.

Among the kind words hidden coarse flattery.

According to the dream Wang dream of gold as a warning of disagreements in the family. Misunderstanding will be associated with the reluctance to make concessions and the desire for sole dictatorship in the circle of loved ones.

Dream loft treats the dreamed gold exclusively in a positive way. The sleeper is accompanied by material wealth.

Buying a precious metal means adequate use of all the chances offered by fate.

According to the meaning of French dream book, Gold dreams on the eve of a reckless act. In order not to lose the gained reputation it is necessary to follow the words and actions.

Modern dream book of the 21st century treats the precious metal exclusively positively. If there is a lot of it, this is a precursor of the onset of a favorable period. For entrepreneurs — getting a solid profit.

For the rest — a decent reward.

Men and women dream of gold and diamonds, received as a gift, as a precursor to improving the financial situation. After such a dream, lovers can count on a decision on cohabitation, and even a wedding celebration.

If you have lost the jewels, you need to temper your own ambitions in reality, otherwise you can turn your dear people away from you with your pride and contempt.

To new projects and the implementation of creative plans dream white gold. At the same time, such a dream warns of the need to keep details secret from the general public.

The success of pans can inadvertently prevent relatives, as well as — deliberate machinations of envious.

In general, in reality and in a dream, beautiful precious things are positive symbols, but there are significant nuances that change the meaning of a dream. In order to understand the most correctly, what is the dream of gold in the form of jewelry, it is necessary to recall their appearance and location.

Elegant, brilliant gold chain on the neck of the dreamer predicts a joyful situation, developing in reality. Perhaps a pleasant acquaintance.

To see a chain on someone else in a dream is a signal to beware of someone else’s deception.

If dreaming pendant on himself — all the difficulties that the dreamer is experiencing are left behind. I dreamed of a chain with a golden pendant on someone else’s neck — a symbol of the fact that one should not get involved in the details of someone else’s private life.

Precious cross symbolizes wealth, including spiritual generosity, if it is on the sleeper. To feel that it is too heavy, it means that in reality there are too many obligations.

Seeing a cross on others means that soon you have to get upset.

All undertakings will be successful if the day before a sparkling golden dream ring. Changes occurring in the near future will be joyful.

A beautiful diamond in a frame indicates the patronage and good advice of a wise man. However, if there is a pearl in the ring, disappointment in love relationships is possible in reality.

Seen golden earrings in a dream, if they are both, it is a favorable symbol. Ahead successful cooperation, the conclusion of a friendly or even marriage union.

Incomplete couple — a sign of shattered hopes.

If you dream of gold jewelry with stones in a dream, accidentally found by a dreamer, it means that a period of absolute luck will soon begin. If it turned out that they are fake, someone unpleasantly surprised.

Often unmarried ladies dream donated gold jewelry before offering a hand and heart from a fan. However, in real life, the man will not be so generous. To accept as a gift jewelry — the desire to strengthen their position in society.

The dream warns that to use for this purpose it is necessary exclusively legal ways.

By the rapid career and success of the opposite sex dreams choose gold jewelry. Warns of the need to use the odds offered by fate, the plot with the lost jewels.

Gold watches signal the rapid flow of time, and prompt to act more vigorously.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of gold: gold jewelry, find gold in a dream

You can stop worrying about problems if you dream find gold Such a plot promises a good period.

Partly a dream in which to find lot gold, means the pursuit of lasting material well-being.

To find treasure gold, consisting mainly of coins — happiness is on the threshold. Basically, the find contains jewelry — it means there are real chances to strengthen the financial position.

Gold bars firmly guarantee increased revenue.

Good sign — find lost gold in a dream. He belongs to the field of personal relationships. This is a pleasant return to the social circle of old friends whom the sleeper lacked.

The lost gold ring was found — in reality all projects will be crowned with success. However, if the found precious things have a defect, there is a quarrel about trifles ahead.

It is worth controlling your words.

When dream find gold in water (to wash it in the mine) in reality it will be necessary to work hard to realize all the possibilities. Discover a huge nugget — in the cases of triumph awaits.

However, the methods by which it will be achieved can lead to the denigration of reputation.

In the case when dreaming gold in the ground, the dreamer should pay attention to the style of communication with others, and be more lenient towards weaknesses. Getting a coin out of the soil means getting a well-deserved wage increase in reality.

Numerous ingots Gold in a dream predict financially profitable project. For a young girl to be present in a bank vault full of jewels, sometimes means quarrel with her parents regarding her leisure.

Hopes for wealth increase will soon come true if you dream a lot of gold in products. Wealth will not come on its own, and the sleeper will have to work hard, but the pleasure will be more complete.

A quick career takeoff is inevitable if you dream a lot gold and silver. All merits will be appreciated.

It happened to find a lot of gold — a good sign, heralding the rapid advance up the career ladder. Digging the ground, and stumbling upon a gold-bearing vein, means for the sake of success you will have to make tremendous efforts.

When dream much stolen gold, in reality there will be situations in which the sleeper will be powerless to influence. Common sense will help minimize damage.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of gold: gold jewelry, find gold in a dream

When dream to lose gold, in reality, is to revise its own value system. Perhaps this is how the subconscious shows the need to moderate financial claims.

As a sign of strong pride for himself and his descendants, the plot in which buy gold. Although this feeling is quite reasonable, one should not demonstrate it too actively, and even more so to prevent its transformation into pride.

You should avoid making hastily acts if you suddenly dream steal gold. The projects proposed soon will lead to enrichment, but at the same time they will add remorse.

To steal precious metal is a warning that disputes with close people are soon possible. It is likely that the situation will result in which you can lose respect.

The opposite plot — the theft of gold in a dream from the dreamer threatens the deterioration of health. It is worth saving health.

When dream collect gold scattered on the floor or on the street is not a very favorable symbol. Nayavu need to pay increased attention to health.

Warning value has a dream in which it was necessary give away gold. There may be deceit from loved ones, from everyday lies on trifles even to serious betrayal.

Take from someone in a dream, and then to measure gold and jewelry made from this metal means to secretly envy others. The dream serves as a warning: someone else’s life always seems happier, but this is not always true.

When dreaming gold to give, in reality, you have to take care of the problems of your friends. The situation thanks to the intervention of the sleeper will be resolved safely, but personally he will not bring material dividends.

Good dreams and joyful events in reality!

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