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Dream interpretation, what is the dream of an owl: a man, a woman, a white owl in a dream

Owls are considered to be birds endowed with a special mind. Perhaps due to the incredible ability to turn his head at a very large angle, the archetype of wisdom is attributed to them.

At the same time, the nocturnal life of feathered predators is suggestive of danger and mysticism. Therefore, in interpreting what the owl dreams about, one can meet radically opposing opinions of venerable interpreters.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of an owl: a man, a woman, a white owl in a dream

Dream Miller in the appearance of owls sees a bad sign. The sleeper is exposed to threats from the side and is subject to slander of secret enemies. Hear the owl cry in the distance — to receive bad news.

Uuane was heard in a dream next to the house — probably the addition to the family.

According to the dream Wang many owls foreshadow sad and even tragic events. The Bulgarian prophetess interprets these nocturnal hunters as a warning of military conflicts and terrible epidemics that will kill many people.

According to the dream book of Aesop Owls with owls found personify wise tips. Thanks to the advice of caring people, the sleeper will avoid trouble.

Dream of the white magician Longo treats that as a reflection of vain fears a owl is dreaming in the process of hunting. There are no good reasons for this, but the dreamer is afraid of being in the role of victim.

Dream Medea interprets the bird as a symbol of secret knowledge.

If you are dreaming of an owl sitting on a tree, there is a significant deterioration in your financial situation ahead. Night predator with prey in claws is a good sign.

It turns out to deal with minor problems.

Family Dream treats an owl on a branch opposite, quite positively. The wise man from the near circle of communication will give valuable advice to the dreamer.

Ukrainian dream book Considers the night hunter a warning of the danger of fire.

The owl knocking on the window is an even more ominous omen. So symbolically manifested loss in the family.

Dream Michel Nostradamus in relation to the dreaming owl is categorical, and interprets its appearance in a peculiar way. A meeting will happen with a person who is perfectly fluent in black magic.

According to the dream-book of the 21st century owl in a dream means a pleasant meeting with a friend. A bird with white plumage suggests a romantic date.

To hold her in hands is a strong fear in reality.

Interpretation of Old Slavic Veles’ dream book neutral. Women and family men will soon have an unexpected meeting, for bachelors — a wedding celebration.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud interprets the owl as a symbol of sexually transmitted diseases. To protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, you should reconsider your style of behavior with the opposite sex or more carefully protect themselves.

To properly decipher why the owl dreams a woman, you need to consider its marital status and the color of the bird. A dream for a married woman heralds profitable acquisitions, and at the same time indicates the need to take care of her spouse’s health. In general, a white owl to a woman means a secret meeting.

Lonely dreamers can count on getting to know a person under non-trivial circumstances.

Owl unmarried a woman who is in a love affair symbolizes emotional dependence on a partner. Meeting with an extraordinary person can be a turn in destiny.

Also owl a girl It prophesies that her husband will not be too rich. Perhaps the groom’s relatives will be from the marginal strata of society.

Owl pregnant a woman gives a sign that her excitement about the nearest replenishment in the family is not justified.

When owl dream a man, ahead of him expect a sudden waste. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the sleeper, they will not cause serious damage.

Owl a guy predicts that his bride will be a person, distinguished by scandalous behavior. It is advisable to think carefully about the decision to marry, and listen to the advice of people whom the dreamer trusts.

Unusual symbol is white owl. Nayavu will meet with a man whose mindset will be a revelation for the sleeper.

Polar owl warns that soon under very extravagant circumstances acquaintance will occur. Subsequently, this event will be of great importance.

Bird with fantastic golden plumage or yellow owl calls for frugality. In the near future, the financial sector will require close attention.

To the change of worldview appears black owl in a dream. The new information, which until this moment was secret, will make it differently aware of the essence of the events.

Indicates the presence in the life of a sleeping alien influence gray owl. Someone gradually imposes his own will, and it’s time for the dreamer to figure out whether he really does what he needs.

It is also a symbol of anguish and incipient depression.

Dreamed manual owl is a good sign. Strong traits of a dreamer are the ability to make informed decisions and wisdom.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of an owl: a man, a woman, a white owl in a dream

Huge Owl is a symbol of successful overcoming obstacles due to extraordinary actions and resourcefulness. It turns out not only brilliantly out of trouble, but also learn an important life lesson.

The situation, emerging in reality, will be a test of the strength of character and wisdom, if dreamed up the big owl. You will need to show all the best qualities.

A period of relative calm foreshadows small owl. Minor household and work issues will be resolved in the usual ways and without much hassle.

About a strange situation that will arise in reality, warns the old owl. Support will be a wise woman.

About future difficulties reports attacker owl in a dream. Insidious foe will be decided on the meanness.

Dead owl is interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, it is a reminder of the need for spiritual development.

On the other hand, it will be possible to avoid serious health problems.

I dreamed a stuffed owl — a warning. It is time to analyze the mistakes committed earlier in order not to repeat them in a similar situation.

If the bird in the dream was speaking, it is advisable to recall her words. They contain a hint for the coming days.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of an owl: a man, a woman, a white owl in a dream

Fear of reality, most likely associated with fire, means owl in hand sleeping But this event will have a positive impact: it will unite with family and friends.

Interpreting why the owl dreams on the shoulder, it is advisable to recall the side on which it settled. The bird on the right symbolizes a reliable friend, on the left — an unexpected enemy, perhaps even an unfamiliar one.

If the owl flies, and then sits on any part of the body of the sleeper, this is how an indisposition is displayed. Should check this body.

Owl in the House displays a craving for mystical knowledge and the need for solitude minutes. If a bird in a dream flies into an apartment, the next 3 days it is undesirable to make important decisions and not start new business.

When owl dream in a cage, need to think about the realization of their own talents. Some abilities are not used at all.

Owls on the tree foreshadow some monetary difficulties. It is advisable not to make financial investments.

The symbol of spiritual quest is an owl. outside the window. The plot suggests that the truth is near, but the sleeper does not notice it.

Beautiful sign — to iron owl. Good luck will accompany in all affairs.

A sufficient level of strength and everyday experience is evidenced by a dream in which it happened feed an owl from your hand. Thanks to personal qualities, it will be possible to overcome a variety of situations.

Kill Owl — a warning against committing impulsive acts. Due to negligence can seriously harm themselves and loved ones.

To see someone familiar kill an owl — a plot warning of a quarrel arising with this person. A dream indicates that every effort must be made to avoid conflict.

Catch owl and catch — a good omen. All disputes will be resolved in favor of the sleeper, and if in reality there is a lawsuit — she will have a positive result.

Trying to understand why an owl dreams, it is necessary to take into account your own emotions upon awakening. Especially close attention deserves a sense of fear.

You should definitely listen to the hints from sleep, to beware of negative situations and avoid doing stupid things.

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