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Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of a woman’s monthly period, monthly blood in a dream

Regular bleeding is natural for women. They are a familiar part of life.

Reguls, as menstruation is sometimes called, become the subject of anxiety or joy. After all, the absence of “critical days” in due time among women of childbearing age is often one of the first signs of waiting for a baby.

It is therefore not surprising that sometimes the fair sex dreams of such a symbol. The meaning of the dream depends on the details of what he saw, the personality of the dreamer and his marital status, the point of view of the interpreters.

So why dream monthly?

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of a woman's monthly period, monthly blood in a dream

Although traditionally blood in a dream is treated as closely related blood ties, for the menstrual type, almost all interpreters contain other interpretations.

English dream book after such a dream for family people predicts a deterioration in the relationship, especially in the intimate sphere. In order not to seriously quarrel, and not even to part definitively, you will need to show restraint, tact, ability to listen to a partner.

Dream Miller predicts that periods in a dream for a young married girl mean a quick conception. A pregnant lady Regula dreams to the easy process of the birth of a child into the world.

An unmarried girl who has lost her period is a symbol of what needs to be urgently checked by a doctor. Mudding in blood is a warning that the dreamer and her relatives are in danger.

Something threatens overall well-being.

According to the interpretation Wangi menstruals in a dream that soiled clothes or pieces of furniture, warn that the dreamer is in the center of gossip. Spitpoisons try to present it in the most unfavorable light.

It is necessary to be careful not to give them new topics for insinuations, and also try not to react sharply to attacks against you.

Modern dream book advises a woman who sees her own menstruation in a dream to check her plans for the next day. If an important meeting or appointment is made, the dream signals that it is likely to be late and recommends that you go earlier.

According to the American Interpreter’s Dream Book Denise Lynn, when menstruation dreams of a man who unexpectedly began with him, this reflects his excessive curiosity. “Critical days” of the beloved foreshadow a significant deterioration in mutual understanding and serious cooling. For family dreamers, menstruation in a dream means that the relationship is threatened by divorce.

If you want to save the marriage, you must act immediately.

French the source follows the traditional interpretation of menstrual blood. A dream with her presence means a quick, but unexpected, meeting with relatives.

According to eastern dream book, Abundant periods in a dream, which appeared long before their actual term, reflect the emotions of the dreamer. She worries too much for reasons that really do not deserve it.

According to the esoteric Tsvetkov, if you dream of periods on the legs, the dream predicts getting into reality in an unpleasant situation. She will not be too serious, but for the dreamer she will turn into a sense of shame and awkwardness.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century interprets menstruation in a dream as an urgent signal to a woman to take care of her own intimate health. The body functions at the limit of its capabilities, and specialist consultation is necessary.

According to the Muslim interpreter, when the menstruation dreams of a woman, but there is no reality at the moment, the dreamer will make an oversight. After such a plot, you must carefully monitor your own actions.

In case you dream own monthly blood, you need to remember its color. The treatment of sleep is significantly different.

Pure scarlet color means that at the moment, thanks to your own initiative, it is possible to realize even the most incredible projects. Finance can come from a completely unexpected side. When menstruating extraordinarily black dreams, this is an auspicious sign.

It means that the difficult stage in life is coming to an end. Soon everything will be a new way, and although the dreamer is afraid of change, they are definitely for the better.

Gore bleeds display mental agony. An important issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible so that it does not poison existence.

Clots Blood monthly or dirty color warn that you need to seriously attend to the state of health. It is advisable for a woman to visit a gynecologist to rule out the occurrence of complications, especially if the dreamer was engaged in self-treatment.

Lot Monthly blood in a dream means to be in a dangerous situation.

Monthly blood on clothes interpreted ambiguously. On the one hand, this is getting into a funny position.

Another option is more favorable, and promises a good turn of events, which was not even expected.

However monthly blood on shorts has a special meaning. Married woman plot foreshadows difficulties in affairs.

A young girl dreams of a dream: the object of her adoration does not take her seriously, and you should not reveal your whole soul to him.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of a woman's monthly period, monthly blood in a dream

In addition to the meaning and hint, check the state of health when menstruating in a dream a girl, This must be seen as a symbol of change. The old relationship, for which the dreamer still longs, is time to leave in the past.

Clinging to the memories and idealizing the image of the cooled lover, you can miss the real feelings.

If you dream of periods pregnant a woman, in reality, she should rest more. The dream recommends that you take care of yourself, and not try to have time before birth to do a thousand and one things at the same time.

You need to fuss less, and enjoy your extraordinary position.

Monthly in a dream during pregnancy to a woman, if in fact she does not carry a child, this is a special dream of symbolism. He predicts that he will have to take on a completely new project.

Changing activities will be beneficial, but considerable efforts will be required.

It happens that especially sensitive women see a dream about the beginning of menstruation just shortly before its real appearance. In this case, menstruation in a dream is almost a prophetic dream, based on physiological causes.

If in dream started menstruation, but in reality it is far from these days of the cycle, it can be a signal of health problems. In another interpretation, the dream, on the contrary, means the onset of pregnancy.

Also untimely Start menstruation in a dream warns of the possible commission of a spontaneous act. Subsequently, it can lead to major troubles, and greatly complicate a woman’s life. In the near future it is necessary to think over your actions as thoroughly as possible.

Objective goals can not be considered unattainable. But implementing plans will require certain sacrifices on the part of the dreamer.

When a man dreams that are coming menstruation with his wife or lover, it can mean illness with a companion. The cause is most likely related to the intimate sphere or the blood supply.

Even if there are no external symptoms of the disease, the visit of the companion to the doctor will help to avoid complications.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of a woman's monthly period, monthly blood in a dream

Often in dreams associated with regulations, hygiene products also appear.

Gasket with the monthly, dreamed of a married woman, warns about her excessive hobbies gossip. The desire to know the details of someone else’s life can lead to a crisis in their own family.

For a man, a stained hygiene product is a warning. Someone in reality tries to draw him into other people’s problems.

Intervention can lead to trouble, so it is advisable to show a reasonable egoism, prudently and comprehensively consider all requests.

Dream interpretation with hygienic means also differs in the amount of discharge. Slightly soiled mean annoying troubles and ridiculous insults.

If the discharge is so abundant that the dreamer does not have time change gasket with blood in a dream, the dream warns that there is a danger in the hectic routine chores to miss something very important.

In any case, after having dreamed of menstruation in a dream, do not be afraid. There is usually no sinister symbolism in such dreams. Representatives of the fair sex first need to remember about the real cycle, as well as take care of their health.

By listening to the warnings, you can avoid problems for dreamers of either sex.

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