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Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of a mirror: a broken, without reflection, a mirror in a dream to a woman

The mirror is one of the most mystical objects, for which the glory of the “conductor” was fixed between reality and the other world. They are fascinated by the ability to reflect what is in front of them, sometimes embellishing or distorting the actual image.

Mirrors in a special way are an indispensable attribute of divination with candles. The world on the other side of the glass is an attractive plot for art, and is mentioned in books and films.

When interpreting what the mirror dreams about, one can understand that different sources take into account his mystical aura.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of a mirror: a broken, without reflection, a mirror in a dream to a woman

Interpretation according to the dream of Gustav Miller the mirror is a symbol of deception. Difficulties will arise as if from nowhere, and it will take a lot of forces to overcome them. Broken mirror means tragic loss.

Famous interpreter takes into account who happened to see in the reflection. If yourself — this is an indication of the obstacles to the goal due to disputes with others.

To see in the mirror of another person — to injustice, animals — disappointment.

Dream Vanga suggests that your own reflection in the mirror — a symbol of dependence on someone else’s opinion. Not to see oneself is the influence of dark forces, from which we must urgently get rid of.

Guessing on the mirrors — trying to find out the future. Chopped surface — to grief.

According to the dream book of Evgeny Tsvetkov see your own face in the mirror — to receive news from afar. Do not affect — to the deterioration of health. Seeing a stranger is a grand change.

For men, a broken mirror means parting with friends or a loved one. The reason for the gap will be betrayal.

For young girls, a damaged subject means a loss of innocence.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century treats the dreamed mirror positively. Ahead of exciting activities.

Russian source believes that if you dream of a mirror, this is the personification of a certain timidity and uncertainty. Attempts of self-knowledge and self-awareness.

American dream book treats the mirror as detached from reality. The habit of dreaming a lot instead of acting can play a cruel joke with a sleeping one.

Dream Interpretation of Ontopsychological Interpretations Meneghetti prompts that the mirror personifies false. It can be both insincere relationships with others and erroneous beliefs.

According to Freud’s dream book reflection in the mirror personifies desires in reality. To admire oneself is a tendency to selfishness, self-exaltation, narcissism. A hazy or dirty surface that makes it difficult to see the reflection symbolizes sexual dissatisfaction.

The famous psychotherapist argued that unrealized erotic fantasies can disturb mood and lead to various problems. Mirror, turned the other side, means the subconscious fears.

The dreamer is afraid to realize his intimate desires.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of a mirror: a broken, without reflection, a mirror in a dream to a woman

The need to devote time to yourself, beloved, tells the dreamed mirror to the woman. If everyday matters do not allow you to calmly breathe, you should decide on priorities in order to pamper yourself.

However, if you often dream mirror married woman, it is time for her to look at family relationships and figure it out. Maybe the feelings were not as sincere as before, or it is simply the influence of everyday problems.

Mirror pregnant woman is a warning. The slightest incomprehensible symptoms — a reason to consult a doctor.

Dreamed mirror a girl, in which she admires herself in full growth — to change status. Probably a marriage proposal will arrive soon.

Mirror the bride foreshadows a small misunderstanding associated with excessive excitement about the upcoming celebration. A broken mirror, dreamed before the wedding, warns that the marriage will not be too happy.

When in a dream you had a chance to see yourself in the mirror, this is an indication of excessive orientation to someone else’s opinion. Worth less worrying about it.

To consider reflected in the mirror in an unusual interior — to change. Even moving to another city is possible.

Look in the mirror in a dream, but to see another person is to suffer from an unfair accusation. If it was an acquaintance, then soon his secret will become known to the dreamer.

To girls look in a pocket mirror, and correcting makeup — for a romantic date. For married ladies, the plot can mean a flash of feelings for a spouse, or a hobby for someone else.

In any case, the whirlpool of passion can not be avoided.

Look in a broken mirror — a negative symbol even in a dream. Followed by the collapse of plans, betrayal of friends and loved ones.

A close person can cheat, that’s what dreams the mirror without reflection. Women are a sign of family complications.

See alien reflection in the mirror and get scared — to the numerous troubles of reality, which will not leave time to rest. If there were no negative feelings, and the person was familiar — this is an indication of his sympathy.

Dreamed dead man in the mirror interpreted based on the gender of the sleeper, but the values ​​are quite similar. Men need to deal with their own plans and desires, and women — to stop wasting time on trifles in order to successfully achieve important goals.

Well, if you dreamed large mirror in a dream. Najava to rest, noisy and pleasant.

When dream mirror with a crack, need to prepare for a negative period. The changes that will occur around will be a test for the dreamer.

A cracked mirror may portend health problems for loved ones. In love, such a dream prophesies separation and even separation.

The crash of carefully verified plans means broken mirror. Nayawa, due to the betrayal of friends or business partners, is at risk of being left behind.

If you dreamed numerous splinters mirrors scattered around, to experience the strongest emotional shock. It will be difficult to maintain prudence.

Old a mirror in a dream means trying to understand yourself, to find answers in the past. However, if the surface is hidden under a layer of dust — beware of two-faced people in the environment.

Dream Interpretation, what is the dream of a mirror: a broken, without reflection, a mirror in a dream to a woman

Closed the mirror is a symbol of sorrow and loss. Someone is hiding important information.

If the sleeper himself closes the mirror with a cloth — in reality he will have to lie and keep back. This will lead to remorse of conscience.

Small efforts symbolize dreamed pocket mirror. Individually, they are simple, but the problem is in their abundance.

If you had a chance to dream right away many mirrors, then it means confusion in reality. There will be no confidence in who you can trust, fear of being deceived.

Two mirrors in their hands — to a difficult dilemma. There is a choice to make.

A new mirror for girls predicts the appearance of a man who will occupy an important place in life and heart. Men after such a mark can be taken for any projects, but only after checking all the details.

Smash the mirror is a double symbol. This is a failure of the conceived, as well as — revealing secrets.

Family man sleep threatens to fight with the second half because of love affairs. If a young girl dreams of a mirror that breaks, she may soon lose her innocence.

Sometimes such a dream is treated as an upcoming wedding.

Married women combing hair in front of a mirror to an unpleasant conversation with her spouse. Lonely girls this warning from unreasonable acts and rash spending.

For men, such a plot means a fiasco in a love affair. It is also a reflection of the fears of the day for the density of its own hair. However, negative values ​​are softened, if you can comb in front of a mirror with a small comb.

Will be able to successfully complete the work begun.

Make up makeup in front of the mirror — to the new sensations of romantic relationships. Passions will not pass by.

The plot of the dream, which happened try on clothes and see your own reflection, interpreted depending on how the outfit looked. Exactly in size, well tailored and tailored — career achievements ahead.

Clothes with defects — hard work remains to be done, and only through purposefulness will it be possible to turn the wheel of fortune in its direction.

Girl measure dress in front of the mirror, but not to see how the outfit looks like — to a strong crush that makes you forget about everything.

Admire yourself in a mirror in a dream — to a lucky coincidence. But if one’s own image is annoying, disliking or even frightening, one should pay more attention to his relatives.

Well, if you dreamed dance in front of the mirror. It will turn out to be advantageous to demonstrate talents and official zeal to the authorities.

However, this plot also has a cautionary value: narcissism is not the best trait of character.

Wash the mirror — hard work. Diligence will lead to success.

Rub the mirror is to restore shaky reputation. It will be possible to completely refute all rumors and gossip.

To the subconscious awareness of the inevitability of future changes dreams buy mirror. If it is small or pocket — their scale will be local.

A huge mirror or even a pier glass is a more grandiose change. If the subject is new, they will occur to good, and the old one or with flaws foreshadows quarrels in the circle of home and problems at work.

To find the mirror is a good omen. Ahead awaits a good time.

The loss of a mirror is treated unfavorably. The worsening of state of affairs in reality can lead to depression.

Give someone a mirror — to reconciliation with ill-wishers. Get — make a bargain.

Interpreting what the mirror dreams about, one will have to take into account a lot of nuances, but interpretations will help to avoid complications.

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