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Dream interpretation, what is the dream of a cake: bake, eat, many cakes in a dream

Almost everyone loves sweets, so there is no particular doubt about what the cake dreams about. Indeed, most sources, considering the details of what they have seen, treat luxurious pastries positively.

However, such «sweet» dreams contain warning signs.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of a cake: bake, eat, many cakes in a dream

According to Miller’s dream book Wedding Cake is treated as frustrated plans to create a family. Eating delicious pastries with cream is for intimate pleasures. Buying a cake — in reality it will be possible to earn money easily.

Treat friends familiar appetizing pieces — to a fun pastime in pleasant company.

Dream Vanga associates the dream cake with the sphere of personal relationships that delight the sleeper. The dream foreshadows reciprocity and harmony.

According to the modern dream book many cakes are considered to be a sign of too much food orientation. This story advises to reconsider and balance the diet, as well as reflect on the fact that there are spiritual values.

If a girl has a boyfriend and a cake, the vision indicates their relationship. Beautiful delicacy foreshadows reciprocity.

Drinking tea with a cake is considered the forerunner of news. News will delight the sleeper if you like the taste in the dream.

According to the dream-book of the 21st century to see a cake on the table means to be engaged in joyful efforts in real life. To bake it is a warning.

In the near future, the implementation of planned projects will be unfavorable.

If you dream that you gave a cake, surprise ahead. A product of good quality — the surprise will be good, spoiled — to trouble.

Dreaming medium Hasse thinks that presenting someone a piece of cake is strenuously seeking favor. Getting good relationships from others is a joy.

The story, which happened to try delicious cakes and pastries, interprets the source favorably. Nayavu comes joyful period.

According to the French dream book, if you dream of a cake, you can not worry. So symbolizes luck and a variety of pleasures.

Sonic Fedorovskoy cakes and sweets on the contrary, refers to the sad omens. In real life, to face difficulties.

Ukrainian source also treats the cake dreamed as a caution. There may be problems due to some woman nearby.

However, to feast on them — to the invitation to the holiday with relatives.

The sleeper, figuratively speaking, “burns life”, that’s what the half-eaten cake dreams about on the dream of Sigmund Freud. A selfish and careless existence can lead to a loss of good relationships.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of a cake: bake, eat, many cakes in a dream

Contrary to the sweet meaning of waking cake a woman in a dream foreshadows sadness. Due to dissatisfaction with life, even depression is possible.

The wedding cake unmarried woman also spells not very pleasant events. If the dreamer has a beloved, the relationship with him will not be crowned by marriage.

But if you dream cake pregnant girl, the meaning of the dream is wonderful. The gestational period will pass without problems, and childbirth will be easy.

Cake a man should be considered a warning. It is advisable to avoid mean tricks to women, otherwise invented revenge will spoil life greatly.

Beautiful cake a guy predicts acquaintance with a nice girl. Wedding — in love also symbolizes parting.

Fresh cake promises profit. However, to achieve success in the initiated case will be obtained only with the commitment.

Big cake is a good sign. The results will be even more than expected.

Huge cake in a dream also symbolizes success in all matters. Will manage to cope with all the difficulties.

Pleasant communication foreshadows dreamed chocolate cake. For family dreamers and lovers, the meaning of a dream is especially favorable.

The second half is reciprocated, and the relationship combines passion and tenderness.

Come to visit, that’s what dreams about cake with cream. Communication will bring joy, and food will be very delicious and tasty.

Not the most pleasant interpretation has wedding cake. Life is darkened by a sad surprise, quarrels.

Between lovers a strong conflict is possible, which will lead to a rupture of relations.

Festive nominal A cake with candles is a great symbol. Nayavu come true cherished dreams.

Fruit cake promises well-being in the house. Love affair will bring joy.

If dreaming cake with strawberry, Soon to be a fascinating acquaintance. Mutual sympathy will quickly turn into a passionate romance.

Favorable interpretation has nice cake. Soon the successful period will come.

Cut cake — to property disputes. Dreamers in a romantic relationship will have to make an effort to avoid a quarrel.

As a result of labor, it will be possible to achieve success if you see home cake in a dream. All planned cases will have a happy outcome.

A caution is a dream purchased cake. Due to unreasonable spending, you can go into debt, which will not be too easy to repay.

Cake napoleon foreshadows a pleasant surprise. Nayava the sleeper secured the keen interest of the opposite sex.

If dreaming cake honey cake, you can count on patronage in affairs. Thanks to a new acquaintance, the career will develop rapidly.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of a cake: bake, eat, many cakes in a dream

Have to do difficult things if dreamed bake cake. It is also a sign that the sleeper is not satisfied with his life.

Fine if dreamed make a cake out of sweets. A favorable period is approaching when luck will be a faithful companion.

As the personification of waiting for a date with a loved one dreams decorate cake. The meeting will bring pleasure.

It is necessary to share what is, means the plot cut cake. If the sleeper at the same time leaves himself the most beautiful or large piece, in reality a new sexual partner will appear.

If it happened eat cake in a dream, the interpretation is extremely positive. It is a symbol of the pleasure of life.

To choose cake as a gift to a friend or girlfriend — to the obstacles on the road. The upcoming trip will be successful, but it will not start too smoothly.

It is a long time to stand at the confectionery shop window — a desire for change in personal life.

Buy cake is a good sign. In the near future there will be no special troubles.

However, the acquisition of an expired confectionery foreshadows an unexpected finale of a difficult situation.

To give cake to a person of the opposite sex — a reflection of the inner problem of the sleeper. This is a sign of displeasure with their intimate life.

Treat cake — the plot, also related to the personal sphere. It symbolizes the desire to achieve attention and achieve reciprocity from a loved one.

Getting a cake in a dream is a good sign. Ahead of the unexpected receipt of money: bonus, win.

If the dream did not get the cake, the plot is especially unpleasant for entrepreneurs. This plot points to losses and losses in business.

You have to quarrel with relatives, that’s what dreams about the cake, which was dropped on the floor. The reason will be excessive impulsiveness, but the conflict can be avoided.

A cake is a multi-faceted symbol, and it is advisable to consider the warnings.

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