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Dream interpretation, what is the dream of mushrooms: collect mushrooms, mushrooms in a dream to a woman

Mushrooms are striking creatures of nature that scientists have put into a separate classification of living organisms. They combine the attributes of plants and animals.

Deadly dangerous, incredibly tasty, unusual shapes and colors. The attitude of people towards them is the opposite: from complete avoidance to fanatical enthusiasm for “quiet hunting”.

The drafters of dream books, no doubt, in the interpretation of dreams about mushrooms, unwittingly reflected this dispersion of opinions.

There is a case when you should not look for hidden undertones in a dream and study the dream book. If the day before was devoted to campaigning for the gifts of the forest, and the evening, with good prey and part of the night, was spent on processing the mushrooms, it is only natural that they would “look” into the dream.

Analyzing a dream with the gifts of nature, it is necessary to take into account many nuances, then the interpretation will be as correct as possible and you can easily guess what dreams are about mushrooms.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of mushrooms: collect mushrooms, mushrooms in a dream to a woman

Treatments of dreams often vary greatly depending on the country of their preparation.

Russian people’s dream book, which some 30 years ago were copied from each other by hand into notebooks, is quite straightforward. To see mushrooms in a dream edible — to success, poisonous — to deception.

In Ukraine, on the contrary, good mushrooms predict a meeting with a not too intelligent person and the possibility of a lie on his part. Conditionally edible promise profits.

English dream book reports: seeing mushrooms in a dream means that the dreamer is under the care of a powerful patron. This can be either a real person or an indication of a guardian angel.

It is difficult to say whether the gastronomic tastes of a gourmet nation affected the decoding of dreams, but French dream book predicts who saw mushrooms in a dream of longevity and good health.

The most popular drafters also show a wide range of opinions.

Psychologist Gustav Miller believes that there is nothing positive in a dream with mushrooms. Even sees this as criminal tendencies.

To see mushrooms in a dream, according to Miller, means an irrepressible thirst for early enrichment, associated with the violation of the law and moral standards.

His famous colleague Sigmund Freud, Known interpretation of dreams from the point of view of reflection in them of the subconscious, associates mushrooms with the symbol of the phallus. The fact that in reality it is customary to hide will be revealed by a dream in which a person holds a mushroom in his hands. This is the founder of psychoanalysis defines as a tendency to masturbation in men and masturbation in women.

A dream with the advent of mushrooms reflects sexual promiscuity, voluptuousness and indulgence in «basic instinct.»

Wanga warns those who saw mushrooms in a dream about surprises, and not always pleasant ones. In this case, the legendary Bulgarian soothsayer recommends caution and preserve health.

Occultist and versatile gifted Evgeny Tsvetkov favored by a special natural kingdom. Edible mushrooms, seen in a dream, he interprets as soon to receive advice to which you need to listen.

Poisonous mushrooms, in his opinion, predict a pleasant surprise from Mrs. Fortune.

Plot in which the person in a dream engaged in «quiet hunting» is quite common. In order to decipher it most correctly, it is necessary to take into account the place of collection, the type of mushrooms, alone it happens, or in company, even the gender of the dreamer and his sensations.

Collect mushrooms in the forest, when it rains — a warning sign. Too many people indulge their sensual desires.

It should be more selective about the choice of sexual partner.

Collect White mushrooms, strong and uncorrupted, this is a dream with one of the most favorable interpretations. Foreshadows favorable events in life, unexpected pleasant surprises. The revenues that the dreamer hoped for would even exceed expectations.

Collecting boroviches with their relatives is family happiness. If there are friends in a dream, this is a confirmation that they are trustworthy and you can always rely on them.

Smart aspen mushrooms, one by one filling the basket, a sign that everything is planned perfectly. High moral principles and hard work will help to achieve success.

Collect edible mushrooms — Labor will be appreciated. Troubles will be fruitful, and the result of effort will please.

Collect big mushrooms, without flaws and wormholes, generally a favorable sign, even if the exact form can not be determined. This is an amazing event in reality, a major success.

If a a man dreams that he gathers mushrooms, hastily pulling out by the roots, in reality he manifests too many Don Juan qualities. Too much casual sex.

It is necessary to control the desire to break away to the full, otherwise it can get out of control and lead to venereal diseases.

There is a dream when mushroom picking is treated very negatively. If you dream of wormy mushrooms, rotten, crumbling to dust — this is the danger of a serious illness.

We must try to properly treat such a dream, with gratitude for the warning. What can be done?

First, even in a dream, loose mushrooms try not to take (learn to be the master of dreams), and secondly, to show attention to your own health. Surely, the dreamer himself feels the need to visit a doctor, and the subconscious mind is pushing to speed up the visit.

Interestingly, for the fair sex, the interpretation of dreams with forest gifts will be slightly different.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of mushrooms: collect mushrooms, mushrooms in a dream to a woman

Collect edible mushrooms with pleasure, admiring each, is a reflection of the fact that a woman is completely satisfied with her intimate relationship. Too gambling collection — a sign of caution against sexual promiscuity.

The gentleman does not take the dreamer seriously, has fun and does not plan long-term relationships.

there is raw mushrooms — haste in the relationship. The dreamer is too impulsive nature, which sometimes complicates everything. To eat fried — in reality, the lady pays extra attention to discussing someone else’s personal life.

At the same time, the negative value changes if sour cream is added to the dish. This predicts longevity.

If a woman washes, and is going clean in a dream, mushrooms — it means in reality she wants to do more than she can. Rest is necessary to avoid nervous and physical strain.

Cook in dreaming mushrooms — an attempt to streamline their own lives and take control of all events in their hands.

Dreamed young girl Noble mushrooms tell her about the appearance in her life of a worthy partner. Bride promise a happy marriage.

If she collects the gifts of the forest in the hem of her skirt or dress, she will soon be in an “interesting position.” Amanita — a sign of danger.

Nearby is a man, ready to defame or betray.

Mushrooms dreamed pregnant woman, inform her that she is carrying a boy.

Interpretation of sleep depends on the type of fungi. The differences in interpretations in different countries are indicated above.

Here are often combined mutually exclusive decryption. We advise you to focus on personal emotions experienced during sleep.

Even a negative context is softened or generally reduced to zero with a positive perception of the dreamer.

To dream whites, the most valuable and tasty, mushrooms means an improvement in material status. Slightly damaged — you should fear the loss due to your own gullibility.

For sick people seen in a dream boletus mushrooms — great news. The illness retreats.

Bad diagnoses may be erroneous, and they need to be rechecked.

Chanterelles mainly associated with sly red cheat. The dream warns — some woman is able to deceive as soon as possible.

A scoop of vanity will be in vain.

Milk warn that sometimes it is better to remain silent. The scandal can flare up from scratch, because of the hot words.

Losing in gambling promises a dream in which a person feels like milk suckers.

Champignon, also like friendly honey agaric, promise in reality routine work. Take it seriously, then the payment will be more than expected and possible premium.

Ryzhiki, seen in a dream — check all the information. Envious want to quarrel with loved ones or substitute in front of the authorities.

Do not believe gossip and be ready to defend your honest name.

Maslata — the most ambiguous in terms of decryption. They, by association, with their sticky caps, symbolize the “slippery” type or a lady with not too high moral principles.

They can suddenly appear in the life of the dreamer, and harm his reputation. At the same time, the boars promise a deserved reward.

Aspen mushrooms — everything in life goes on as usual. Mutual love, especially in the case of red hats.

Amanita they are preparing for the fact that in reality there will be an open and rather bitter confrontation. The number of enemies will tell you the number of these beautiful, but inedible mushrooms.

Deceptions and lies, perhaps someone is trying to have a magical effect of a negative plan (damage, love spell, evil eye).

Russula they say that all the problems that a person is worried about are not really significant. Disputes will be resolved almost without effort.

Toadstools promise ahead of difficult obstacles, and smaller problems, piled up in a crowd. Dreamer threatens unrequited love.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream of mushrooms: collect mushrooms, mushrooms in a dream to a woman

The ambiguous attitude of the compilers of dream books to the gifts of the forest, in real life, is capable of confusing people who are trying to interpret their own dreams on their own. Systematization of the basic principles of the interpretation of dreams leads to the following conclusions.

The bigger the mushrooms dream, the better! Large mushrooms in a dream — a sign of impressive profits.

Great success is very close. Personal relationships are harmonious in both the emotional and intimate areas.

Wormy mushrooms, that in a dream, that in reality, mean troubles. Perhaps the betrayal of a friend, betrayal of a loved one.

A disease that will appear as if from nowhere. Therefore, sleep suggests the need to be alert and visit a doctor.

Fresh mushrooms of excellent quality — a good sign (with the exception of some species, which are described above). Dried plates of mushrooms — moderation will give the result, for women — the effectiveness of the started diet.

In a dream cut off Someone else, mushrooms mean losses due to their own excessive indecision and fear of risking, annoyance. In this interpretation of sleep completely coincides with the feelings of fans of «quiet hunting», who discovered the remains of legs in the place of former abundance.

Edible mushrooms, which the dreamer eats raw — haste in reality. It is worth considering the decision, so as not to be in a mess.

Pickled mushrooms in a dream to see and eat is a wonderful symbol. Money wealth will be a faithful companion in the near future.

Salty gifts of the forest warn of tears due to a negative event in reality. Forget pride — ask friends to help.

To dream a lot of mushrooms in the forest — In the near future, life in reality will simply be seething. A lot of surprises.

If plantation is very rare, you should carefully weigh your words and actions in order not to find enemies.

The forest edge, on which a huge number of mushrooms grows, predicts happy changes, only if they are noble boletus mushrooms. In other cases, reality will have to be vigilant to avoid fraudsters and deception by familiar people.

Lots of mushrooms growing right houses, or in inappropriate places — extreme surprise. A certain person will open from a completely different side.

Interpretation of the dream in which succeeded pick up a lot of mushrooms depends on their quality. This is a symbol of reward according to merit.

The good will pay off handsomely, but you will have to answer for evil deeds.

If a in a bucket it turned out a lot of wormy mushrooms and grebes — in reality you need to change your way of life. The troubles and illnesses of which this dream speaks can be avoided.

Be attentive to the incoming information and check it.

A small basket filled with beautiful mushrooms or a wicker basket is an addition to the family. Sometimes the interpretation of this dream tells the mushroom pickers, gardeners and gardeners that the harvest will be simply stunning.

It is probably wonderful that there is such a variety of interpretations of dreams with the gifts of nature «in the title role». It is easy to choose the option that you like more.

The main thing is to believe that the appearance of mushrooms in a dream is solely to the great happiness, health, financial well-being and sensual pleasures with a loved one.

Sweet and auspicious dreams!

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