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Dream interpretation, what is the dream abortion: go, do an abortion in a dream to a woman

Medical termination of pregnancy is the cause of violent disputes in society, and a complex problem. Women who have gone through this procedure on their own or according to testimony often have painful memories in their sleep.

However, it is even girls and men who have to ask the dream-eaters: “why dream of an abortion?” Sources offer a variety of interpretations that take into account the details of what he saw and the personality of the sleeper.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream abortion: go, do an abortion in a dream to a woman

Dream Miller considers abortion a warning. Nayavu need to carefully consider the consequences of their actions so that they do not turn into a disaster. For dreamers, whose professional activity is associated with any branch of medicine, the dream of abortion has a special interpretation, and calls for caution.

Due to severe fatigue increases the likelihood of making a mistake.

According to the dream Wang dreamed abortion — a call for a reassessment of life priorities. The time has come for spiritual growth.

According to dream Medea when an abortion is dreamed of, in reality family people need to be careful of conflicts with partners. From the banal quarrel is now too easy to come to a decision on divorce.

According to Freud’s dream book a pregnant woman, abortion in a dream foreshadows anxiety about the feeling that she is not psychologically ready to become a mother. Men the plot points to the reluctance to mess with children.

Decide go to an abortion dreaming is a reflection of anxious forebodings. Some actions can lead to disastrous consequences.

To go to an abortion in a dream means that there will be difficulties in reality. First of all it will concern the professional sphere.

To make abortion — to losses. They will occur as a result of carelessness and reckless acts.

If you are going to terminate a pregnancy in a dream, but to change your mind, it means that in reality you will have to face the problem of choice and hesitate before making a decision.

As warning serves the dream in which it was happened want to do abortion. It is necessary to monitor changes in the environment and not to make hasty actions. The desire to have an abortion in a dream alone is a very unusual story.

For a girl in love and a married lady, he reflects the subconscious feeling that the partner wants to break off the connection with her.

Dreamed pregnancy and abortion foreshadows the failure of plans. Failure in business can be foreseen and prevented.

When dream girlfriend abortion, This is a hint that she needs help right now. It is important to support your dear person.

If a dreamer who is not related to medicine dreams of performing a woman’s abortion operation on her own, this indicates a willingness to take on other people’s duties.

Dream interpretation, what is the dream abortion: go, do an abortion in a dream to a woman

Dreamed abortion a man interpreted according to marital status. The plot of the married dreamer pushes to the need to take care of the spouse, to pay attention to signs of fatigue and symptoms of indisposition.

This dream tells a lonely man that it’s time to find a beloved one.

Abortion a woman married serves as a warning about the complication of the situation in the family. For free ladies, such a dream foreshadows an unpleasant situation that has arisen by chance, and it will be difficult to avoid problems.

For entrepreneurs, regardless of gender, abortion in a dream is a warning. There is a risk of missing a good idea or the right moment to implement a business plan.

When an abortion dreams pregnant, upon waking, a woman may feel anxious. However, this is just a hint that there is an envious person nearby, and you should not brag about anything in front of everyone.

Dreamed abortion a girl is a warning. Reckless acts can bring trouble to her. For a girl in love, a dream indicates that it is not the right time to confess.

She should look at the object of her feelings impartially, because in reality this person is not as wonderful as it seems.

Having deciphered what the abortion dreams about, it is important to take into account the received hints. This will avoid difficulties.