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Dream Interpretation: what dreams warn of danger

Dream Interpretation: what dreams warn of danger

It is proved that our dreams have a direct connection with the subconscious. Knowing what dreams warn of danger, you can take action on time and avoid many problems.

For a long time people paid attention to night dreams. A lot of stories about night visions warning of the threat have real confirmation. For example, a few days before the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, some residents of these cities had nightmarish dreams in which cities turned into ashes.

In the dream, our subconscious and intuitive visions are not suppressed by the consciousness, therefore the information on the subtle plane can be perceived. That is why it is extremely important not to ignore images that directly indicate a dangerous situation.

Teeth falling out. The teeth energetically symbolize the protection of a person and his social status. Interlocutor with rotten teeth causes a subconscious desire to stay away.

Therefore, a dream in which you lose your teeth can indicate unpleasant changes, illness, and loss of respect for others.

The loss of teeth with blood or during a fight is a relative’s disease or a quarrel with a loved one, which is likely to end with a rupture.

Tornado or hurricane. The image of a strong wind is always associated with dramatic changes and the wrath of nature. A dream tornado that carries destruction always warns of events that you cannot change.

If the wind did not destroy your home and did not bring you losses, then you will most likely find yourself in a dangerous life situation, but you will be able to avoid danger.

Water on the floor. Water flow is a symbol of stable strong energy. Even a stormy mountain river is not a danger warning.

But the spilled water on the floor in the room, or a house filled with water, dreams of big tears.

Predatory wild animals. Predators symbolize a large and uncontrollable force, dependent on emotions and not subject to logic. The attack of predatory animals in a dream is a direct warning of a physical threat to your health.

To mitigate the effects of such a dream will help protective technology.

Flame or fire. Fire is the most unpredictable and bright element. The power of fire is fascinating, but there is always reasonable caution in this admiration.

If you dream of uncontrollable elements of fire, fire or explosions, then this indicates the danger of material loss.

Dead trees and wilted flowers. Health, long life and stamina are usually associated with plants. Dead trees with rotten roots, wilted or dried flowers most often dream of disease, failure and loss.

Foreseeing the danger and avoiding problems can be helped by the technique of developing clairvoyance. We wish you good luck and peace. Take care of yourself and do not forget to press the buttons and

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