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Dream interpretation, what dreams to kill: a man, an animal, to kill an insect in a dream

Heavy crimes in reality are often punished very severely. Therefore, starting to search for an answer to the question: “What is the dream of killing?”, It is difficult to expect especially pleasant interpretations.

However, most sources do not contain a strong negative.

Dream Miller warns about a mean act from acquaintances. To kill people and not to feel remorse in the opinion of this interpreter — to the obstacles in the affairs, participation in unseemly events.

To worry about their deeds — to a long journey.

According to the dream Wang to kill a witch in a dream is a good sign. It will turn out to be the master of your own destiny.

Old Slavic dream Veles predicts that to kill a stranger — to a quiet period of life. To finish off the enemy — success in everything.

Dream interpretation, what dreams to kill: a man, an animal, to kill an insect in a dream

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova treats the plot, in which it was possible to kill a person and smear with blood as a foreshadowing of large profits. Kill the witch in a dream — you can beat the treacherous woman in reality.

According to the female dream book if you dream to kill a person, the dreamer does not know how to correctly perceive criticism in his address. It is also a sign of a fairly frank demonstration of their sexuality, which is not always appropriate.

Chinese dream book Considers that if a sleeper kills a person in a dream, it is a favorable sign. Nayavu will be a great joy.

Dream Dream treats a creepy story positively. You will achieve inner harmony and successfully complete the project.

East Dream tells me that killing zombies is a great prediction. A thing that seemed impracticable would move from a dead end and be completed very safely.

According to the modern dream book kill in the dream of a loved one — find out the unpleasant news. Someone gossip about the relationship of the couple.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud interprets the crime of sleeping as a sign of the need for change. Personal life needs a refreshing feeling and getting rid of painful connections.

To interpret what it means if they want to kill you. a knife, It is necessary to pay attention to the person who attempted. The stranger reflects anxiety about well-being.

Familiar with the knife personifies the insult that he harbored on the sleeper.

When in a dream you want to kill close person, in reality is to understand the relationship. Something is incredibly annoying in his behavior, and a frank conversation can significantly improve the situation.

If you want to kill criminal and directs firearms, in reality, someone will try to provoke a conflict. It is advisable to avoid any disputes and quarrels in the near future.

When dreams that you pursue and they want to kill, so ill-wishers who artfully pretend to be friends are reflected. Managed to escape — to long life.

A haunting, with ill intentions, the dead person warns of the need to immediately repay debts.

Scary plot kill baby actually embodies practicality. The sleeper feels an inner need to get rid of a certain infantilism.

If the baby is your own child, you need to pay close attention to it.

To kill of husband — A dream that is deciphered in the most favorable way. He is waiting for a good life period.

Well, if you dreamed to kill the enemy. Will be able to overcome their complexes.

When dream about kill a man, awake sleeper constantly restrains negative emotions. It is necessary to find a peaceful solution to the accumulated aggression, otherwise it will lead to nervous breakdown.

Auspicious plot — kill a woman in a dream. Financial difficulties will finally recede.

Dreamed to kill relative — it’s time to remember about the debts. First of all, it refers to moral obligations, and only then — to monetary.

The interpretation of the seen depends on what happened to kill in a dream. To drown someone — to well-being.

Also, the plot warns that conflicts should be avoided, as it will be very difficult to pay off the quarrel that flared up.

A friend will try to woo nayawa into a dubious enterprise if she dreamed of killing a person a knife. Unfair deal will bring only losses.

The time is not too favorable for sincerity when I had to kill a person from a pistol in a dream. Emotionally sleeping enemies use against him.

Kill a man with bare hands — to the fact that the time has come to deal with problematic relationships. Otherwise, the situation will finally come to a standstill.

For entrepreneurs, a very favorable sleep plot is to kill. a stone. This is also the harbinger of solid income.

The rest of the plot predicts career growth.

Use a hammer or stick as a kill — to deception in love.

Dream interpretation, what dreams to kill: a man, an animal, to kill an insect in a dream

Business success foreshadows the plot to kill snake. Competitors will be powerless before the energy of the sleeper.

Very good if you dreamed to kill many snakes. Thanks to the actions of the dreamer will manage to neutralize all threats.

The symbol of the return to the usual way of life is a dream in which you have to kill the rat. This is the forerunner of absolute triumph and victory over enemies.

To kill the dog — to change, conflict with a friend. However, if the animal was aggressive — the dream is interpreted favorably.

To kill a cat also a great plot. The intrigues of the ill-wishers will have no influence.

To kill cat in a dream, a plot with a similar interpretation. In the confrontation with the enemy expects the final victory.

When dreaming kill kittens, do not worry. Even minor difficulties will end safely.

Gossip gossips will be exposed if you dreamed to kill mouse. The problems will end.

Great if you managed to kill in a dream bear. The difficult period, filled with troubles, is finally over.

For businessmen kill the wolf — very good. There is a compelling advantage over competitors.

Nayavu have to meet with malevolent people. However kill fox in a dream it means to triumph over them.

Basically, the destruction of animals is treated favorably. But if you dream to kill the lion, this is a serious warning.

It is worth thinking about their actions, so as not to destroy happiness.

To kill chicken — It means waking up to hear. It will be very important.

To kill tiger — auspicious symbol. Good luck will be in dispute with competitors.

To kill crocodile in a dream, it means to take it up over detractors. The victory will not be easy, but it will be final.

Advantageous interaction foreshadows the plot to kill fish. Circumstances will favor the improvement of material condition.

To kill the spider — completely neutral sign. It is expected rain.

When dreaming kill cockroaches, It is important to remember what has become an instrument of fighting insects. Newspaper or magazine — to the good news.

Feet or sneaker means that in reality it is desirable to change the type of activity, because this plot means improper work.

If you dreamed to kill flies, surrounded by people who irritate the dreamer. To get rid of them, you will have to act slyly and not letting your emotions go.

It will become known about the intrigues that ill-wishers prepare — this is what dreams of killing wasp. After that, dealing with them will not be difficult.

To kill a flea — To the receipt of money or receiving a present. Also, to change the opinion about someone.

To kill bed bugs and feel the unpleasant smell — beware of an accident. If these insects are still alive — in reality it will not be possible to avoid the disease.

If killing in a dream happened close relatives, the plot can seriously scare. Value also most often plays the role of serious caution.

Killed mother — all conceived projects are under threat. Nayavu will follow a lot of trouble.

When killed in a dream father’s, but in reality there are disagreements with the parent, it is a sign that it’s time to meet and make peace. It is also an indication that the same length of life is measured for you.

I dreamed of the plot in which they killed son — a good symbol. Nayavu manage to cope with their shortcomings.

In general, if you have to kill someone in a dream, in reality you can not be disastrous. However, it is worth taking the interpretation into account to avoid problems.

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