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Dream interpretation, what dreams poop: children, cat, a lot of poop in a dream

Not all dreams with unpleasant scenes, leaving behind a feeling of disgust, are interpreted exclusively in a negative context. This can be seen if one reads in various sources what poeks are dreaming about.

The dream of Gustav Miller treats feces as a sign of indispensable profit. Accidentally smear in shit — a successful course of affairs.

For people engaged in the cultivation of crops dreaming predicts excellent harvest.

According to the dream Wang poop symbolizes abundance to such an extent that satiety comes. However, the Bulgarian soothsayer warned that excessive material enthusiasm could interfere with spiritual development.

Therefore, a dream with feces is a call to think about the purity of thoughts and actions.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud treats poop as a display of complexes and internal psychological problems. The sleeper is ashamed to discuss them, and gets confused.

Dream interpretation, what dreams poop: children, cat, a lot of poop in a dream

According to the modern dream book a lot of poop — the forerunner of material reward. If there are doubts about the promised salary or bonus — you can be sure.

Everything will be fulfilled in full. A bunch of poops — to excellent prospects and opportunities to get a solid income.

Liquid feces spew unexpected profits.

According to the esoteric source feces reflect feelings, efforts. Unpleasant situations are possible.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova dreamed man treats positively, as a symbol of a rich harvest. But human feces in his opinion have a completely different meaning.

Liquid poop warns of defamatory rumors. Attempts to wash your own feces from clothes or body are a particularly negative story.

Someone who has learned about the secret of the sleeper, will try to get a certain benefit through blackmail.

Ontopsychological interpretation Meneghetti He considers poop a loss of faith in immutable for sleeping values. On the strengthening of negative emotions tells the story to eat feces.

Dream loft treats poop as a comfortable existence. It is also a symbol of the desire for wealth.

Baby poop for young parents mean nothing but the reflection of household chores. The remaining categories of dreamers will receive a decent wage for labor.

When dream poop baby, it is always the personification of honest money. No one can blame their origin.

In general, dreamed human poop also mean profit. However, a number of dream books emphasizes that such a vision warns about the propensity to dig into other people’s intimate secrets.

Own shit in a dream are treated as an improvement in financial condition. At the same time it is important to understand whether it is always necessary to go over the heads for the sake of money.

Understanding what dreams poop an animal, it is desirable to determine what kind of left them. Although in most cases the value is favorable, there are warnings.

For example, when dream poop kittens, An unpleasant surprise may follow.

Feline poop is a kinder sign. A new business will begin through the stump-deck, and take time to reach the expected level of profit.

Small dirty tricks symbolically reflect mouse poop. Rat shit indicates that in vain scammers will try to deceive the sleeper, and although it will not work to seize the values, there will be discomfort.

To additional earnings dream doggy poop. And the best offer will be received through friends.

Sign of hard work — cow poop in a dream. However, a grueling job will bring a solid profit.

Great symbol — goat poop. The financial situation is strong, and in the family — fret.

Farmers and gardeners dream of a good harvest bird’s poop. For the rest, it is a sign of prosperity.

Step on in a shit — a warning plot. Nayavu dishonest deed from the past can be known to others.

Remove poop — unplanned expenses. To clean the cesspool — fraudsters try to deceive.

Collect poop in order to carry on the analysis — the personification of excitement for the state of health. This feeling really has a basis, and it is undesirable to postpone the visit to the doctor.

Touch poop is a dream indicating some lack of principle. Even not too legal methods of obtaining money do not cause a sleeping rejection.

Get dirty poop inadvertently — profit. Intentionally — to negative gossip.

The warning sign is the plot. there is poop in a dream. It should beware of stale food and dishes of dubious origin due to the high probability of poisoning.

Difficult work ahead if dreaming launder poop. But she will be generously paid.

Dream interpretation, what dreams poop: children, cat, a lot of poop in a dream

When dream poop in the toilet, in reality to make a big purchase. This will be a subject that provides comfort, but the cost will be great.

Dreamed shit in the toilet foreshadow the period when you have to work hard. But if they ghosted on the floor of the latrine, a random find of money is possible.

Propensity to move means poop in water. A dream indicates the need to handle finances more carefully.

Good sign — poop in grass. Excellent harvest and prosperity.

Poop in the House may mean a change of scenery. Depending on the place where they were located, there are nuances of interpretations.

There is a passionate, but fleeting affair, that’s why dream poop in bed. The lover will be a generous sponsor, but his attraction will be fleeting.

Poop on the floor symbolize a strong economy, the ability to efficiently dispose of finances. If shit is everywhere in the apartment — prosperity awaits reality.

When dream poop with worms, businessmen should check the financial purity of transactions. There are tricks.

Great sign — the big turd. Moreover, the larger its size, the larger the income.

Huge the turd symbolizes just an astronomical profit or an impressive bonus for work performed.

Unusual white turd is also a magnificent symbol. There comes a bright streak in life, when everything will be successful.

Little child in poop — a sign of growth of welfare. Teen in feces — mood swings.

It is time for the dreamer to realize that his irritability has arisen as a result of overwork and it is time to rest.

Dreamed familiar adult person in poop — unpleasant troubles due to who was considered a friend. Stranger in the feces — to a waking situation that will make you feel a sense of fastidious interest.

See yourself in poop in a dream — a good sign. Through work and diligence to the sleeper, success and material wealth will come.

Own arms in poop to make a profit. But deliberately get dirty — to the shadow of reputation due to gossip envious.

To expensive presents dream legs in poop. Literal meaning — every step of the dreamer brings profit.

It may not be too pleasant to understand what poop dreams about, but the prevalence of positive interpretations undoubtedly alleviates the discomfort of disgust. At the same time, such a vision warns against excessive worship of material values.

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