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Dream interpretation, what dreams of worms: white, rain, worms parasites in a dream

There are few who crawling worms and parasites cause good feelings. Is that the gardeners and gardeners, even buying special types to enrich and loosen the soil.

Therefore, for most dreamers, the presence of worms is usually a reason to experience negative emotions. It is necessary to understand in more detail, to find out what they are warning about and what the worms dream about.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of worms: white, rain, worms parasites in a dream

Interpretation of different dream books has nuances, and sometimes even radically different. In general, worms in a dream are a warning sign.

Dream Miller prepares the dreamer who saw them for that, in reality they will have to face the manifestations of human self-interest and meanness. The fair sex, who saw the worms crawling on their clothes, should reconsider their attitude to life.

Not everything is measured by money! If the dreamer manages to shake off uninvited visitors, she will find harmony, find the optimal balance between spiritual and material values.

A good interpretation of Miller has a plot in which worms are used for fishing. So, it will be possible to overcome all the machinations of enemies.

Russian The interpretation option also associates worms with a financial position. According to him, seen from the side of the worms, are harbingers of profit.

Ukrainian dream book treats worms as a symbol of a quick acquaintance. In life there will be new people, it is necessary to look at them.

According to the dream book Wangi swarming worms are a sign that the dreamer will try to engage in a bad company, enslave his will, and recruit into a sect. Giant size foreshadows military conflicts.

To use the worm as bait, according to the interpretation of the Bulgarian soothsayer, is a symbol of the presence of psychic abilities in the dreamer. But Sigmund Freud after such a plot, it recommends changing the outdated image, updating the hairstyle and wardrobe, which does not correspond to age and social status.

The Austrian psychiatrist interprets worms as missed opportunities in intimate relationships.

Negative meaning, from illness to unexpected death, is given Evgeny Tsvetkov. True, the dream book does not consider any details of the vision, except for worms on the grass.

According to the esoteric, it is a symbol of treacherous friends.

Female dream version warns about the unreliability of others. Someone, because of envy, is spreading rumors.

The worms in the body of the dreamer are a reflection of the problems that torment him. Issues relating to work and personal relationships, do not give rest, “gnaw from the inside,” thus the presence of inflammatory processes in the body.

If a person dreams of pulling worms out of himself, it means that he subconsciously decided on changes. Nayava, finally, will come the understanding of the need to change the oppressive situation.

This may be a change of job, place of residence and environment.

Generally, when worms dream out of the body, in reality first of all you should pay attention to your own health.

Gypsy dream book treats worms as the proximity of the disease.

We’ll have to take on the extra load — so most interpreters decipher a dream in which they had to dig worms in their sleep. Will benefit the most dreamer, suggests the result.

According to esoteric dream book before traveling in a dream, earthworms may appear.

French option considers the appearance of silkworm caterpillars in a dream. This unusual look signals that the dreamer has really reliable friends on whom you can rely on in everything.

If a person associated with agriculture, dreams of earthworms, this is a great omen. Nayavu should expect a good harvest, good offspring and milk production of livestock.

It is also a good sign for fishermen, those who like to pick mushrooms and berries — a visit to nature will bring excellent results.

Especially stands out the interpretation of the unpleasant story with light worms.

As a harbinger of disease dreams little ones white worms. It is worth making a visit to the doctor in order to undergo a full examination and not allow the process to become chronic. For women, sometimes this story is interpreted as a short romantic hobby.

The gentleman will be unworthy in all respects man. A good symbol is considered to destroy the worms — in reality it will be able to resist the temptation, and deny the stubborn fan. If small worms crawl in a dream in an open wound, soon the past will be very unpleasant to remind of itself.

Unresolved problems or quiet for a while conflicts will disturb. It’s time to deal with them.

Lot Large-size white worms crawl on the dreamer’s bed — a symbol of excessive enthusiasm for material well-being. Willingness to sacrifice principles for the sake of money will not lead to anything good.

Dreamed of white worms on the floor — A signal that in reality dreams in a relationship, it is urgent to pay attention to the second half. Adulter is possible due to insufficient tenderness. If white worms in a huge amount filled some space, in reality there will be a lot of trouble.

Perhaps a major disaster.

When white worms often dream in body, especially parasites, it is clear advice to immediately check the state of health.

To correctly interpret what the white worms dreamed of in food, need to remember the details of the dream. If they get to rare, exotic, delicious food, in reality there will be a period of financial difficulties.

Worms floating in cups and glasses with drinks mean minor troubles, most likely — service ones. Fruits, especially apples, in which nasty creatures are found, mean squabbles and misunderstandings between loved ones.

It is necessary to keep track of your own words so as not to accidentally offend the other half.

The Assyrian dream book adds that eating white worms foreshadows literally great success. For all his efforts, the dreamer will receive a worthy reward and tinned honors, despite the not very pleasant plot.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of worms: white, rain, worms parasites in a dream

In ordinary life, a person sees exactly this kind. Therefore, earthworms dream in the ground, its natural environment, most often. In general, this is a signal of changes in the usual way of life.

For farmers and gardeners, this is a good sign that their efforts will bring excellent results in the form of abundant gifts of land. If a dreamer on the eve of such a plot had a quarrel, the dream is an incentive for reconciliation.

Otherwise, without overcoming its own pride, discord threatens to become too protracted.

Alive earthworms, crawling on food, warn that arrogant attitude towards others can interfere with mutual understanding. It should be a little more indulgent to other people’s weaknesses, then communication will become more enjoyable.

Dreamed big earthworms are a reflection of the dreamer’s anxieties and doubts. He fears the onset of change, and does not dare to make major changes.

However, the dream shows that they will have to accept, because they are inevitable.

When dream lot earthworms, in reality, the spleen will become a companion in the near future. Do not give in to her! The tangle of moving individuals is a symbol of conflicting aspirations.

This is a sign that it is necessary to prioritize for the sake of your own peace of mind.

If earthworms dream a woman, she should be more attentive to information about her own private life, which she shares with friends. This may be distorted in gossip.

Dig earthworms — a sign that the reality will have to work hard. Not finding what you are looking for is a dysfunctional symbol; there will be no material and moral satisfaction in the work.

Take hands and worms are a good omen. For entrepreneurs, all projects will be successfully implemented.

The rest of the plot promises to increase wages, payment of remuneration for the works.

Dreamed earthworms in the House, it means the change is very close. If they crawl on the floor, it means that excessive laziness of a sleeping person prevents him from meeting changes fully armed.

Because of the reluctance to engage in routine uninteresting work, you can recommend yourself as an innocent loafer, and skip a decent business proposal. Sleep symbolizes that in rest it is also important to know when to stop.

When dreams that earthworms in the mouth, a person feels a sense of surprise and disgust. However, the symbolism of sleep promises profit.

If the sleeper in his vision is sick, and along with the vomiting masses, earthworms come out, this is a sign that it is necessary to hurry up and part with everything that in real life gives negative emotions.

If suddenly dreamed of worms in food, it means that the dreamer is dissatisfied with the situation prevailing in his house. It also symbolizes the decrease in vitality and the need to give yourself a break from work. Refusing to eat spoiled food in a dream is a good sign.

Start eating in a dream, and, suddenly finding worms, spit them out, a hint that you should carefully monitor the quality of products. Food poisoning is possible.

Generally, when worms dream in the human body, This is an indication of a health problem. The place where they are found reflects the location of the problem area of ​​the body.

If these nasty creatures are found in a dream under the skin, This signals dermatological ailments.

Worms in the mouth, in addition to the probability of eating a poor-quality product, in the absence of discomfort, they also symbolize profit. It will be earned by hard work, and perhaps even a change in life principles.

If these creatures are crawling in the head, it means that the dreamer is tormented by numerous reflections. The desire to isolate themselves from the situation that has arisen in reality is manifested by dreaming dreams in the eyes.

Offensive misunderstanding with close and groundless suspicions about the sleeper appears fish with worms. A misunderstanding will soon be able to be settled if all the attacks are answered correctly, and even with a bit of self-irony.

Nayavu should beware of the grand scandal, if you happen to see meat with worms in a dream. The meaning of a dream softens when you refuse to eat such a dish.

Dreamed shit with worms means a proposal to earn not too honest methods. Although the promised profit seems very attractive, participation in the project can further seriously damage business reputation.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of worms: white, rain, worms parasites in a dream

The signal of the dreamer’s increased anxiety is the plot in which he dreams black worms. This is how fears are expressed about external circumstances: the environmental and political situation around, as well as experiences because of their own well-being and the health of loved ones.

Whites worms are the most negative signal. The specific interpretation depends on the details, and is given above.

Bright red worms in a dream call sleeping to increase activity. The time has come to independently manage the events of life, and only in the case of the initiative, will success be expected.

Green worms warn against excessive credulity to new acquaintances. Vigilance should be exercised and control of property should be strengthened so as not to suffer from illegal actions.

One of the most nasty creatures in reality and in dreams are various parasitic individuals. It is worthwhile to pay attention to the actions of people whom you trust completely when dreaming maggots.

In the environment there are two-faced imaginary friends.

A warning that someone lives beautifully at the expense of the dreamer is considered to be a dream. worms. Parasitism can be expressed in the form of shameless borrowing of money, shifting someone’s official duties to the dreamer, and also as a manifestation of energy vampirism.

Larvae worms in a dream signal an excess of unpleasant things, people, situations in real life. It is necessary to gather strength, and resolutely purge the negative.

Change work, break with the relationship, and then again come back harmony.

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