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Dream interpretation, what dreams of the forest: green, burning, gather mushrooms in the forest in a dream

Arrays overgrown with trees or planted by human hands often become the scene of a dream. Their appearance can be strikingly different, causing a feeling of joy or fear.

Diversity leads to the fact that almost all sources, when answering the question “What dreams a forest,” take into account a huge number of possible scenes and offer a large number of interpretations.

Dream Miller treats the forest as a symbol of change. If trees stand in foliage, they will be positive.

Bare branches or a dead array warn of loss.

According to the dream Wang walk through a beautiful forest — to a happy trip. Getting lost is a disappointment.

If it rains during the walk, it is necessary to repent of bad deeds. When dreaming of a forest that a dreamer cuts down, this is a symbolic reflection of the readiness to go towards his goal, regardless of anyone around him.

The Bulgarian prophetess warns that this is not always justified.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of the forest: green, burning, gather mushrooms in the forest in a dream

Dream Chow Song treats the lake in the forest as the birth of a son.

According to the modern interpreter Dream grove of young trees — a good symbol that indicates the fulfillment of desires.

The house in the forest, located in a picturesque place, symbolizes prosperity and good health. Built in more often — a feeling of loneliness and misunderstanding.

Met bears in the forest warn of a difficult situation. If they are chasing the sleeper, beware of love troubles.

On the erotic dream book, If you dream of a forest in which you walk, this is an indication of the need for privacy. Excessive sociability prevents to understand their own needs.

Getting lost is a blow from a loved one.

Noble dream indicates that the road in the forest, going uphill, indicates a spiritual development. A downhill trail warns of degradation.

Dreaming Veles suggests that wolves in the woods in a dream — to talk with an influential person.

When dreaming of a forest in flames, the interpretation of such plots is special. It is also important to take into account that the dreamer has taken upon seeing such a phenomenon.

The dreamed fire in the forest personifies the serious emotional heat, which in reality is restrained by an effort of will. But in a dream, all feelings find a bright way out.

If you dream that the forest is burning, but does not threaten any buildings, it calls for determination. The initiative will appreciate the leadership. Burning forest in a dream encourages not to fear the next life period.

It’s time to act! Forces enough to translate the most daring projects.

You can start a new business, even if they seem difficult to do, that’s what dreams forest on fire.

When in a dream happened to put out a fire in the forest is an indication that soon someone around will need help. It is advisable not to turn away from the request, but to provide support.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of the forest: green, burning, gather mushrooms in the forest in a dream

When not just dreaming of a forest, but trekking along it in order to find natural gifts, you need to recall all the details. A clearing, strewn with mushrooms, is often a dream for fans of “quiet hunting”, who saw such an attractive picture in reality, as a pleasant memory.

The plot means an unexpected income.

However see lot mushroom in the forest can also reflect the confusion of thoughts. If they turned out to be toadstools, be careful with your friends.

Among them there are two-faced people who cause secret harm.

But collect mushrooms in the forest — auspicious plot. After it, you can count on improving relationships.

The fast-filled basket in the hands of a young girl symbolizes a marriage proposal, and a married woman spells out the news of pregnancy.

For businessmen, picking mushrooms in the forest means strengthening the financial situation. The rest of the dreamers can also expect that the works will be rewarded.

If you collect blueberries in a forest in a dream, in reality it is necessary to bother. Probably a slight deterioration in health.

It’s great when dreaming to collect strawberries in the forest. The sleeper will experience the true pleasure of attending events related to art and culture.

In love, such a dream is a good sign of the reciprocity of feelings.

To find raspberries in the forest — to the rise in the business sphere. Man picking raspberries prophesies sympathy from the spectacular lady.

Understanding what the forest dreams for is not enough without interpreting the season. This is especially important when it does not coincide with reality.

If you are dreaming of a summer forest, this is a foreshadowing of positive changes. Spring foreshadows a promising period.

At all green the forest is auspicious plot. Beginning is a success, and for the realization of a dream comes the right time.

Winter the forest warns that it will not be easy soon. However, the difficulties will be passing.

Gloomy and gloomy autumn the forest means that a familiar person will surprise you unpleasantly. Golden foliage dreams as a symbolic reflection of the need to stop and take stock.

Coniferous forest for entrepreneurs means supporting people with power. Spruce warns of minor misunderstandings.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of the forest: green, burning, gather mushrooms in the forest in a dream

Pine the forest in a dream reflects the period of the dreamer’s thoughts. This is a symbolic reflection of the search for the meaning of existence.

Elegant deciduous forest — to the fulfillment of desires. Mixed indicates that it will be possible to win the dispute.

Dark Forest foreshadows uncertainty, which torments in reality. This is also the personification of the hidden negative.

Frightening the black the forest is a reflection of confusion in thoughts. This dream hints at the need to understand your own feelings.

Huge forest, but light and not thickened, a good sign. Nayavu will achieve significant heights.

Dense The forest symbolizes hard work. If a new project is planned, you need to tune in advance on the fact that you have to overcome obstacles.

Dried, dead woodland dreams to sorrows.

Nerve strain means plot get lost in the forest. It is advisable to give yourself at least a short rest from the many routine affairs.

To stray through the night forest is a warning about a difficult situation. Get out of it will have a long time.

Trying to find a way — to look for a solution to daily problems.

If you had a leisurely dream walk through a forest swept up by snow, such a dream indicates an increased chance of catching a cold. For businessmen, this is a sign of stagnation in business. An aimless wandering warns of the absence of a clear life plan in reality.

It is necessary to determine the priorities to move forward.

The plot, which had to run through the forest, calls for reverse action in reality. It is necessary to stop to decide on further actions.

If dreamed go through the forest, and have fun, the dream indicates a good period. It is also desirable to recall what he was.

Walking through the woods of fluttering little asses is a reflection of disturbing thoughts. Walking through a birch grove is a dream that characterizes the dreamer’s personality as a kind and sympathetic person.

Shout in the forest — in reality, the support of others is needed. But if you dreamed about haunting — this is to receive good news.

Call for help in the forest, it means to get into a difficult situation. Without help from the hand it will not work.

Sing — to joyful events.

Having deciphered what the forest dreams about, it is important to listen to the prompts in order to avoid disappointments in life.

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