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Dream interpretation, what dreams of the earth: black, plowed, dig the earth in a dream

Earth is one of the basic elements to which since ancient times there is a special relationship. Understanding what dreams of the earth, it is necessary to consider all the details.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of the earth: black, plowed, dig the earth in a dream

According to Miller’s dream book fertile land is an auspicious sign, and stony foreshadows difficulties.

Earthworms in the earth greasy reflect the material sphere. It turns out to achieve a high level of welfare.

Dream Vanga suggests that the planet earth in the cracks indicates the probability of an earthquake. If a ball flies from the sky to the cradle of humanity, unprecedented events will soon occur.

When in a dream the earth burns, dream book Grishina treats the plot as an unaccountable fear of a sleeper facing possible catastrophes. Alarming media information only heightens anxiety.

The explosion of the earth is a terrible fright.

According to the dream book of Hope and Dmitry Zima pit in the ground — a warning. The new project has significant flaws, and with immediate implementation will not be too successful.

Lots of land — an indication that you should forget about laziness. If you try hard, the result will be very happy.

A field of land in a dream overgrown with weeds is hard work ahead.

In the interpretation of what the earth dreams of a woman Sigmund Freud original. From his point of view, these are the genitals.

Dig the ground — for sex.

Family dream book A pot with a lonely land predicts a quick marriage. Those in a relationship — replenishment.

If the dream of the earth fails — the collapse of plans. It is also difficult to communicate with loved ones.

Modern dream book straightforward. The mountain of the earth foreshadows a huge amount of work.

According to the eastern dream book a pile of land on which the sleeper comfortably sits means career success. However, due to lightheadedness, you can quickly lose the new status.

A dreamed potato in the ground foreshadows difficult circumstances. Optimism will help overcome them.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book plot of land spells material security. The more she’s put on in her sleep, the more impressive the capital will be.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of the earth: black, plowed, dig the earth in a dream

Reading why the earth dreams black, opposite sources can be found in various sources. In a negative context, this is grief.

However, most often fertile chernozem symbolizes well-being and profit.

To improve the situation and living conditions dreams white land, as well as light or yellow. Everything will begin to improve.

Red the land warns of opposition. Someone is trying to interfere with their plans.

Loose the earth is a multi-valued symbol. If she is under her feet, the dreamer is prone to illusions and dreams.

Seen plowed the land in a dream suggests that you have to work hard. Efforts will be rewarded a hundredfold.

Dug up the land in the garden is a good sign. Prosperity awaits the dreamer and his loved ones.

Perekopannaya land on a field or waste land means alarm. They are associated with the beginning of a new business.

Excavated garden land can mean making a profit. Surrounding will respect.

Raw the earth in a dream foreshadows deterioration of health. Businessmen should check all the conditions of transactions — inattention or delusion can be costly.

Wet a land that soils is a warning. Nayavu can be in a disgraceful situation.

Frozen soil — a sign to stop. Start of new projects is desirable to postpone.

Dry the earth is a sad symbol. Nayavu expect failure.

A similar interpretation of stony soil.

Scattered land where it should not be, indicates the need to visit a doctor.

Abandoned plot — to material losses and failures.

When dreaming of the earth, it is necessary to take into account not only its appearance, but also what it was possible to do with it. All the details are also important.

Dig the ground with a shovel — to success. However, it will get at the cost of considerable effort.

It is important and the place where it happened.

Dig the ground in the garden — to solve financial difficulties. In the churchyard — to the suffering due to injustice towards themselves.

Obihazhivat land on the garden and personal plots for family dreamers means a happy marriage. Dig in the ground and discover the roots — to friends.

New ones will appear and old ones will make themselves known.

For gardeners and farmers plow land for good harvest. Another meaning is hard work.

Dig land in order to build a dugout — a warning. If you lead the old way of life, you can get into huge debts.

Well, if you dreamed walk barefoot on the ground. It is a symbol of spiritual maturity and good health.

Walk the earth — to luck, if it can be done without difficulty.

To disrupt plans — fall to the ground. If, at the same time, there is pain in the dream, it is imperative to visit the parents in reality.

Lie on the ground — minor trouble.

Collect land — trying to make money. For this, the dreamer takes up all the offers.

It is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of classes, and deal only with what is most profitable.

Throw earth is a direct sign. Do not put yourself above others and think negatively about your loved ones.

Plant in the ground anything is a reflection of attempts to improve life. If in a dream the plants got accustomed — very good!

Water the land — the sleeper will succeed in a cause that many considered hopeless.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of the earth: black, plowed, dig the earth in a dream

To work appears in the dream land in the garden. This is a sign that getting the good just will not work.

The dreamer is tormented by feelings, that’s what dreams the earth in the House. This reflects a concern for stagnation in business and personal life.

Scattered ground on the floor symbolizes the deterioration in all spheres of life: material problems, quarrels, ailments. The soil in the dream was on the threshold — to a sad event.

When dream land at the cemetery, this is a warning. Ahead waiting for disappointment due to deferred plans.

Land in hand — to the growth of welfare, if it is fertile. Otherwise — to the difficult work.

The soil in your mouth — you need to follow the words.

Solid earth underfoot reflects the practicality of the dreamer.

When dreaming of the earth, maximum attention will be required for the correct interpretation.

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