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Dream interpretation, what dreams of strawberries: big, red, strawberries in a dream in the garden

The very first berry, pleasing with taste and unusual smell, leaves few people indifferent. Strawberries are loved by adults and children.

Fragrant berries are considered a strong aphrodisiac, and even are a common word for savory themes in movies and photos.

In search of an answer to the question why the strawberry dreams, it is worth considering whether the day before was devoted to it. If you had to collect, buy or recycle the crop, the plot of the dream is just a memory of reality.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of strawberries: big, red, strawberries in a dream in the garden

According to Miller’s dream book Strawberry is treated like an amorous adventure. Jam from it — raging passions. Himself engaged in the preparation of delicacies — a symbol of the manifestation of the initiative in the relationship.

Dry or rotten — a love affair. It can result in a sexually transmitted disease or termination of an unwanted pregnancy.

Dream Vanga interprets strawberries as promising projects, pleasure. To eat her is a harmonious relationship.

Modern dream book prompts that strawberries and raspberries foreshadow sexual contact.

Cook strawberry jam — chatting with an unpleasant conversationalist. Prepare compote — a warning that it is not necessary to conflict with those who are higher in social status.

Buying berries — shy away from work and shift your own responsibilities to colleagues. Dream interpretation warns that this behavior of the sleeper causes discontent and may lead to a quarrel.

Intimate pleasures — that’s what strawberries and strawberries dream about Sigmund freud. The quality of the berries reflects the existing relationship: fragrant and pure — idyll, spoiled — disharmony.

When dreaming strawberries in the garden, the dream is auspicious, but has a warning meaning. The dizzying whirlpool of amorous adventures into which the dreamer falls will distract from important matters.

Beds strawberries are a reminder of the importance of being able to manage personal time. Too much passion for the personal sphere can be detrimental to work.

Large field strawberries, covered with berries, promises a lot of attention of the opposite sex. Sleeping attracts attention and arouses sympathy.

Also a lot of strawberries symbolize the success of the work initiated. Good luck seems to come unexpectedly, but in fact it will be the result of earlier efforts.

On the activity of sexual life suggests dreamed strawberries bucket. In the near future it will be very rich.

Unusual story when dreaming strawberries on the tree, means misunderstanding with others. Quarrels may occur.

To discover berries in the forest is the harbinger of new love. The meeting will happen unexpectedly, and the relationship will bring a lot of pleasure.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of strawberries: big, red, strawberries in a dream in the garden

Pleasant relationship with a sweetheart means red big strawberry a woman. The partner will behave very passionately.

Married lady berries promise harmony of married life.

The pleasure of intimate contact foreshadows a man red big strawberry in a dream. This is a symbol of not straining connections and enjoyment.

A good sign is dreamed red huge strawberries. pregnant girl. Baby expects a happy life and love of others.

It is also a reflection of longing for a variety of intimate activities due to certain limitations.

Understanding what dreams of strawberries, attention should be paid to appearance. If the berries have been tasted, it is advisable to recall also the taste.

For lonely dreamers fresh Strawberry foreshadows that soon their life will change familiarity with an interesting person and the subsequent love affair. Family even with solid experience can count on an outbreak of passion.

Large strawberry and in a dream is a symbol of receiving pleasure. The dreamed berry spells pleasure from adult entertainment.

Large strawberry means intimate harmony. It is also a sign of attention of the opposite sex.

Incredible huge Strawberry berries warn that amorous adventures will soon begin. New acquaintances develop into a bright love story.

Intimate fun waking means ripe strawberries in a dream. Relationships will delight.

Fragrant strawberries also foreshadow great personal events. Being in love and sensual pleasures can develop into a serious relationship.

Green strawberry — a signal that not everything suits life. First of all, this is dissatisfaction from the actions of the partner.

Besides white Strawberry symbolizes frustration in the case, which have to deal with reality. Misunderstanding in dealing with others will cause some trouble.

But blooming Strawberries are a great sign. Soon to be experienced tender feelings of love.

On the dangers of indulgence in intimate relationships, warns rotten strawberries in a dream. There may be complications in the form of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

Fragrant forest strawberry dreaming foreshadows good events. Sleeping in reality will rejoice.

Sweet strawberry promises pleasure from communication. Relationships will be harmonious and easy.

Dream interpretation, what dreams of strawberries: big, red, strawberries in a dream in the garden

If you dream about a strawberry taste sour, you should pay attention to your partner. Because of your own indifference and habits you can lose love.

Insincere relationship symbolizes frozen Strawberry. Look at someone who confesses to violent feelings in order to recognize the false in time.

Dirty strawberry berries warn of unpleasant situations in the personal sphere. In this way bad talk about sleeping can be projected.

Seedling Strawberries mean unexpected events. We’ll have to quickly respond to changes in relationships with others.

Numerous berries strawberries on the bushes — the desire to refresh intimate relationship. Unrealized passion in separation from your loved one.

Plant strawberries in the ground — a symbol of lack of tenderness. The dreamer wants to feel the passion of the second half.

Caring for bushes is a difficult job. Doing it will be boring, but necessary.

Finding new relationships or ways to renew your faded feelings means plotting. collect strawberries. Well, if the berries are clean.

Tear Strawberries indiscriminately — not mutual love. Attraction of partners by not quite worthy methods.

Picking strawberries very large size and fragrant — favorable sleep. Love affair will please.

If you dream about strawberries in the garden, there is a danger of forgetting about the performance of duties because of happy moments near your loved one. The dream encourages not to lose your head, otherwise there may be problems at work.

Eat delicious strawberries — great harmonious relationship. Berries sour or spoiled symbolize the emerging misunderstanding.

Treat strawberries — a new mutual sympathy. The person will be fascinated as well as sleeping to them.

Sharing berries and eating them together with your beloved is a pleasant joint leisure time, rest on a trip.

Buy strawberries — the desire to achieve reciprocity by any means. The dream warns against deception, which is bound to unfold.

Attempts to seize someone else means the plot of sleep steal strawberries. So is the desire to break the family.

Well-being is what dreams of a strawberry that you have been selling. Farmers and gardeners expect a wonderful harvest.

Fragrant berries that fall into the world of dreams, have mostly pleasant meanings, but also the symbolism of dreams reminds of the need to maintain a balance between the personal and working sphere. Good night!

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